Sunday, December 14, 2008

MAC Holiday sets 25% off

*Update* In reply to Jen - Nope you don't need a code! Just go to the store or fill up your cart online! Hurry though because I called a couple of locations and they were sold out of what I wanted :( Boo. I don't do online because I hate UPS and thats what MAC uses.

*Update 2* Rasilla - They do ship from within Canada so no duty, but with UPS still. The first and only time I ordered was last summer though so I don't know if they have changed carriers.

Maybe I missed this...I haven't visited the MAC website in a while but they're offering 25% off their Holiday sets!

That means the palettes, brush sets, lip bags, lipglass sets and pigment sets are all on sale. Excludes the colour collection. They also have free shipping at the moment to all US and Canadian addresses.

Now I wish I had waited to buy those pigment sets....Sigh. That also explains why the lipglass sets were all sold out at Eaton Centre's MAC store today.


Angie said...

Wow, MAC discounts? That's good!

It's freeeezing, well below freezing =(.

Thanks! They seem to be having fun in the snow haha.

Anonymous said...

is there a code we need to get the 25% off? thanks

Anonymous said...

wow good deal! Isn't that like CCO pricing now? Hmm too bad nothing really interests me from this collection, but if I were to pick something it would definitely be the eyeshadow palettes, it's a great deal for the price!

Anonymous said...

ACK they ship UPS??
But seeing as Mac products are originally from canada...would we still get hit with Duties??

Hm gonna go research just in case. Was gonna put in an order for the little darlings~

Anonymous said...

ahh gotcha. i don't get a lot of things from adidas orders come from UPS and they just dump it and go.
guess the agreement with mac is different though? signature is required.
anyway even with knowing, i can't still pull the trigger on the little darlings. im having trouble justifying the purchcase! lol

oh and the loreal mascara was advertised in the new walmarts flier. was a little excited seeing that there^^

AskMeWhats said...

WOW!! Lucky!!! I wish Local Mac here would have these types of promotion!

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