Monday, December 22, 2008

Review: Lancome Oscillation mascara

Lancome Oscillation mascara was an item that I received to review recently. This product has been out in the US for awhile but only just launched in Canada Dec 6th at The Bay locations, and Lancome Canada's website.

Product blurb:
The first vibrating powermascara by Lancôme.


This revolutionary mascara provides 7000 oscillations per minute for ultimate lash transformation. Press the button and experience a breakthrough sensation in application. In one easy new gesture, let the vibrating brush combined with an exquisitely smooth formula wrap every lash up to 360 degrees.

Lashes will instantly appear ultimately extended, exceptionally separated, and virtually multiplied in number.

Comes in a plain black tube, with the signature Lancome flower in gold on the cap.


Brush head - the bristles remind me of CoverGirl's Lash Exact mascara.


This is the button on the brush handle that you have to hold down for the wand to vibrate.


The vibrations are very gentle so there's no chance of you hurting your lashes or eyes with it :D Also it only vibrates as long as your finger is depressing the button, let go of it and it stops. I found it rather ticklish on my eyes actually :P

If you're interested, here's the application video of the Lancome model applying it. Also shows the brush vibrating (which isn't as scary as it sounds!)



On me, it gave my lashes length and some volume. The effect was slightly more dramatic than natural, but not the full out fake lashes look.


The results seem inconsistent though, as noted by Rasilla in her review. Somehow the first time I tried it (the pic above) everything worked great. But lately I've been having problems with clumps on the ends of my lashes :/

I think its because after a while I started actually following their instructions. According to the instructions, you don't have to wiggle the brush anymore. Just use short strokes since the vibrations are supposed to replace the wiggling motion.

I find that statement isn't true. Without wiggling the wand at the base, I still wind up with more product on the lash tips, resulting in clumps. The first time I used it and it worked, I was still wiggling the brush out of habit. So...don't follow the instructions. Just use it like you would any other mascara...

- Provides a good amount of length
- Provides moderate volume though nothing dramatic
- Brush is on the smaller side, making it easy to get corner lashes for small eyes
- Vibration does help dispense more product on lashes

- No waterproof version
- It flaked a bit for me after a long day
- Expensive at CAD$39 / US$34
- Vibrations don't completely replace the wiggling motion you normally have to do to dispense maximum product without clumpage.

Nice novelty product. Expensive for something that needs to be replaced frequently. Unfortunately I think it falls slightly short of its hype.

Edit: I added the instructions that came with product at a reader's request:



AskMeWhats said...

a non-waterproof version is definitely a NO NO for me especially where I am , a tropical country! :) Thanks for the review :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, when have gimmicks of this type lived up to their hypes?!
I've only ever bought one mascara from Lancôme, the Virtuôse Black Carat. Really liked it at first, but thought the tube dried up way too quickly (less than 3 months). The price was a bit too steep for that shelf life. :P

Angie said...

The results look pretty amazing on you! I wish it were waterproof though!

Unknown said...

You got it!!!! You are my new blog hero-I have been pondering about this but wanted someone to review it first and then like magic you did!!!

Thank you!!

purple snowflake said...

OMG I love all the things you bought in the last post......

Wish I was in USA or HK or JAPAN.. so much shopping can be done. HAHAHA just sit and wait for my wallet to BLEED...

Merry Christmas

fuzkittie said...

Very novel indeed! I've been wondering about this mascara~~ But I knew it wasn't gonna live up to its hype!

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the review! I just bought some Guerlain PhenomenEyes Mascara...think I'll stick with that.

Merry Christmas

Grayburn said...

I think this is a no-go for me. I liked the lash brush that rotated to remove clumps but this sounds like a waste of money.

Thanks for your review,

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

remember that last lancome mascara i bought?? LOL. I havent used it since... :/ weighs down my lashes too much >_< it's put me off lancome mascaras ever since >_< but nice review though!! it seems to have lengthened your lashes! and doesnt look too over dramatic.

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