Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hada Labo Super Moisturising Cleansing Oil

I've bee through my fair share of cleansing oils - MAC, Shu Uemura, DHC, Fancl, Sana. Hada Labo's oil intrigued me because of its claim to contain olive oil and no mineral oil. Since the price point was well below the brands mentioned above except Sana, I though it couldn't hurt.

 photo IMG_6263_zps0654fc4d.jpg


The oil is a clear liquid, it only appears yellow because of the bottle's colour


It has a normal viscosity unlike some other cleansing oils I've tried such as DHC which are extra thick in consistency. I like the normal consistency more because it feels easier to spread out and emulsify the makeup on my face.


In terms of effectiveness, I felt that the oil removed my foundation and sunscreen quite easily, without drying out my skin.

The cost is one of the cheaper olive oil based, mineral oil-free cleansing oils I have tried. I purchased this on vacation in Malaysia for approximately RM 42-ish, which translates to about USD 14.

Online is your best bet if you are purchasing from North America. I've shipped with more times than I can remember over the past 6 years, and never have problems. Navigation is usually the issue as the site sorts by parent beauty company which isn't intuitive to those not in those regions. Hada Labo is under the Mentholatum Company brand. You may also find it in some Asian beauty supply stores if they stock the Hada Labo brand.


Anonymous said...

Might be something to check out once I am out of my oils~^^

Margaret said...

Hmmm...interesting. This seems like a great one to try out. I will check on this and see how it works on my skin.

watercoloursky said...

@Margaret: Hope it works for you!

@rasilla: Love that you saw this post so quick!

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