Sunday, September 13, 2009

Urban Decay Box of Potions

Here's my quick review of each product:

Pore Perfecting Face Primer

What its like: Has a slight silicone-y feel (probably does contain silicones). Texture isn't very fluid, more like a thicker lotion.

Results: Made my mineral makeup look cakey and uneven :/ Didn't make my pores look smaller or anything magical like that by itself. Meh, I'd rather use something like Smashbox Light Primer instead.

Brightening Face Primer

What its like: Smells like glue, looks like glue. Goes on (fortunately) not like glue - Feels like a cross between a lotion and a gel. This apparently is silicone-free.

Results: Didn't really moisturize my skin or prep it (Korres is better in the silicone free primer department). Doesn't make my makeup last longer, but most silicone free primers don't do that anyway.

Lip Primer

What its like: Goes on quite clear, doesn't mute natural lip colour. Texture is quite hard and dry, leaves a waxy feel on lips. Has an annoyingly sweet caramel-vanilla smell (like the Sephora birthday gift vanilla shower gel from last year)

Results: It seemed to help lipstick last a bit longer when I tried it but it won't help if you're eating or drinking. I guess its ok if you don't mind the texture and the scent.

Eyelash Primer

What its like: White coloured mascara base, supposedly with fibres. It isn't that fibery (can't really that many on the brush) so my eyes aren't irritated, unlike say *cough* Majolica Majorca "cough*

Results: Made my lashes flop! :( It may have made my lashes a bit thicker than with just mascara only, but because of the floppage factor Shiseido mascara base is much, much better. This also left a white residue that wasn't always easily covered up by mascara on top.

Eyeshadow Primer

The only gem in this kit. Since most people already know about it or have tried it, I'll be covering this a little differently in a separate post, by comparing with another eyeshadow primer.

Oh and I updated my blog sale! Please email me (don't comment) with questions or orders because I don't monitor comments there. Thanks! :)


Shop N' Chomp said...

I have been wondering about the brightening face primer. Thanks for the quick review! :)

Catherine said...

Oh hmm... how disappointing. Thanks for sharing.

Andee Layne said...

oh must try the face primer!!Great blog! Please checkout and follow my fashion and lifestyle blog as i will yours! xo

izumi said...

aww, sad that none of it worked except for the eyelash primer. can't wait to see your comparison!

AskMeWhats said...

awww that looks like a great set! :)

Bijin Blair said...

Eeep, all of them sound really bad except for the primer potion. Are you planning on returning it?

IchigoBunnie said...

thanks for the review!

shame though that nothing really works as well as the eyelid primer =/ guess its time for UD to redo some of that stuff.

Chiara said...

oh dangggg. So UD's box of potions was a complete fail except for Udpp itself. How sad!

Yumeko said...

i was totally eyeing this kit
thank u for the review!

Alex said...

Your blog has great reviews! (which is so useful to me)

I've followed you~


Gabriela said...

Oh, I`ve been waiting for a review of these products and now that I`ve read it I`m disappointed :(

gio said...

Thank you for the review, I'd been wondering about this kit. It's very disappointing.

tortilla chips said...

Ugh, I hate how Western makeup brands can be so gimmicky sometimes. Pot of potions my ass, sounds like a total waste of money :P Sorry, I've been cheated too many times! Glad you managed to return it, I would've been so mad if you couldn't!

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