Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moto Jewelry + Chyi's contest surprise

I bought Izumi's chunky heart bracelet a while back during her Memorial weekend sale. Little did I know she was going to include lots of yummy goodies, plus a cute note :)


A look at the bracelet - blue + white beads + pink crystal rounds + heart shaped dangle. I love chunky bracelets, and particularly liked the hoop in the middle because its quite unique.



I adore the dangly heart, and of course it has to be blue!


Thank you Izumi for everything! I'm looking forward to seeing more creations from you :)

Also, I received a package from Chyi, who was sweet enough to award me with one of her prizes from her Spring contest :)


She included a sweet note on the back of the Denmark postcard and some chocolate as well :)

Closeup of the Daim chocolate bar - I haven't had one of these in ages so it was the first to go!

Gosh eyeshadow in Aqua


Gosh Lets Twist waterproof eyeliner in Grey Mink


Swatches of the eyeliner and shadow:


Two Labello lip balms (just in time, I literally just finished my last one) and Gosh nail colour in Purple Passion


Thank you Chyi! Will do a look with these products soon :D

P.S. Some people were asking me about my skin in the previous post, and to be absolutely honest its because of the H&M changeroom lighting, haha :D Seriously though, just go in there and take a look because those lights really make your skin look better than usual :P My skin lately has been quite red and sensitive, but even today when I went to H&M (yes again lol) it looked *much* better under their lights. LOL :D


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the H&M changeroom lighting. Makes my skin awesome looking as well. BUT u normally look like u have great skin! kk :)
Ah Gosh Nail Polish~ I wanted a holographic silver one from them...but didn't realize we don't have it in Toronto...maybe we do but I don't see it at the ones I go to :T
And its nice to see its still Labello over there! Miss that name, such a funny looking name, but love the 'bello' lol weird I know...

Gianie said...

Really pretty bracelet! And candy packages are always a good thing, haha!

Hm, I wonder if US H&Ms are like that too~ ;)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow there seems to be a blue theme going there, makeup and jewelry! they all look cool!

AskMeWhats said...

awww love the chunky bracelet and I am drooling at the chocolate, I may go down to 7-11 to buy some chocolates breaktime because of your post!!!!

izumi said...

the bracelet looks awesome on you!! :D i'm glad you like it.

pretty products from chyi :DD

izumi said...

oh! and i forgot to comment (d'oh, too fast with the "submit" button).. you should totally do a vid or FOTD pics at H&M.. hahah!

Sherry said...

great blog, love the items too :)

MiuMiu said...

congrats on the contest!
the daim bar looks like the skor(?)bars

Bijin Blair said...

Oooh, that's a gorgeous bracelet!!

Jamilla Camel said...

What a beautiful bracelet and kawaii goodies!

I hate bad lighting too!

Unknown said...

Labello is soooo good and I like DAIM bars too.

oooh what a pretty dark blue heart!

Unknown said...

Labello is soooo good and I like DAIM bars too.

oooh what a pretty dark blue heart!

Stephanie said...

Can i have some of that chocolate bar? LOL I'm craving it now! arghhhh haha

Thanks for the idea ~!!
But I'm so lazy, I just want to stick them in without putting a backing on it!

p.s. I love Moto Jewelry!!!

fuzkittie said...

What a pretty piece you picked up!! :]

Liz said...

The heart dangle really makes the charm bracelet special. Gosh has very good quality nail polish. Enjoy!

mayaari said...

very pretty bracelet! mmmm chocomolate :)

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