Sunday, June 13, 2010

Almost natural...but better

Thanks to a tweet from Fei, I found out about a technique that Queenie (Beauty QQ) was using to apply falsies - underneath her natural lashes instead of over:

Youtube video of her explaining it in Cantonese
Youtube video tutorial applying the lashes - skip to 3:40

These are the fake lashes I used - Andrea #53's. I used a pair that I had already worn a few times, so they look a bit scraggly and more natural rather than being completely uniform.


I followed Beauty QQ's instructions and cut them into 4 pieces. Applied them with tweezers, very carefully underneath my natural lashes. Trust me, this is not a time for your annoying sibling/significant other to goof around and run into your elbow...


Don't these look pretty natural? Even from the side view you can't see any tell tale misalignment of the fake lash with natural lash, or heavy eyeliner to cover fake lash spine.


I love how you can barely see the spine of the lashes, even from underneath. As Fei said they look almost like lash extensions.


Anyway, here is the rest of the look!




What I used:


Lunasol Water Cream Foundation
Eve Pearl Salmon undereye concealer treatment
Maybelline Dream Matte powder

Cheek & Lip
Annabelle Zebra Bronzer in Haute Gold
MAC Emote blush
MAC Brave New Bronze Lipstick
Balmshell's Weekend in the Hamptons gloss

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Lavshuca Eye Color Select PK-1
Marcelle Minerals eyeshadow in Playa
Kate Frame Impact eyeliner
Andrea Modlash #53s


I still can't get over how natural the fake lashes look compared with applying them on top...will have to do this more often! I think this technique works best with natural hair lashes though, since the spines are thinner and lashes more flexible than plastic Asian lashes, and thus more comfortable.

Have you tried this technique before? What do you think?


hanidee said...

I love this technique too! Ever since I saw Queenie's vid on it, I've been applying my lashes that way ever since. It looks nice on you (:

Anonymous said...

I cut them up in the past, when applying them regularly, but they so I stopped cutting them. Wonder if it will work on me if I put them under as well?? only one way to find out!
XD thanks for sharing :)

ps loved her blingy nails in the video XD sooo shiny! lol

a.z.♥ said...

omgosh. i love how the lashes look this way. I tried this technique a few times too (because of Queenie also) but I just kept getting glue in my eyes and that was not fun. But I'd most definitely try this again with a different glue :)

IchigoBunnie said...

i love it!! it really DOES look natural! wow

Aradani said...

whoa! that's a really cool falsie trick! I gave up on falsies due to my ineptitude and lack of will power, but that looks so nice that I really want to try again. I think it looks great on you! But it's already given that you're pretty.

amynaree said...

the lashes look so natural!

fuzkittie said...

Yes I saw QQ do that too but it looked so hard! Hahaha, you did a great job, super natural and pretty looking.

Angie | said...

wow this is super natural looking! i'm going to have to try it next time :)

Babybubblz said...

I love Queenie! You get to follow her on some interesting procedures too..sometimes quite scary...but the lashes look very natural. So pretty! I wish lashes took less time to put on ><

Alice said...

Wow the lashes look so natural! I'm definitely going to give it a try. I've never been able to put on false lashes and actually have it look natural. Thanks for the tip!

Arianne said...

Wowww I've heard about this technique from Joy (Makeup Junkie) but have never seen any pictures until now. It looks incredibly natural! :)

Annie Dong said...

Wow yep, it just looks like you have naturally beautiful lashes! Definitely a fab technique from Queenie ~

Anonymous said...

I watch this technique on youtubev from Queenie too! Although I haven't personally tried it myself yet. I think I will try it later too :)

sugar sugar said...

Ohhhh!! Thanks for sharing. This is totally new to me and I'm definitely gonna try it. :3

Ana Kessel said...

it looks extremely natural because you don' need to wear a thick line of eyeliner to cover up the eyelash band .But i tried this and its very painful to remove =( any tips ?

kawaiikao said...

those look so good!! very pretty and natural indeed :]

Rae // theNotice said...

Lovely! I've always been to afraid to try this out, with my super-sensitive eyes, but the lashes do look fabulous on you...

ChyiX2 said...

Looks really good and very natural. I'm gonna have to try it myself. I really like the pink e/s with your blue contacts. Nice combo :)

izumi said...

wow it's def interesting! looks really natural though :D maybe i'll have to try it.

Klaudea said...

I love *LOVE* Queenie!!

I tried out this method a few times but it was so time consuming & sometimes if you don't do it perfectly it pokes your eye...


But it does look amazing. :)

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