Sunday, July 27, 2008

wedding looks

So if you notice several pics on my older posts are not showing because I exceeded the monthly limit on one of my Photobucket accounts :P Oh well it should be fixed by tomorrow.

I went to a Korean-Chinese wedding about a month ago - the bride and groom were university friends of my bf. Wore this during the day because even though it was in a church, people weren't very dressed up at all:


With these shoes:


Makeup-wise I went for a simple girly look:


I don't have any proper full outfit pictures because I forgot to charge my camera before going so it died early :(.

The dinner was done at a Chinese restaurant, with a Korean ceremony in the middle lol. They also had a lion dance troupe come in right before the start of dinner.

Dinner table before guests arrived:


Chinese wedding style menu with like a million courses:


Only foodie pic I took was of the piglet - because those red eyes just made it looks so evil o.o


Midway through the dinner, they started setting up the table for the Korean ceremony:



It was interesting for me since I didn't know anything about Korean wedding traditions. The chestnuts on the table are for the parents to toss and the wedding couple has to catch as many as they can. The more they catch, the more children they'll be blessed with :P

Overall, everything went well, the only major thing was the crappy (non-existent) sound system that the restaurant provided. The sound kept cutting in and out constantly. So whenever that happened the emcee/master of ceremonies would have to should at the top of his voice :S It was pretty amazing he didn't have a sore throat the next day!

In fact for the photo slideshow of the couple this is what things were reduced to:


LOL basically the guys had to hold up the microphone up to the laptop speakers to get the sound! If I had been the bride at the wedding, I would have turned into a serious bridezilla! Props to the bride and groom for being so good natured and taking everything in stride.

The restaurant refused to take responsibility too for the technical issues even though it was THEIR system. The restaurant only reluctantly gave a minimal discount at the end of the night, and only because the master of ceremonies helped them argue for it. Other than that though, it was an enjoyable wedding.

Outfit - BCBG red dress + JC red heels + red pashmina


I tried curling my hair before but it kinda failed since I hadn't touched a curling iron in 1-2 years.


Some shots of the makeup - I didn't get good ones because I didn't get to take any with daylight.

The idea was to have silvery-grey eyes paired with pale pink lips, but this particular pic is when I got home and had already eaten the gloss off :P


Products used for the looks - going from Day to Night:

Day look:


Guerlain L'or Radiance makeup base
Buff'd Foundation in Sand
Silk Naturals' Perfecting Powder
Everyday Minerals concealer in Multitasking
Dior Skinflash Radiance pen in 002 on undereye area

ELF Coy blush
MAC Emote to contour


MAC Fluidline eyeliner in Blacktrack
Clinique Lash Primer
Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Mascara
Filled in brows with MAC Brun eyeshadow


MAC P&P lip conditioner
MAC Lip Erase
MAC Mattene 40s Pink (makes a great base to help the Lancome lipstick stay put all day)
Lancome 302 SOS Pink lipstick


For the night look, all I did was to add makeup on top of my day look:

Removed lipstick (or ate it off)
Touched up foundation / powder on top (which also toned down the existing blush)

and added:


Everyday Minerals Soft Touch blush (a lighter shade of pink to match the new lipcolour)


MAC P&P lip conditioner, MAC Lip Erase, Coffret D'or lipstick and gloss in 06 Peach Blossom



Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Electra eyeshadow (silver) all over lid and to line lower lashline
LORAC Shimmer eyeshadow (white) on inner corners
LORAC Dreamy eyeshadow (grey) on outer corners

MAC Technakohl in Greyprint to soften the black liquid liner from earlier and create a more smoky look. Lined top lid and outer half of bottom lid.



P.S. Btw I was wearing Acuvue Define contacts in black that day. I think they are helpful for occasions where pictures are going to be taken because they don't look fake at all (imo) and help your eyes look larger/more awake.


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ohh you must show us your new hair cut :D

I think you looked pretty in both looks! 1st dress is cute, I love your 2nd dress, it's fits you perfectly and the colour is very flattering!

The hair looked great too, i don't think you failed - it just looks softly waved :D

Unknown said...

I love your skin!! It looks flawless~

Pretty outfits!!!

That's pretty cool they had like a split wedding thing. Being Korean, I'll probably have Korean ceremony too (not anytime soon though lol, in the very far future).

(g)ezebel said...

acuvue makes black contacts?? i must get a pair!!

you look soooo beautiful!! love the outfits!!

Ling said...

I love your dresses. You look cute in it. =)

And I realize you don't really like to smile in your pics. Lol.

Give us a pretty smile! =DD

watercoloursky said...

nicnic: i will :) need to take a decent pic first :P

gee: lol thanks though most of it is the foundation /concealer :)

gezebel: yup, they're daily disposable black circle lenses . I don't think they're sold here, only in Asia but I think you can find them on some sites :)

Ling: thanks :) i usually look fake trying to smile in pics though unless there's something that is actually amusing lol.

Digital Angel said...

I really like the skyblue flower pattern dress on you, also your neutral makeup stands out your dress alot more :D Very pretty. Yeah it's funny how they toss chestnuts so they can have lots of babies when the couple catch them :) It's kinda silly isn't it? hehe

fuzkittie said...

Omg, you are so beautiful!!! This is the first post where I get to see your full body shot, and damn girl! :D You have the perfect figure. Look at those legs!!! xD

Dresses are pretty, and makeup is feminine and very appropriate for the wedding~

Anonymous said...

You look pretty in both outfits! I love the red pashmina - casual and yet stylish! :)

Anna said...

I love your hair and the BCBG dress. Did you use any products in your hair?

jewels said...

your hair looks great.
U did not fail at it.

jing said...

That pig looks freaky.. hope it tasted great!

That korean ceremony looked interesting. Did they also wear hanbok (sp?)? I think that's what traditional dresses are called...

i love the dresses, but i have to say i love the red most! Especially with those sexy shoes.. okay, so I love the shoes most. definitely a great buy! classic and sexy.

Actually, your hair is pretty nice like that.. not that wavy but accentuates your features. you matched your makeup nicely with your clothes, esp the night one. never thought silver looked great with red dress. i always thought silver only look good with cool-tone women.

hmmm.. i'm lemming lip erase again. the pigmentation is decreased, yet it doesn't look thick. when I use myth underneath, it's hard to pull off cos it can get thick when I layer the next shade.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

i absolutely ADORE that red dress on you. it's so my steeze. i'd so wear that dress but i don't know if it'd look quite as good on me as it does on you. LOL. but it really does look great on you. i love weddings. i'm seriously a huge emo/cheeseball at weddings so i always get teary eyed. it's ridiculous really. haha.

Chiara said...

Yayy! Arashi, I'm glad you did a wedding look post :D It's wedding season for me, (three weddings within a month) and I have no idea what to wear! Yay for inspirations :D

mayaari said...

both outfits looked great on you - i love the makeup that you paired with each outfit :)

Cinthia Truong said...

Your dresses are very pretty and you look good in both of them :)

I've never been to a Korean-Chinese wedding before..pretty interesting to see some aspect of it.

Tracy Roa said...

those dresses are so cute! thanks for sharing! i really like the looks you did, too. great transition from day to night. =)

cheryl said...

wow the red dress looked great on u! very pretty. i really think the soft waves worked out, pretty pretty.

iamgrape1119 said...

OMG! I'm IN LOVE with your dresses! You look so hot! I want you body...LOL

ChyiX2 said...

You're looking prettier and prettier over time :) Btw, I posted about some of the shoes I have. Choos are included!

Marie said...

don't you love weddings? i just went to a filipino/korean and taiwanese wedding. i love your looks and you skin looks awesome!

The App Goddess said...

You looked so cute! I love that dress:)

Ahleessa said...

You look good. You're such a pretty girl! :)

watercoloursky said...

sorry for the late replies :S

nabi: thank you :) yup i thought that was funny haha :P

fuzkittie: lol thanks! trust me its just the shoes. my legs look pretty darn ordinary (short and stubby) in regular shoes :P

anna: i just used a protecting mist before curling, and then hairspray afterward.

jiejie: it did! i wanted And yes the couple changed into hanbok right before the ceremony :)

for the lip erase i find it depends on the lipstick i'm using on top as well. it actually looks better under a Mattene lipstick than a Lustre/Frost lipstick. Thats also why I like using 40s Pink on top of lip erase, THEN the Lancome 302 on top.

chiara, dskco: yup weddings are fun most of the time! i think a lot of the fun for me is also that i get to dress up for once :)

liz, jewels, mayaari, tracy, cheryl, iamgrape119, chyix2, The HSG, alyssa: thank you all :D

Grayburn said...

You look great in that orange dress! Love it love it!

x Grayburn

Fei said...

Aw, you look so cute in your dresses! I would've been a TOTAL bridezilla over the sound system. WTF?!

My fave is the light colored, blue and white dress. So cute!

The Faux Fashionista said...

I love weddings! You look so cute in the dresses :)

Rae // theNotice said...

Try doing the curls in different directions (one clockwise around the iron, the next counterclockwise) so they don't all fall together and just form texture. It saves a ton of time!!

The red dress, the flawless complexion, the gorgeous silver eyes... love it! Love ALL of it! Nighttime look = definitely my fave :P

alien man?! said...

omg how did i miss these last 3 entries?!?! STUPID GOOGLE READER

omg you are RAVISHING in both dresses and looks... @_@ i'm so proud to have a hot friend hahaha

Bliss said...

I really love your look in the red dress so gorgeous hheheh

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