Sunday, June 28, 2009

An update

I am totally in love with these Parasuco jeans:

(click to view full size)

The studs are just perfect, I'm not usually even into studs but the design is just done so well!

(click to view full size)

Unfortunately I couldn't find this pair in the store, it was just the picture of the model that I saw in the store. The salesperson didn't seem to know much about it. First I asked her if they had this pair in the store and she said it was going to be in the Fall collection. However when I searched Parasuco's website, the image shows up on their S/S '09 collection lookbook, meaning it should be out now right? Maybe I'll call their other location to see if they have it.


Here's a sneak peek at some things I swapped for with Cris @ Diamond Enigma. I'll be reviewing the Korres lipsticks once I get the chance to try them out, and the Bourjois stuff too. She was super sweet and included two samples of her HK pigments which I had requested, and not only that also included Milani Luminous, a longtime lemming of mine. Thank you Cris! :D




MAC's new Euristocrats collection is out already in MAC stores (not counters). I picked up Costa Chic, a super bright frosty coral. My camera ran out of batteries though so I'll have to take pictures another time. Then again I'm sure most of you have already seen Temptalia's swatches :D

I've also pre-ordered the things I want from the upcoming Graphic Garden collection, apparently it is coming out July 9th @ The Bay in Canada. I chose the cool palette (Graphic Garden), because the colour payoff is much better than the warm one. The cool palette contains veluxe pearl and frost finishes mostly, while the warm palette has a couple of lustres (which have crappy payoff). Also ordered the Sweet Tease Look in a Box because it contains Shell Pearl Beauty Powder, a limited edition item repromote. I can't wait! July will make me broke as MAC Color Craft is coming out on 9th as well, and I already want 2 MSFs and 3 mineralized blushes that are coming out. Originally I had $30+ store credit that I was going to use, but I seem to have lost/misplaced it...:/


Unknown said...

omg those jeans are gorgeous

*~Tiko said...

I have my eye on the Sweet Tease set too! Would u mind telling me how to pre-order? Thanks!!!

Edna said...

Thats a nice swap. Did you get some HK beauty powders too? Lemme know how the Korres lipsticks are. I love their lipglosses!

Yumeko said...

i hope u find the jeans!!

and great swap!

izumi said...

aww, i hope you find your card! :(

lovely items though :D and those jeans look hawt! i also am not too much into studs but those jeans/pants are just awesome.

Liz said...

I spy with my little eyes... Bourjois Vintage Collection!!! I'm so jealous you got them, I can't find them anywhere here. :( You must let me know what you think! :D

Bijin Blair said...

The palettes from the Graphic Garden collection are gorgeous! I seriously wouldn't know which to choose! But since you said that the warm palette has a crappy payoff, I'm definitely leaning towards the cool one =D

Oooh, what are you getting from the Color Craft collection?

Unknown said...

YOU GOT THE BLUSHES!!!! You have wanted those forever!!! :)

fuzkittie said...

Nice swap!! Those jeans are cool indeed~ :D

Cris said...

Oh yay, my swap is up :D!
That Milani Luminous just happened to be in the right place at the right time :-P ^_^.
I don't even own any Korres make-up yet XD. Bought tons for various swaps but none for myself...Lol.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Nice swap!!

those jeans look great... of only i had skinny legs like that :P

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