Saturday, November 1, 2008

Review: Annabelle's

Quick look at Annabelle's mascara:

The packaging is much better than most drugstore mascaras. It comes in a sleek metallic red tube:


What makes this mascara unique, is the applicator wand that features both a brush and a comb. I took a side view of the brush so you can see how the top half has brush bristles, while the bottom half has comb-like bristles:


Without mascara:


With mascara:


This was the very first time I used the mascara so you can see application was clumsy - there was a bit of clumping because I was trying to get as much volume as possible using the comb side.

Without mascara Take 2:


With mascara Take 2:


Hopefully you can see that once I got the hang of the applicator, it doesn't clump anymore. This time I used the comb first to dispense as much product as possible, wiggling the wand at the same time. Followed immediately with the brush side to get rid of excess product (reducing clumpage).

It doesn't give much length, but provides subtle, natural looking volume. Great for natural look but not if you want dramatic results.

Product is not waterproof but held up fine for me. I've never had problems with any non-waterproof mascara though so it'll depend on your skin type.

A final side by side comparison. Left side without mascara, right side with mascara:



Provides natural, subtle volume
Choice of two brush types to apply the product
Elegant packaging for a drugstore product

Does not lengthen much
Volumizing power isn't much either if you like a lot of volume (L'oreal's Volumizing mascara works better for a more dramatic look)


Anonymous said...

Your eyes look so pretty with your colored contacts! The mascara does look really natural!

sugabum said...

I don't think I've ever seen Annabelle products before. The concept of the brush is cool, but I already have a favorite natural-looking mascara. And so many people rave about OPI that I can't believe I don't own any nail polish from them yet. I'm not the biggest nail polish person, I guess, because they always chip! And I have ugly nails. =( I like the Brand New Skates color.

Stephy said...

hey i just tried this today too! u know if u use the brush side first, THEN use the comb side it will look so much better!! u'll get both volume and length! :)

Ling said...

Are you wearing contacts in the first pic? Looks really nice. :D

I love your brows! I think they are arched really beautifully.. I'm trying to do something about my brows.. it looks fugly! >.<

cheryl said...

well your eyes have a nice shape to start with :-D i dun even bother using mascara, lol...

alien man?! said...

the tube reminds me of imju... does the product look that silvery on the wand or is it just the picture?

it def doesn't look like it'd do anything for my stubby lashes

i don't care too much about volume but length is where i'm severely lacking

thanks for the heads up

Unknown said...

You do have very tidy brows missus! I would love to see a tutorial *hint hint*.

I have never tried this brand but I am so loving Lancome Mascaras...have you ever tried any?

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