Monday, November 30, 2009

2009 IMATS haul!

Make Up For Ever:

Got these for 40% off - a matte blue eyeshadow and the HD primer. I had also wanted the 92 matte purple eyeshadow but they were sold out already at 10am in the morning! :(


Oh and I had listed the items I wanted in writing, and specified "green HD primer". But somehow, I was given the purple primer, and only discovered it when I got home :( Moral of the story: check your purchases before you leave. I want to write to the company to complain but I can't seem to find a customer service email or contact page on their website. Maybe I should complain to their twitter account?

I got me some OCC Lip Tars, CDN$10 each:


Conquest, Hush, Grandma, Pageant


Crown Brushes:


-Italian badger blending brush
-Lash fan brush
-Double ended spoolie and angled brow/liner brush
-Double ended eyeshadow / crease brush
-Bent liner brush (1 extra for a friend)
-Plastic spatulas for my creams/masks that come in tubs

Brush belt


I debated long and hard before buying their palette (as Rasilla and Babybubblz will remember :D). I think what swayed me was the fact that this particular palette was sold online for $136 but at the show it was only $89.

Anyway I had actually wanted the Pearl Paints palette, but they were sold out (and this was only around 12-1pm on the first day!). However they told me it would cost almost the same ($1 more) to buy the palette and individual shadows separately, so thats what I did! Even better I got to take out a few colours that I didn't like as much and replace them with others. I'll also get to arrange it anyway I want from the start :)


My cute little palette waiting to be filled:

Auraline palette, $5


Got this mainly for the MUFE eyeshadow, since they are larger than MAC eyeshadows. The palette is magnetized and holds 5 MAC eyeshadow size pans and 3 MUFE size pans.

A view of the total haul:


I also got two China Glaze glitter polishes because Halifax kindly looked for them for me at her local Sally's! I couldn't find these colours so was very excited when she got them for me. Thank you so much! :D

Fortune Teller on the left - black with orange glitter
Cleopatra on the right - rich warm gold glitter


See anything you want reviewed first? Feel free to let me know :)


Anonymous said...

have you arrange the yaby in the way you like yet? oh yaby. how i regret putting you to the side...totally should have got a few to try out, at the very least :( ah well...ill hope for next year XD

vanilla said...

wow what a haul !hehe
yeah u shud complain !
thats the new OCC lip tar packaging,it contains less than the old packaging !hehe

Babybubblz said...

I should've made you pull your MUFE haul out to see so that you'd notice during the day ><

Super excited about your Yaby palette!!!! It's gorgeous =)

Have fun with the lip tars!

Anonymous said...

Ah~ great haul. Damn 40% is nice!

Catherine said...

WOW what a haul!! Sorry about the mixup on the MUFE primer... that must be frustrating. =/ And oooooh, please let us know how the Crown IB blending brush is! I actually don't have one that shape and I've been looking for one - plus I'd like a full size for applying my concealer too! (I have the mini EcoTools one from the mineral set but it's a little too flimsy for blending eyeshadow and though it's perfect for undereye concealer, it's getting a little rough from my everyday washing...) Gorgeous nail polishes and palette too! Can't wait to see reviews, swatches and EOTDs with everything!

mimi said...

OOOhhHHHHhhh great haul!!! i'm loving everything especially the brushes!!!!

can you do a swatch on those nail polish??? they look DIVINE!!!

Swtest2Lips said...

Aww, sorry bout the purple primer. I have the clear one and I was gonna purchase the purple or pink one soon. Great haul and thanks for posting it up.

Eva said...

great stuff! you should do some NOTDs with the polishes

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

I was occupied by Auraline to make any purchase at Yaby. Would love to see how you arranged all the colours in the palette :-)

Hope the polishes have better pay off for ya

Unknown said...

Definitely the HD primer! Start with that! Will you be able to change it to green?
The blue MUFE shadow looks interesting! Such a strong color! ^^

And then the Yabi palette! That's a new brand for me, but from these pics I like it already XD

Rae // theNotice said...

!! Nice haul! It sucks that they gave you the wrong MUFE :( I hope you somehow manage to get them to exchange it or something!

Can't wait for the Yaby and OCC reviews ^^

Jamilla Camel said...

What an impressive haul!! I'm just worried about what I'm going to do to my credit card at IMATS in London!

Arianne said...

OMG that Yaby Palette. Colour overload! I wouldn't know where to start. :)

. : * justine * : . said...

I can't wait to see what you think of the Pearl Paints palette, and I am SO jealous at the price!! I will make it to IMATS some day for sure. That sucks about the primer being the wrong colour though, I would definitely e-mail their customer service.

Tine said...

Great haul! :)

mayaari said...

what a haul! that's a shame about the MUFE primer though - there's got to be some kind of CS contact somewhere...the nail polishes look gorgeous!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Oh my gosh the prices are so unbelievable! Yep, maybe try their Twitter. I love your CG polishes. How nice of Halifax!

P.S Thank you for your sweet comment! I hope you get your own place sooon. :)

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Sugar Bunnie said...

love the brushes and palettes

May said...

great haul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Connie De Alwis said...

that's some haul you got there! excellent! :D

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