Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shiny pretty fings

I am so sorry for being MIA for so long! I had several posts lined up but then couldn't find to finish them after things got extremely busy at work. Seriously, I thought things couldn't get busier at work but they did. Not only that, but the bf and I have also been running around the past week looking at model homes and such. We were almost about to put an offer on a house but ended up not doing so...mostly due to the location. The problem with Toronto is that if you want a nice, medium sized home that is brand new there isn't really many locations to choose from, especially if you are on a budget. Since the location isn't going to work out and we are indeed on a budget I guess we're down to looking at other options such as condos / townhomes.

Anyway this is something I've been meaning to post for ages - a belated peek at my order from Worship at the House of Blues!

I was almost reluctant to open it because the wrapping & ribbon looked so pretty...but I had to see the contents :) Yasumi very kindly included some extras, a sample of Albion Exage powder (yay!) and a My Beauty Diary mask, it looks like a cherry blossom version (awesome because I haven't seen this version in Canada yet).


First up was the Pacifically Tenshas necklace, isn't it lovely? Feels so summery :D


What got me were the tensha beads and the Swarovski pacific opal rounds:


The other piece was a surprise which I was been super excited to see! I had been asking her about possibly doing a feminine, princessy bracelet, maybe with a Jill Stuart vibe and she concocted this piece for me sight unseen as a surprise:


Isn't it gorgeous? I love the colour combo of silver pearls + pink crystals + tiny, delicate pearls! Not only that, I can't get over how the design of the bracelet is so unique!



On my wrist:


Honestly what she came up with here was pure genius :D Thank you so much Yasumi, I love it! :D

Thanks for reading and please stay tuned...particularly the Canadians, because I do have a contest coming up in the next few days! :)


Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Great taste. Rock them this summer!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bracelet!
ahhh home buying.
friend was looking into buying a house with her BF too, but they ended up with a condo as well :T mainly cause her boy is on a small contracted job, hence not stable enough to actually jump into the house market, plus he could be relocated :T
but meh, her condo rocks, and condos are nice cause you don't need to deal with the lawn maintenance and such right XD

Shop N' Chomp said...

Very pretty jewelry! :)

izumi said...

OOOOOO yasumi's so talented!!! i loooooove it :)

. : * justine * : . said...

The bracelet is GORGEOUS and I want a necklace like that!! I also got my Worship at the House of Blues package a few days ago, I really need to post...

Jamilla Camel said...

I love Old Cow's creations! They look absolutely gorgeous on you!

She sends the best samples, too!

alienman said...

omg.. iwant

Stephanie said...

I loveee that bracelet! Yasumi is so brilliantly talented! <3

suzie wuzie said...

those are beautiful pieces!

justltee said...

That bracelet and necklace is so unique and pretty!

Babybubblz said...

Gorgeous bracelet!!! I love how the pearls interlace!

Can I ask where you see My Beauty Diary masks in Canada normally? Thanks!

Catherine said...

How gorgeous!!

fuzkittie said...

I loooove the bracelet!!! It's gorgeous!! :]

~Lisa said...

Awww,,,,so pretty! Btw, where in Canada have you seen the My Beauty Diary masks at? Particularly in downtown Toronto or somewhere near there and for how much? Thanks!

Also, please check out my blog at

Unknown said...

that braclet's beautiful! looks really good on your wrist

kamyara kay said...

woooow this is sooooo pretty <3
love kamy

mayaari said...

the necklace is gorgeous, but what a wonderful surprise with that dainty bracelet!

MiuMiu said...

yasumi's creations are gorgeous
the cherry blossom one is new, i just got a box of em in hong kong. i think it's for firming and whitening/brightening..i sent them back to canada so i can't check for certain.

Unknown said...



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