Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nars rant, MB Silver Powder and some haulage

I just found out that Nars is so overpriced in Canada! :( I've been lemming the Nars Aqua Gel Hydrator ever since reading the great reviews for it on Makeupalley. On Sephora.com, it shows the price as being around $76, so I thought okay, probably it'll be an extra $10 for Canada as most products are like that. But when I went to the Nars counter last weekend, the lady told me that it was $115! Like wtf?? Thats a markup of $40...like almost a 50% increase? Thats insane.

I double checked the prices of some of their other skincare products, and all of them range from $30 to $50 more than the US retail price. Sucks, because I was really looking forward to getting the hydrator.

Apparently the counter currently has a GWP of a highlighter and blush duo with any purchase over $125, or a GWP of a neutral eyeshadow palette with purchase over $50. That would help ease the pain somewhat....so I'm still sorta considering it in the back of my head.

Its a good thing I haven't been enthalled by anything from Nars so far...except the upcoming holiday collection that is. But if the prices are this insane here, I'll just wait for a GWP to get them as I don't think they are LE.


I bought the Mario Badescu Silver powder off Audrie a couple months ago. I was interested in it because I've read so many reviews that it realy helps unclog the pores especially if followed with a nosestrip after. Tried it a few times but I can't seem to get it to work for me! Does anyone have any tips?

I've already tried it two ways:
1. Mixing a bit of it with some water to form a paste, and applying that on my nose / chin
2. Pouring some out onto my hand and using a wet cottonball to pick up the powder and apply it on my nose / chin (which are the instructions on the jar itself)


Both methods don't do anything for me. It'll dry down to a white layer on my face and if I let it dry too much its difficult to get off! That happened the first time, and I had to wash my face again :S

Second time I let it dry a bit, then washed off the white stuff. Like other reviewers have said, the white stuff does stick to your blackheads, making them more obvious. I then followed with a nosestrip which is what most people seem to do. However, whatever I get off with the nosestrip seems to be about the same amount as what I get without using the silver powder beforehand....so I don't see what good the silver powder did?

Its probably just my weird skin...but I hardly seem to be able to find skincare products that work for me :S The claims products make always seem too good to be true...and they usually are for me even though they work for others :(


Some stuff I hauled last week:

The Body Shop


-Deep Sleep spray (for the bf because he has insomnia...)
-Lip butters in Mango and Coconut, they were a Buy 1 get 1 50% offer
-Sample of Coconut body butter, some other samples I got the SA to make

The spray smells good, sorta Aveda-ish if you know how Aveda products smell. Its a blend of essential oils supposed to help you calm down and sleep better. I don't know yet if it works as the bf has been rather lazy to remember to use it. You're supposed to spray it on your pillows/sheets before going to bed.

I'm tempted to use the lip butters, but I have so many lipbalms already I should just save and use them as stocking fillers for Christmas :)

And, I got a ton of samples from Holt Renfew...:D


- La Mer Hydrating Infusion
- Giorgio Armani Face Fabric in #4
- Cle de Peau Smoothing base for pores (primer)
- Cle de Peau Nourishing emulsion (a night lotion)
- samples from Amore Pacific, a Korean brand newly launched here

I don't even know how I got so many. There was a super nice lady at the Cle de Peau counter, and she gave me most of the samples even though I didn't buy anything but was just asking questions about the line!

I had been interested in the Giorgio Armani Face Fabric foundation so I asked for a sample. The SAs said they don't make samples from the testers, but they only had a sample tube in shade #4 so I took it anyway. From the reviews I read on MUA, I'm probably a #2 so #4 was definitely too dark. However, at least I can test out the texture and whether I have any skin reaction to it. Not in a hurry to use it now though, since I've made the resolution to stay away from foundation for a bit.

I also got more stuff from Clarins and MAC over the weekend ...to be continued next post :)


Unknown said...

Sux that NARS is so pricey up there!

I've been hearing about MB too...I gotta find out what all the fuss is about!

Those are some great samples! I've been wanting to try Cle de Peau too.

alien man?! said...

i was so tempted to get this w/the rest of my MB haul, but i wasn't sure how "practical" or "necessary" it was... but i've heard nothing but raves about it until now

maybe u just need to practice w/it a few more times?

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Nice haul girl!

NARS is a little somewhat affordable here, but i guess NARS is quite an expensive brand... I haven't tried the skincare though.

I usually wet the cotton and dip into the powder. However, Maayari suggested to make it in a paste in her previous blog entry - hope that helps. The powder is too messy tho >_<

well cant wait to see your next haul ;)

Angie said...

I've also been dying to try the Face Fabric! Let me know what you think. I can't find it around here so I'd have to order it online >.<.

I'm gonna have to remember to get the aqua gel hydrator. I love Nars's mud mask! Have you tried ebay?

mayaari said...

I've had mixed results with the silver powder - some days it works really well with the nose strip, other times I can't tell if I even got anything.

ah body butter - I love their mango body butter, it smells so heavenly!

Anonymous said...

Look forward to your reviews - that's a huge haul.

Love The Body Shop Deep Sleep/Quiet Night scent but this range is so expensive - more so than their old aromatherapy collection.

I totally understand how you feel about hiked up prices — a lot of cult brands cost the earth in Asia.

Grayburn said...

oh yummy...body shop, la mer, armani & cle de peau! can't wait for the reviews :) did you get a sample of tbs's vit e serum?

x Grayburn

fuzkittie said...

Wooo I see a ton of brands I like, haha. Man, the SAs there seem so much nicer!! Even when I spent $800 at the La Mer counter, I got no samples at all, she told me it was all out. Hahaha.

Ling said...

Ahhh I can't wait to see your LA MER hydrating fusion review.

I've been having a tough fight with my inner temptations to get my hands on the La Mer line!

I hope your bf's insomnia gets better! :D

Try exercising and taking a hot shower before winding down.

Drinking hot honey/milk helps too! :)

Ling said...

Ahhh I can't wait to see your LA MER hydrating fusion review.

I've been having a tough fight with my inner temptations to get my hands on the La Mer line!

I hope your bf's insomnia gets better! :D

Try exercising and taking a hot shower before winding down.

Drinking hot honey/milk helps too! :)

cheryl said...

oh oh oh could u let me know how the cle de peau smoothing base works out? i'm so curious about that brand's primer!
NARS stuff is not that cheap either in the u.s., but i'm surprised too at how high the prices for la mer products are jacked up in italy, ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, tell me about it! Over here in Ireland, all brands are anywhere between 30%-100% mark-up the US price (for example, a Clinique mascara that costs USD14 is €19 here; MAC Plush Lash is USD12 and €17 here). :C

I got the Mario Badescu Silver Powder a while ago, because everyone was raving about it. It is so friggin' annoying to use! At first I followed the instructions and used a damp cotton ball to apply the powder directly onto my nose, but I could barely get any product on my skin. So I tried mixing the powder with water first to make a paste (like you), and that helped the application. My beef is with the removal - couldn't for the life of me get the product completely off my face! I always ended up dampening a face cloth and rubbing my face with it as if my face were the floor. Also, while drying on the skin, the powder would start falling off my face, gathering into a tiny blanket of snow around me. As for the effect, it does seem to prepare the blackheads for extraction, but to be honest, it doesn't appear to be any more effective than an exfoliator and a deep cleansing mask.

jamie said...

i also tried mb products and its just ok in my opinion nothing special. good thing i didnt get the silver powder, was really curious w/the stuff.

IchigoBunnie said...

im sorry the MB silver powder didnt work out for you! :( Have you tried extracting it with a pore extractor? The extractor actually got out more blackheads than the pore strips for me even though it was a longer process.

Unknown said...

if you come down to shop in Buffalo, there is NARS at the Sephora here and a NARS counter at the Lord&Taylor in the same mall.
I always get peeved with the higher prices I have to pay for MAC Pro + MUFE when I come to shop in Toronto (why is MAC more expensive when it is made in Canada??!). I'm spoiled with the US pricing.

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