Friday, December 12, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates! I do have a lot of things to review and have been collecting relevant pictures for the reviews...however its a bit overwhelming to sort through them on weeknights when I barely have time to do anything besides make dinner. I will have some up this weekend though!

Anyways I just wanted to post little bit of info you may be interested in...

Trade Secrets has a Win a Shopping Spree contest to win giftcards from $600 to $100. Fill out the ballot and submit it instore before Dec 24th to be entered into the draw. Open to all residents of Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan and the US.

I don't know why they're not accepting ballots online, that would be much more convenient. But I'd love to even win a $100 card. Thats like 10 OPI / Essie nailpolishes!


Quick Q & A from the previous post

Is it just me or are those maybelline shadows more pigmented than the MAC pigments?

No its actually because its harder to get the pigment out of the vials compared with rolling on the Maybelline colours, thats why the pigments may seem less pigmented in my pics.

I always wondered what to do with those Reflects stuff, like are they glitter? But they seem more like a cross between eyeshadow and glitter? Do you apply it as an eyeshadow?

I wouldn't use it on its own because they aren't a pigmented shade of colour. They look more like random bits of reflecting glitter here and there. I'd use them over an eyeshadow look to make it look glittery. Also make sure the ones you have are eye-safe. I've heard people using the Reflects Blacked Red for nailpolish too.

Can i ask, does the roller ball distribute it evenly?

No. Its sucks with the darkest colour Skate Til Midnight, so for that I would just use a brush to apply. The other shades I got are lighter so it didn't matter. The unevenness wasn't noticeable for those shades so you can apply it directly. You will have to blend the edges with your finger at though.

P.S. Upcoming reviews include Calvin Klein Secret Obsession fragrance, L'oreal Beauty Tubes mascara, Lancome Oscillation mascara, Gel de la Mer, La Mer Fluide Tint, and 2 Bliss skincare products.


Angie said...

Ah thanks for clearing that up. THe Maybelline shadows look super pigmented and vivid.

I'm looking forward to your upcoming reviews!

Anonymous said...

waaah did you get the lancome through bzz? or did you buy it when it was released? cant wait to hear your take on it. seems like the results vary greatly. it even varies when i use it myself! lol

Anonymous said...

thanks for answering my questions! Hmmm using the reflects glitter in nail polish sounds pretty interesting, although I think people do that with pigments as well. I'm looking forward to your reviews!

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