Monday, January 19, 2009

Silk Naturals blushes

Anonymous wanted to know where I got my DHC oil from. My bf picked it up when he was in Japan last year, but you can also buy it from DHC USA, or There may be other stores carrying it in the US but these are the ones I know off hand because I know they ship to Canada :P

A while ago, I took advantage of the Christmas special at Silk Naturals which was a free sample of Crinoline Mineral Glow with purchase. Picked up a few blushes (the last thing I need, I know) but I wanted to try more of their color clone dupes.


I must say, I really like the free bags they include with your purchase. Wish Everyday Minerals would do that. Then again EM is cheaper... with more generous samples too...

Blush samples:




I haven't tried any of the original products with the exception of Crinoline so I can't say how close they are. Nevertheless the colours are super pretty! My favourites of the lot are Charming (dupe of MAC Pleasantry), and Babydoll (dupe of MAC Dollymix). I should go to the MAC counter and compare...

All of them are moderately pigmented so no fear of overapplying. Its been a while since I last ordered Silk Naturals' blushes, but Everyday Minerals still beats them in terms of pigmentation.

Lady is the only blush that is matte, all the others have very fine shimmer so they give a slight glow. These are more about pigment than glow though so its definitely not OTT.

Crinoline is a dupe for MAC Petticoat, so I was curious to see how close they had got to the original product :)

It looks very similar to the dark veining in the MSF:


When swatched, you can barely tell them apart. Crinoline may look a tad darker in this picture but I think its because my finger picked up more product than with Petticoat since its a loose powder.


I don't think you could tell them apart when applied, so if you wish to get the same effect as with Petticoat, try the Silk Naturals' dupe :)

I got 2 finishing powder samples as well, as I love their perfecting powder but figured I could use one with a yellow tone to balance out the pink tones in some of my foundations.


Blur is supposed to be their answer to the whole HD makeup trend going on - hence the name.

Tempt Tryst is supposed to be their solution for people who want a tinted powder but find Date Bait powder too pink and Love Lure too bronzy.

Haven't tried these two yet but I will report back!

If you haven't done so please vote in the feedback poll on the top right :) Thanks!


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i have 2 silk natural blushes, one of lovelace!! Ive neglected that for a while.. should start using that again!! that petticoat dupe is spot, i cant tell the different :O

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

difference* oops

fuzkittie said...

It is definitely a good dupe! :D Wow all these blushes, haha. You got more than I do!

Angie said...

Oh thanks! Dupes always fascinate me! I have a couple of Silk Natural blush samples. I love the Orgasm dupe.

Crinoline does look like Petticoat!

Grayburn said...

I'm looking for excuses to buy more things from SN and here it is :) Crimoline it is!

xo Grayburn

Yumeko said...

wow that petticoat dupe is very very cool!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but I can't see the pictures.

Anonymous said...

wow you must have so many mineral blushes! I remember your big EDM blush haul a while back :) All these colors look very pretty and wearable for everyday!

dendy said...

It's been a long time since I ordered any mineral makeup. Too busy for makeup these days but your post makes me miss those days. =)

Liking Crinoline and Babydoll... and maybe Lady as well.

Angie said...

Beautiful! I love how round you made your eyeballs with the contouring! The liner is so beautiful! I need to find some!!

I can see the blush!

Galactic looks clear in the photos but is it pink because of your natural lip color?

Hahha I think I'm gonna do that face calculation, just for curiosity's sake!

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