Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nars Mud Mask

A long overdue review of this product:

According to Sephora this is what the Nars Mud Mask claims to do:

" Mud Mask deeply cleanses pores for clean, smooth, refreshed skin. Kaolin and sea silt remove dirt and purify, as algae and white lily extracts soothe the skin. "

From the description I was expecting it to absorb clogs right out of my pores but sadly that wasn't the case.

I've taken my time to use it til the jar is almost all done to see any long term effects on my skin. Unfortunately it hasn't done anything to purge clogged pores, however it does seem to help control the oily areas of my face. If I skip using it a week there is definitely a difference in my skin. However the same can be said of any clay mask - I need to use one at least once a week for my skin to be happy.

This mask smells strongly of alcohol, which I hate. I can't be sure of the alcohol content, but it doesn't dry my skin out, luckily. I just can't stand smelling it. I do like that the mask dries down a bit faster than other clay masks - probably because of the alcohol. Its also helpful that the mask is grey colour, because when I use toner after, I can see the traces of leftover mask on the cotton if there are any left.

The mask comes in a heavy glass jar (which I find annoying because it could be breakable). However if the picture from Sephora is accurate then they seem to have recently switched to a plastic jar similar to the Aqua Gel Hydrator.

This retails at US$45 / CA$51.43 for 3.4 oz (100mL) size jar. Canadians, don't buy this product from department stores as Nars skincare tend to be marked up more at counters than the Sephora website. I'm not sure why, but the price discrepancy is quite silly, it can be up to $30 difference sometimes.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this mask to anyone unless they wanted to splurge the $$. Otherwise just stick with a cheaper mask from the drugstore.

Price: 3/10, expensive
Performance: 6/10, slightly above average but nothing amazing
Packaging: 2/10, looks classy but impractical and unsanitary
Repurchase?: Nope!


Lolita Riot said...

wow I didn't know nars has a mudmask... thanks for the review! I think I'll stick to my lush mask of magnaminty :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

I hate products with strong alcohol smells too. Sorry this didn't work out. Thanks for the review.

Beauty Basics said...

Thanks for the review!

izumi said...

interesting! hadn't heard of this product before but thanks for the review xD

AskMeWhats said...

didn't know such product exist! thanks for sharing and its nice to know your reviews :)

Bijin Blair said...

Hi blu3!!

I know... it's so lengthy! Typing it out was a pain!!!

I think P&J may be slightly cheaper in Asia. The whitening serum costs US$ 45 in the US while it costs RM 145 (approximately US$ 41) here.

Thanks for the review, I love my clay masks =D

Anonymous said...

Oh didn't know this existed, thanks for the review! I guess it's just best to stick with drugstore ones for me for now =)

Angela said...

i am looking to try some Nars skincare products because I heard they are quite good, but this mud mask will be off my list then. I do like the packaging though.

If you are looking for a good mud mask, I recommend the Borghese mud mask. Even though it is a bit more expansive, it does amazing things. I did a review on it on my blog, you can go check it out

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