Thursday, October 9, 2008

Haul: Clarins, MAC, Neutrogena, H&M

Anonymous wanted to know if I had any codes left for the Annabelle mascara, sorry I used them up! If they send me more though I'll let you know :)


To anyone that owns 2N lipglass from this year's N collection, do you find it smells sorta plasticky? Maybe I'm just not used to lipglasses, but this one in particular smells very plastic. The only other glosses I own from MAC are Spring Bean lustreglass and Cult Fave from Fafi, but those seem to be a different formulation.

I just want to make sure it hasn't gone bad already...I've noticed that smell since middle of this year which is why I haven't worn it :S But it was released in shouldn't have gone bad in just a few months? I only used it a few times too... :(

Please let me know how yours is like if you own it. Thanks!


Remainder of haul pictures from last weekend:


-Clarins Gentle Facial Peel
-Clarins UV Day Screen
-Clarins Hydrating GWP (contains Pure Melt Cleansing gel, Hydra Quench Mask, Hydra Quench Cream, and a full size Gentle Exfoliating Refiner)
-sample of Clarins Instant Light Perfecting Touch

-MAC Pearlglide liner in Bankroll
-MAC Ungaro Cream Colour Base in Crushed Bouganvillea

-Samples of some Dermalogica products from the spa I went to
-Sample of Nars aqua gel hydrator


All from H&M:
-Grey shrug
-Basic black knit tee

Pictures aren't too exciting, I know, but I'll take pics when I wear them out :)

The drugstore near my house is moving to a new bigger location, so they have sales on lots of stuff right now. I was in there practically everyday for the past week...stocking up on body washes and razor cartridges lol :) On impulse I bought these yesterday after work:


-Neutrogena Illuminating Enzyme Peel
-Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave

However, after I went home I checked out some reviews on the Wave, and I decided that maybe I should look for the Neutrogena Rejuvenator instead. It is a bit different from the Wave, because its an exfoliator that you use 3 times a week rather than daily. It also does not have salicylic acid (which dries out my skin sometimes) but contains aluminium crystals to exfoliate. So I went back today, and I was so lucky, because there was only one left and it was half off! Plus I had the $5 coupon off from the Neutrogena website, so I ended up paying CDN$15, the same price as the Wave for something that would've usually cost CDN$40 :D So I'm going to be returning the Wave then, as there wasn't much of a discount for it in the first place (It was only reduced by a few bucks anyway...).


Its a much bigger box than the Wave and the system has a more comfortable handle in my opinion. I tried it today, so far so good :)

Guess you can tell I'm really getting into skincare right now...from all those peels and exfoliators! I'll have to remind myself not to go overboard though, overexfoliating is not good for skin either. And I know, it seems like a lot of stuff...but a lot of it was free samples or stuff on sale yay :D I also controlled myself and got more skincare rather than makeup that I'll hardly wear.

Swatches of the MAC items coming next post!


yl said...

yes i have the 2N lipglass and it smells terrible. the normal lipglasses are much nicer. i love the colour of 2N though so i tolerate it but the thought of the smell immediately makes me wince :(

mayaari said...

have you used clarins skincare products before? I'm on more of a skincare kick as well (drier air has caused my skin to freak out lately) and i'm looking at drugstore and higher end products to improve my skin.

Cinthia Truong said...

WOW! what a great discount you got on the Neutrogena. I've tried it and didn't really like it. Haven't try the Wave, although I heard from those who have used both, the wave is more gentle and not too harsh on the skin.

Unknown said...

Great haul!!

I'm going into skincare too. My skin has been horrible lately. BOO!

Please review the Clarins Peel later! :D

Ahleessa said...

Nice haul! I can't wait to see your looks and reviews on these.

Angie said...

That's a great discount! I love peels and exfoliants =). Oohh let me know when you've tried the Nars aqua gel hydrator! I've been looking for a hydrating mask.

Damn, you just reminded me that I wanted to check the Pearlglides!

Anonymous said...

The Neutrogena exfoliating products look really interesting. I used L'Oreal's DIY dermabrasion kit for a while but I don't see it in stores in southeast asia and definitely not in Japan where I live.

I look forward to your reviews and if they are good, I hope to get them in Australia over Xmas.

fuzkittie said...

Nice haul! I can't wait to see the new clothes on you~

Anonymous said...

I think a good skincare regimen is the cornerstone to beautiful skin. The trick is finding the right products for your skin type in cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing, SPF and any special concern as acne, wrinkles etc.

BTW, love your blog.

cheryl said...

this will sound really primitive but i use only a dash of sea salt as a gentle scrub after i wash my face, i dun actually have any peel/exfoliating product, lol...

can't wait to see swatches of the ungaro collection blush from mac!

watercoloursky said...

yl: that makes me feel a bit better, haha. I don't think I can tolerate the smell for the colour anymore though...maybe I'll B2M it :) Thanks for the feedback!

mayaari: Yes I actually have a lot of their products....for some reason. Things that I've repurchased because I like them so much would be the Gentle Exfoliating Refiner and the Extra Comfort Toning lotion.

ebeautyblog: Actually i like how th rejuvenator has two speeds, I think the lower one is nice and gentle. Although the Wave's pads are probably gentler since they're for cleansing rather than exfoliating.

Gee: Boo to misbehaving skin! :( I think its the weather changes. Will do a review for you :)

Alyssa: Thanks :)

angie519: Definitely :) Pearlglides are nice! You should try them. I think they're a bit overpriced though :S

astrorainfall: That sucks, at least you can go to Australia to get them!

Fuzkittie: thanks :)

Anonymous: totally agree! Although my issue has always been that most skincare products don't work for me....or may I just expect too much of them. Also I think I need more sleep...that would really help as well.

cheryl: If it works for you, don't change it! :) I like DIY masks too, but lately I just want something that'll do a better job of evening out my skintone (hence the enzyme peel) and improving circulation (hence the rejuvenator) :D

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