Thursday, September 25, 2008

OPI Chapel of Love + wish it was Friday

Ok, so I painted my toes a few days ago with OPI's Chapel of Love, and boy are they pink! I'm not sure I like it on toes...what do you think?


(Thinking about it now, they don't look right with the white heels I know but the other pictures weren't good and I admit I'm lazy to take another picture, watermark them and reupload it.)

This is probably the boldest colour I've ever worn since I usually go for natural shades. Everytime I look at my feet I feel like they belong to a stranger, lol.

The polish is really pigmented! I got good colour opacity with just 2 coats, no top coat or anything. Even one coat would've been sufficient but I screwed up a little on one of them when waiting for them to dry, so I did a second coat.

Before changing to Chapel of Love, I had on I'm a Princess, You're Not on my toes, and they lasted amazingly long. Two coats, 3 weeks of wear, and they still looked almost freshly applied! No chips whatsover. I must note that polish lasts longer on my toes than fingers though. I used the same colour on my nails for another wedding, and they chipped within a day :S


On another note, I'm so glad its Friday tomorrow, though I wish it was already Friday night right now. I have this huge urge to go shopping...and for once I'm actually thinking about clothes shopping. In the last few months I just end up spending too much time at cosmetic counters/stores, because its easy to browse and there isn't the hassle of finding your size, or finding a change room. Also I got disillusioned with the money I used to spend on clothes because my work, lifestyle, and the weather here don't really allow me to wear nice clothing often.

Now though I feel more inspired to buy clothes again with so many bloggers posting their daily outfits, and also because of blogs like this one. That girl Melissa looks gorgeous in almost anything, plus I love her hair! Lets just hope I'll resist impulse buying and only get clothes that I'll wear more than once.


On a different subject - does anyone use iGoogle? I love it! Its my default homepage. I find it convenient how you can link everything on that page - Gmail, Google Reader, To-do lists, News updates, Word of the Day, etc. There are even mini games like Hangman that you can add :D

Among my favourite applications is the Water Tracker. It helps you keep track of how much water you drank per day, and calculates stats on how many days you successfully achieved your target amount of water. You can set it to give you a target 8-15 glasses per day. Water is extremely important for maintaining your skin and cleansing out your system so definitely check it out.


Another one is the Sticky Notes application. Very basic but it comes in handy whenever I want to cut and paste information, website addresses etc to access later. If you rename it, you can add more than one sticky note too.

Oh and I just discovered today, that they added more themes from major labels/designers like Gucci, Burberry, Anna Sui and Betsy Johnson. There's even one from Paul Frank now! I have mine set to BCBGMaxAzria. Its interesting how these skins can act as advertising channels now too.


P.S. I just had to say I'm really lemming the Harajuku Lovers fragrances, though mostly because of the bottles. I tested the scents out today and they seem rather basic, nothing complex that I would pay the price for if not for the cute bottle. Probably will get one but not sure which. I disliked 'Love' and 'Baby', but 'Music', 'Lil Angel', and 'G' still interest me.


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

your toenails are cute!! i am so lazy with mine, theyre getting skanky! haha joke but yeah you have nice toenails ;) The colour is cute for the toes i think !

the water counter looks interesting!

Unknown said...

That colour is lovely and your shoes are super cute.

igoogle?? sounds like I NEEEEEED to set this up NOW!!

tata x

Unknown said...


I love iGoogle!! I have the Anna Sui Theme!!! WOWSERS!!!!

Thanks again

(g)ezebel said...

HOORAY! it's friday today!!

i think bold colors are fantastic on toes - and the pink looks great in the white heels. :0)

Anonymous said...

Snap! I have the same coral pink colour on my toe nails! Though I should probably get them re-painted soon to match the vamp red I have on my fingernails. :/

The pink does come off a bit strong at first, but I absolutely love it after a while. Very sugary and candy pink. :)

Tracy Roa said...

Chapel Of Love looks like a great pink color and looks good on your feet (as well as the cute shoes!). I've also noticed that my pedicures last longer than my manicures. I've been wanting to go clothes shopping really badly, but I guess I'll wait until my birthday next month. I'm still in a credit card hole after buying so much makeup and skin care products.

cheryl said...

hey how's it going? i dun wear nail polish (simply lazy) but i like the pink on your toes. hey why not? a girl can have a little fun sometimes!
i swear every month i have the urge to go clothes shopping! but i'm so picky it's hard...
i gotta try the sticky notes application for work!

Angie said...

I'm pretty sure my sister has that color! I think it's gorgeous. I use to shy away from bright colors, thinking I couldn't pull them off (toes and fingers). But I've discovered with the right shape, length, and confidence you can truly pull off any color! I think it looks lovely no you! I currently have OPI I Prefer Pink on my toes. It's a really bright pink/purple, kind of a magenta. I looove it =)

I 100% agree with you about the convenience of buying cosmetics over clothes. I avoid fitting rooms at all costs because I just like using them. I always buy whatever I want, and try it on at home. But even then, I find myself buying more cosmetics and accessories than clothes. I really need to get new stuff and recycle old items from my closet!

I use iGoogle everyday! Thanks for letting me know about the new designers! Last time I checked, they only had a few! I'm such a Burberry girl, so that's what mine will remain for a while.

Thanks for the birthday wish! I have until Monday for the broker position and I have yet to hear back from the teller position cause they have to finish the background check. I think I've decided no on the broker position even if I don't get the teller.

ChyiX2 said...

I like that color on your toenails. I don't really bother with mine, I'm too lazy boo!

mayaari said...

I like the color you used on your toes - I think we can get away with bolder/brighter colors on toes more than fingers, since toes aren't a major focal point. I love wearing bright red on my toes, and wore OPI's Russian Navy a lot this summer on my toes :)

Cosmetics are so much easier to buy than clothes..having to try on pieces, looking in the mirror to see how it fits, going up or down a size because every brand is a little's exhausting!

IchigoBunnie said...

whoaa iGoogle looks cool! the high-fashion theme really caught my eye. looks really nice...i might go and get this on my computer :3


ryc: thanks SO MUCH for voting for me! I seriously appreciate it <3 I'm so behind in the votes and u voting helped me out :) *hug*

Grayburn said...

iGoogle sounds good actually...gotta go check it out for myself. The perfumes do look so adorable and the ad looks great but I had a feeling that the scents wouldn't be that good...and just been confirmed by you that they're not.

the heated curler really is better than the metal ones for me. but I know that alot of people are scared of putting something heated near their eyes.

take care,

jamie said...

i just love the toes color! its so bright and just my fave shade but i dunno if i can wear it. maybe it looks good because you are wearing it!:)

theChas said...

I'm the opposite of you! I usually wear brighter colors on my toes than on my fingernails, haha so I think the color looks very pretty on your toes! Maybe it's the pink? I don't wear pink so often, even though I like the color.

iGoogle is so much fun! I have a panda cam on mine from the National Zoo and my theme is set to Miyazaki films, XD.

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