Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spicy salmon roll

I've changed my blog contact email, as some of my emails were going missing and I had no idea til I was told later...I'm guessing it might be the spelling "watercolour" that may be causing issues...not sure. But just to be safe, I've changed it to something completely different: spicysalmonroll [at] gmail [dot] com.

Also here's an update on my blogsale - if you buy anything between now and Oct 10 (a week from now) you get 20% off your order!

Here's a couple of questions from my previous post:

Chi asked if the Korres Guava lipsticks were hydrating - no actually they are a bit on the dry side, so you definitely need to have lip balm on underneath.

Alienman asked if I have any lip exfoliators I'd recommend - I usually just use a bit of my face exfoliator (Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Refiner / aspirin honey mask) if needed. I'm sure a bit of homemade sugar scrub + honey would work just as well too :)

The past few weeks have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride for I guess I haven't really felt like blogging or even putting on a full face of makeup. But anyway I'm going on vacation mid-Oct (less than 2 weeks yay :)) so hopefully things will be better once I get a chance to unwind a bit. I do apologize for my absence and thank all those who still check for new posts!

In any case here's a makeover I got at MAC a while back...using products from the Makeup Art Cosmetics collection and Starflash:


I think the cheeks are overdone in my opinion, I blame the Cheek and Cheerful mineralize blush she used on me. At first she only used The Perfect Cheek, which was fine, and then asked me if I wanted her to use a highlighter. Should've said no to that.

In any case the base makeup was done well. Lipcolour was Shy Girl cremesheen lipstick.


The eyeshadow blending was pretty good. I had asked her for a smokey eye but emphasized that I didn't want heavy liner all around:


I think the eyeshadow colours she used here were Vex to highlight and on inner corner, Smoke and Diamonds on outer 2/3 of eyelid, and some Carbon in the crease to darken.

Brun was used to fill in the eyebrows, Blacktrack fluidline to line. I loved that she asked me if I usually curled my lashes, and because I said yes she curled them. In all the makeovers I've ever done the makeup artists NEVER use a lash curler, probably because its hard to use it on someone else (or maybe to save time). Major points for her for doing that :)

Next up - a quick review of the Korres Mango lipstick

Remember, 20% off anything you buy from my blogsale between now and Oct 10 (a week from now) :)


Catherine said...

Lovely makeover! I think the cheeks are quite cute actually (but I agree, a bit overdone for everyday).

Hope everything cools down soon. <3

Unknown said...

The cheeks are really weird...maybe another color would have been better...or it's indeed the highlighter >.<

Go and have a good time! Relax and come back refreshed and free of problems! ^.^

mayaari said...

ooh I emailed you!

your new email reminds me of a Friends episode where Ross has unagi and Rachel teases him by saying "salmon skin roll" :)

the eye makeup is nice - not overly smoky and soft blending, much like the looks you usually do on your own :)

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Don't we love makeovers (when they turn out right)? lol. I like the eye makeup they did

AskMeWhats said...

So true your title reminded me of FRIENDS too :) Love the eye makeup, never looks dirty..just right :) love your FOTD skin looks so fresh

Anonymous said...

I dunno, maybe cause I'm a cheek person, I think for an evening out it might have been okay XD
But for a day look, a tad too powerful, but in general I think she did a great job!

I had a mini makeover thing done at clinique once...and I swear she almost took out all my lashes! So if they want to curl, I ask to do them on my own...I like to keep the few lashes that I actually have :P

ps your new gmail name...yeah...I WANT SUSHI! lol. There is this place in North York, on Yonge and Church?? I forgot the actual place, but its called Sushi Bong. Unfortunately not actually owned by Japanese people, but they do a decent job, for a decent price~ But thats what I am craving now cause of the new email XD

Liz said...

Wow, I really like this eye makeup on you. Quite different from the way you usually do it. Do you think you'll be recreating this look?

izumi said...

i think it's actually quite a good makeover, especially for a night out :D

hope things work out soon.. hate being stressed!! oh and thanks for the birthday wish <33

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hee your new "spicy salmon roll" email name. Makes me wanna head out for sushi. :) Love your FOTD!

Unknown said...

i think that this makeup is really beautiful, in my opinion your cheeks are pretty with the highlighter, a lot of actresses do that on their cheeks, but it depends for what it is, if it is to go to a night club it's perfect, but for school i think your cheeks are overdone too^^
although that i really love this makeup^^

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