Sunday, October 18, 2009


Sorry for neglecting the blog for a bit...I snuck away on vacation for a few days last week :) Did quite a bit of wallet damage due to the favourable exchange rate, so I really should put myself on a shopping ban for the rest of the year.

Here are some questions from my last post:

this colour looks very different from the tube, to your swatches to your lips. did your natural lip colour alter it ?

Since the colour is rather sheer yes the shade you get with just one layer will be different. But if you layer it a few times the colour you get will be more like the lip swatch picture. The picture of it in the tube is brighter than in real life due to my camera acting strange. (My camera seems to warp the colour of lipsticks in tube form and make them redder than they really are)

and its just the lipstick? no lipbalm or gloss?

Yep just lipstick :) I actually forgot to bring my lipbalm on vacation but didn't want to buy another lipbalm since I have about 6 lying around the place. So I just used this product for lipbalm and it worked beautifully. Just had to be more careful about application since this particular colour is quite bright.

At Alienman's request here are pictures of China Glaze Atlantis that I picked up from Sally's Beauty Supply with their get $3 off 2 glitter/chrome polishes:

To get this colour / glitter intensity was 2 coats, would be even better with 3. I also used Seche Vite top coat to cut down on drying time.


I don't know what it is with me and glitter polishes, but with me they don't last - Atlantis chipped on me after 2 days, same with my Canmake glitter polish.


Within a few days almost half the polish was gone on some fingers :/ Now it could just be me abusing my nails since I was travelling, so I'll give it another chance. Or maybe Seche Vite doesn't go well with glitter polish because it doesn't really give them a chance to dry?

Also Alienman requested pics of my new haircut. I got my hair cut about a week ago at Maya Hair Salon again. The stylist this time was pretty good. If anyone in Toronto feels like trying the place ask for Toshi. Cost me only $25 for wash, cut, and blow dry. Gotta love Koreatown for cheap haircuts :)


Similar to before, just styled nicer by him with more layers so it doesn't look as heavy.


To show the layers:


Yeah now I just need to learn how to blow dry my hair like that again. Bf commented my hair doesn't look as nice as when I first came back from the salon >.<


Paris B said...

I love your hair! :) I must agree that its always almost impossible for me to get my hair looking as fuss free and styled as when I first get back from the salon - sigh...

Anonymous said...

I'm totally in love with your new haircut! Everything is perfect. Also love your haircolor a lot! Oh, and what color is that dye? It's a brown that I'd definitely go for myself! <3

I hope I can have a similar haircut as soon as my hair has grown out long enough, hehe...

shexilicious said...

i love your hair!!! Where's Maya Hair Salon? I need a good haircut

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Gotta remember this reccomendation once I'm looking for an "upgrade" for my hair if I go to Toronto, lol

alien man?! said...

Your hair is so stylish! I love it!! And it only cost $25?! Luckeeeeeee!! You look like an Asian teen idol >.<

Atlantis looks so pretty. I would probably wear it with Hard As Nails instead of Seche Vite, though, because I like the rocky glittery texture. I'm surprised at how easily it chipped, though. Medallion did not come off for almost a week! I wonder if it's thanks to the Hard As Nails???

Thanks for heeding my requests! It's good to finally see a post from you <3

Beauty Basics said...

very nice haircut! It suits you!

izumi said...

i loveeee your hair!! and i'm loving atlantis :) i really want to get it now, hahaa. yes, even WITH nail junkie already..

Unknown said...

your haircut is fantastico!!!

Jamilla Camel said...

I LOVE your new hair cut!! Very sexy and chic!

The nails are great, too!

Unknown said...

nice haircut! ^.^
I have the same problem! I can't blow dry as good as the stylist! =.= sucks

~Lisa said...

Oh, hope you had fun on your trip!! Show us the damage! LOL, I agree, when the exchange rate is good, I get a little nuts ^^

The nail polish looks so nice but it's a shame they chip so easily! I hate the look of chipped nails. >.<

Great haircut too. I'll definitely check out that hair salon. It's just minutes from my school!

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Daituf said...

I love love LOVE your hair!!!
I have got to go to Korean town!
Thanks for the recommendations!

ChyiX2 said...

You hair looks awesome! If I'm ever near Toronto, I'll ask you where to find this salon ^^

Mona said...

omg! how glittery!

your hair looks fantastic. i'm really loving the bangs!!

Montpellier Beauty Princess said...

I love the colour of the nail polish, shame though that it doesn't last.

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP I freakin LOVE your hair! I've been trying to find some sort of good hair cutter for AGES! My hair is sooo long now and weighs down so no volume =\. Totally going to check that place out! Is walk-ins welcomed or appointment only?

Thanks for posting this! Your hair looks absolutely stunning!!

sugabum said...

My really chunky glitter polishes from The Face Shop chip really quickly, too. They'll just start peeling off in one piece. I thought it was just me!

Dude, how is the flat iron? Does it burn your hair? I heard it doesn't have heat settings. And I'm interested in it's curling powers if you've tested it! I'm thinking if I should order it since the F&F sale started!

And the hairstylist styled your hair super nice!

Rae // theNotice said...

Love the cut!! Pretty ^^ I've been bopping around from stylist to stylist recently, and can't seem to find anyone I like -- maybe I should check out some of the Asian hairdressers in my city!

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