Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i'm back!

I'm back!! :D Kinda glad to be back home, the weekend trip was really rushed and my flight home was delayed for over 4 hours -_- Damm Continental Airlines! :( At least when we finally got on, the flight attendant was cheery and entertaining despite the late hour (We were supposed to take off at 8.30, but we ended up boarding only at 10.50, and sat in that tiny plane for over 1 hour before taking off at 12 midnight :( By the time I got home it was 3.30am! I was soooooo tired on Monday at work :S

Oh well, guess thats what we get for picking a cheaper package :S Though none of the other airline options were all that great - I think the other options available when we booked the trip was United or Northwest, which aren't any better. Seriously, Asian airlines are the best when it comes to service and reliability. They tend to be more expensive though.

I'll be posting pics of my haul and maybe a few of my trip this weekend :) I spent a crapload of money there, which was really nice, but at the same time I have this feeling of shopping overload :S Seriously, it feels similar to the feeling you get when you eat a whole box of chocolates (or more).

I'm going to be going on a shopping ban for the next 3 months. And tentatively I plan to not haul any more makeup except maybe a few from the winter holiday collections end of this year.

I did take advantage of MAC's F&F sale in NY, I couldn't resist since not only was the stuff at US retail pricing, but an additional 15% less too! But I'm feeling pretty satisfied, and almost feel like I could've passed on a couple of items that I got. Oh well, too late to return them now. In any case I've decided that none of the upcoming summer collections interest me. The mineralized blushes (Sonic Chic collection) that I was excited about look rather boring from the pictures on Spectra. I like mineralized products only if they have veining in them like the MSFs and Laneige blushes. Those look too plain for my taste.

I'm not sure if I can avoid the clothes shopping part this summer though, because I did buy a few dresses in NY that I need to get matching shoes/accessories for. My wardrobe has always been really sad lol, its because I keep going back to comfy sneakers, jeans and hoodies from my university days. I barely have any sandals or cardigans/jackets at all, but I will need to get some that go with those clothes I bought. Hopefully there'll be some good summer sales this year at least.


Comment catchup:

Where do you get your NYX stuff? I live in Québec and can't find that brand anywhere. Thanks:) -amanda

Where do you buy your NYX makeup from?? -milly

I get them from Rexall/PharmaPlus drugstores. Not all, but some of their locations carry NYX eyeshadows, pigments, liners, and mascaras. I haven't seen the lipsticks or blushes in Canada yet though. But they charge expensive prices - CAD$10+ for a trio, and CAD$5 for a single eyeshadow. I would advise you to buy online either on Ebay from a reliable seller (check their feedback!), or from CherryCulture.com. I've never tried either but their advertised prices are much better - just be sure to check out the shipping costs too. And if you haven't already, check out the NYX swatches collection compiled by Alienman + the ABB community.

MMMmMMmm...fried rice. How did you make it? I'm in the market for a good fried rice recipe. -thechas

I'm not sure if I can remember the exact proportions...but I'll try to and post it :)

those bears look so good! I looked back to your Everyday Minerals post and saw that you ordered the lavender concealer. Can you post a quick review of it when you post your haul? -jejuney

I haven't tried it yet but will review it soon :)

im gonna attempt to make a pass on all MAC coming summer collection in order to save some ££!! -nicnic

me too! i need to save some $ for a place of my own...

I was checking out your reviews on coastal, and EDM. thanks for being so detailed and honest :)
Just a small question though. Did you end up paying a lot on duty fees when you received your shipments?
I think that's whats deterring me from buying so much >_<>
Anyway thanks if you can answer me back, I do appreciate it -rasilla

I heard somewhere too that under the NAFTA, products made in the US isn't taxable by Canadian customs. Am not sure though. I know though that the rule is if its under $20, or $60 for a gift, you won't get taxed for sure. I've tried making Everyday Minerals and Madame Madeline orders close to CAD$40 and didn't get any charges. Not sure if they just let it go because of the NAFTA thing or because it wasn't over by that much.

It would be risky though with ordering from a place like Sasa.com, which is why I haven't bought anything there even though I'd love to try some of the products there.

do you know if the MAC store sells pigment samples? i always see people with those and they say they got them from the store... or do they just give them out for free? -lily

yep they give them out for free. these are from the testers though just so you know. I use them anyway but I would advise against using them too close to your eye (i.e. don't use them wet as eyeliners). Or if you are lucky and get enough, press them with alcohol and I'm sure all that alcohol will sterilize the heck out of it :P

please post your review for the VEET facial precision facial wax. - jewels

sure thing :) i have to use it a couple more times though. the first time wasn't too successful :S

u ever buy those huge bags of shrimp chips at the asian store?

i can go through a bag in a day... and they're HUGE -alienman

not sure which ones you mean - are they the korean ones in a red bag? But anyway i love shrimp chips in general! and i can go through a lot of junk food in a day too...especially on a bad day lol :P

I hope I didn't miss any other questions...but just drop me a line at watercoloursky@gmail.com if I did :)

Thanks for the warm wishes on my trip :) Even though some parts were stressful, I still had fun! And I finallly got some good pics of me and the bf, who if you remember, is camera phobic :)

Also, thanks for the compliments on the fried rice :) that was the first time i successfully made fried rice that actually had taste, haha. usually mine always ends up being so bland.

Sounds like a lot of us aren't really feeling the Cool Heat collection. I wasn't either and yet....because of MAC's 15% off I still ended up hauling Blue Flame eyeshadow as well.

Truth is though I feel a bit tired of makeup now...I still have a few lemmings but they are for things I don't already have (like a good effective liquid/cream concealer, the drugstore ones I have look like crap on me). But my traincase is so full, I'm feeling quite guilty now about the things I hardly use. I really, really want to sell some stuff but the last time I checked Canadapost has really expensive rates for international shipping :(

Speaking of which, I'm thinking maybe I should be selling some of my full size MAC pigments. I just got Fuschia pigment, because it looks so great on Chiara. Until I started thinking that it just looks a bit too similar to Pink Pearl which I already have. Selling some of it would solve the problem, since it will take forever to use up any of my pigments. But most pigment jar sellers don't ship to Canada, and I think the thickness of the jars + bubble envelope would really increase the postage costs. I'm wondering if people would be interested at all in buying pigments in baggies, at cheaper prices though of course. hmm maybe i'll post a poll on it to see if that would be practical at all...

I need to catchup on blog posts now. I got home and my Google Reader was at 1000+ posts... I just hope I don't get too many lemmings from them! lol :)

P.S. Here's a pic of me outside what else but one of my favourite stores - Sephora at Times Square :P



jing said...

Yay you're back! I'm curious what goodies you ended up taking home. Can't wait for the haul pictures, whether they're m/u or not.

A number of bloggers on shopping ban too.. broke mine already and am trying hard to resist the F&F.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

welcome back Blu3!! can't wait to see your haul xD lol.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

you look too cute in that last picture! :) how appropriate to take a trip and take a picture in front of a sephora. oh us beauty bloggers. LOL. ;)

theChas said...

Welcome back...and gur~l! I'm going to NY soon; we totally missed each other :(. I'm excited about your fried rice post, lol.

Anonymous said...

Former silent reader here - I'd definitely be interested in purchasing pigment samples in baggies! I've thought about buying pigments for a long time but never got around because I cannot justify the purchase and shipping tends to be expensive, but sample baggies can just be shipped like a regular letter. (I'm in BC, btw.)

Grayburn said...

Hey! Sounds like a successful trip :) Glad you got some shopping in (well lots). I've also been to that Sephora @ Times Square and it is quite something.

take care,

IchigoBunnie said...

that sephora store looks AMAZING. my sephora store here isn't as huge and grand as that one.

Starry x2 night said...

Welcome back! Err, previous anonymous poster was me--couldn't remember my blogger password, LOL! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

I'd be interested in buying makeup if you're thinking of offering that--you have such great taste in colors!

na said...

Have you seen Cult of Cherry (I think that's what it's called?) from MAC for the summer? It has three quads with gorgeous neutrals. I think it's right up your alley. :)

Chiara said...

Yeahh, Pink Pearl really does look like Fuchsia. I wanted to get it before, but didn't pick it up fast enough :P

By the wayy, I still really like your music here, because it's so soft and serene... plus it feeds my ultra nerdage. I don't scroll down to stop the music for once :D

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Welcome back, girl! I'm sorry about the delayed flight! I once was delayed in Hawaii for like five hours. We were supposed to take the 8 o'clock flight and finally got on the plane at 1 am!! The captain treated us all to drinks but we were all sleeping instead so it didn't really matter.

Anonymous said...

I knew about the under 20, but actually one of my orders for 30 came in duty free~ So I guess I'm good for now! In either case, thanks so much for answering^^ It is quite useful to know

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