Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back with some swatches and a Guerlain makeover

Sorry I have been absent again! Thank you for all the kind comments on my contest entry, I really appreciate it :)

Firstly, I received a question from Iraz asking whether MAC pans could fit into ELF palettes - Yes they can, and vice versa. Other brands that make the same size eyeshadow pans are Annabelle, and Milani.

Here are some swatches that I promised to post from my Sephora haul:

Lorac Pink Python palette



The blue shade is very similar to MAC Parrot, so I swatched it above for comparison. In the pan they look quite similar too.


Benefit Creaseless Cream shadows/liners

Clockwise from left: Birthday Suit, Skinny Jeans, Bunny Hop (received this in a swap)


I swatched them with the Shiseido Hydro Powders just for comparison's sake.

L-R: Glistening Sand (Shiseido), Birthday Suit, Skinny Jeans, Bunny Hop, Bare Pink (Shiseido).


Bunny Hop looks quite similar to Bare Pink actually, though Bare Pink is a little more muted.


I've only used Birthday Suit so far and just once, so I can't really review the product fully but so far it doesn't seem quite as creaseless as the name suggests. Pros - The formula feels super creamy and soft. It takes a while to dry down which could be good I guess if you plan to blend it with other colours. However as a base it takes a while to dry which I think makes it crease without any primer underneath. Will test with UDPP to see if that improves the problem.

I went to the mall to check out the Guerlain summer collection, and got a makeover as well.





The makeup artist used the following: (Summer LE items in bold)

-Guerlain lid primer (sucks, the colours creased within a few hours :P)
-Summer Splash palette (all 4 colours)
-Bleu Cerise mascara on top and bottom lashes

-Divinora face primer
-Aqua-something foundation (lol I can't remember the name but it was pretty good)
-Some blush I can't remember
-Nacre des Mers Meteorites (Pressed) on top

-Kiss Kiss liplift to neutralize lipcolour (similar to MAC Lip Erase)
-Rose Sable stick gloss

I also got my hair cut - I guess you can't really see in the pictures as all the stylist did was take off some length (4-5 inches) and layered it a bit more. I was going to go short but she didn't think the look would suit my hair type (extremely flat) so I decided not to bother this time.

Here's what I got - the Lagon Bleu kohl and Le2 mascara in Bleu Cerise, both limited edition. I really wanted the summer palette, but they were already sold out of it in that location...


The blue kohl + my current Brun Dore kohl (permanent) which I still haven't really tested either...


Lagun Bleu kohl:


The Bleu Cerise mascara is pretty good! In fact, I wasn't even going to get the mascara but the makeup artist totally sold me on it when she used it, because it was the first coloured mascara that ever showed up on me. The two brushes are quite good at getting to every last there is, especially because of the small brush for the lower lashes. The formula also lengthens a lot, and provides some volume. This summer version is waterproof, but I haven't tested it yet on that aspect. The drawback though is a little bit of clumping after a few coats, and it takes some effort to remove due to its waterproof nature.

Main brush for top lashes

Mini brush for bottom lashes.

Swatches: Top to bottom: Bleu Cerise mascara, Lagun Bleu kohl, Brun Dore kohl


The kohl shows up as a baby blue but when I tried it today it looked a bit teal-ish on my skin - could be the yellow undertones + baby blue = teal?


Can't really see the kohl because it smudged off but you can see the mascara lengthens. The blue doesn't photograph well, but it definitely shows up better than many other coloured mascaras.

The eyeshadow palette looks very similar to the Lorac palette above actually, but the shades are sheerer and more subtle. Also the warm brown in the Lorac palette is replaced by a cool taupe-brown colour (see Temptalia's picture of the quad). I still want it though, so hopefully the SA can get a hold of one for me.

By the way, I've also updated my sale page with a few more items here.

P.S. Canadians, Shoppers Drug Mart has Essie on sale @ CDN$7.99 (usually $10+ I think), while GOSH products are 20% off, both offers until Friday


Sweater Baby said...

ooh I've always been intrigued by the Guerlain loose kohls, they are so expensive though.. :/

Oh to answer your question on my jewelry blog, I actually haven't thought of making earrings for non-pierced ears yet! lol I'm pretty sure there are clip-on components available at jewelry supply stores though. I'll look for them if you are interested :)

Audrie said...

oops that was me...sigh always using the wrong account.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I really like the makeover with this blue colour on your eyes! Very pretty!

I used to be a fan of blue mascaras too, but this kind of blue is quite unique!

AskMeWhats said...

The Benefit Creaseless Cream shadows/liners are interesting, I can't wait for your review

regarding your makeover, you look great! but you do makeup so good yourself :) so you don't need it :)

PB said...

Hey wanna show us how you use the loose kohl? I have one but I never use it anymore because its just so messy! Any tips would be appreciated ;) Oh and is Guerlain summer blue? I haven't seen pics - time to hit Google :)

Edna said...

I love Benefit's creaseless shadows! I use Birthday suit almost everyday and Skinny Jeans when I feel more bold with color :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

you look really pretty in blue!! remember bell bottom blue?! i have the piggie, but still untouched! haha.. well i gotta sue it sometimes. gurlain`s packaging is so pretty!

Rae // theNotice said...

Ooh! Love the haircut - ugh, I so need a trim x.x

Is it strange that I'm not loving the makeover? Personally, I think you do a better job of it yourself - not to say you don't look great in these photos, because you totally do!

And as usual, thanks for the wonderful reviews :)

izumi said...

nice haul! and i like the makeover they did on you :)

Jamilla Camel said...

I love the Guerlain!! Thanks for the swatches and FOTD!!

I'll also have to revisit the Benefit cream shadows...I used them a long time ago and really like them.

Cris said...

The double brush looks interesting ;D. & I'd love to try blue mascara :D...
But I can't afford anything besides Wishlist items XD. And I always have loads of those ;).

fuzkittie said...

She did a nice job on you! The blue is very pretty. But is that foundation a little dark on you?

I can tell you got a haircut, hehehe, very cute!!!

MiuMiu said...

the guerlain kohl applicator looks so cool, never seen anything like that before.
thanks for the swatches..they look so pretty in the pot..ahh..i love looking at untouched makeup XD

Janelle said...

Ooh pretty makeover! It looks fresh & spring-y.

Grayburn said...

Oooo, looks like a great mascara!

x Grayburn

ChyiX2 said...

You hair looks HAWT!

Btw, you're a winner of my contest. Please refer to my blog for details :)

alienman said...

Although you ever had short lashes to begin with, but I was marveling at how much longer your lashes looked than usual. Is it really just the mascara?? Wow.

suzie wuzie said...

i've got a couple of the benefit shadows. for me, i HAVE TO use primer or a paintpot underneath otherwise it will crease like crazy. but that's for any eyeshadow i use.

the colour is quite sheer and it takes a fair bit for me to build up colour. i would be interested in what brush you use and how you found it!

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