Thursday, November 8, 2007


My birthday present from my sneaky, but very awesome bf:

Why sneaky?

Because the whole day at work (he works at the same company, different department), when we ran into each other he acted like it was any other day. Did not wish me happy birthday, or even refer to it at all.

I figured, well he's gonna leave it until he gets off work at 3. (He had to leave early because of a doctor's appointment). But at 3, he called my extension, said he was gonna be leaving, said the usual bye, call me after work, that kinda stuff.

So now I was starting to think, um , does he think its tomorrow or something? ...:(

Was a little bummed thoughout the afternoon, but it did help that it started snowing a little when I finished work.

When I got home, everything was in order, nothing amiss....until i walked into my room and saw this on the bed:

(The panda is my sleep buddy that I drew 2 posts ago, he's not part of the present but he sure looks cute with it :))

so at first i was like, umm what the heck, how did he get in??? [to myself]

but anyways ^^

I had an idea what it was...but had to see for myself:


Yep, it was the Sephora Professional Limited Edition Pink traincase! :)

And of course I had to put my makeup in right away:

Which makes me realise I have WAY too much makeup. I knew before, but its just shocking how I can barely fit everything into one full-size traincase. And this picture doesn't show everything. My brushes don't fit in there, and there is still 1 makeup bag full of stuff for the weekend that isn't in the picture. Plus 2 liquid foundations that are stored in the fridge.


alien man?! said...

Haha, what a sweetheart! And you're such a cutie, too.

Happy Birthday, Arashi

So far, my boyfriend only gets me things that HE likes :(

watercoloursky said...

haha he's sweet but also exasperating at the same time...

thanks for the bday wishes :D

and hmm....what if you drop "hints" here and there... does that work? :P

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