Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quick reviews of some BB creams

A long time ago I received some BB cream samples from the lovely Mayaari to try. Tons of bloggers have already reviewed these in detail though but I thought I would weigh in with a quick comparison-review between the 3.


In the pot - BB creams always seem to have a pinkish yet grayish tone to them.


Dr Jart Black Label BB cream
Skinfood Aloe BB cream
L'egere BB cream



Blended out:


I find they are all a bit too pinkish for my NC20-25 skintone, most likely because my skin has very strong yellow undertones. Once applied on the face they are sheered out somewhat but still the pink is a bit noticeable for me.

Dr Jart's coverage was fine but it felt rather heavy on my skin. I wouldn't want to be wearing this daily as I'd be afraid it would break me out.

Skinfood was my favourite, the texture was great and applied smoothly on my skin. The coverage was good too, it covered up the ruddiness of my cheeks and hid my pores quite nicely. It didn't feel as heavy as Dr Jart too. The only issue was that the colour made my face look a bit pinker than my neck.

L'egere was my least favourite of the bunch. it was the hardest to spread, and it didn't seem to cover as well as Skinfood did. The product also made my skin look a bit dry, emphasizing my laugh lines.

I know BB creams are marketed as skincare + makeup, but I feel they are primarily makeup since its not something I could use to replace my moisturizer. These still require some hydration underneath, and heaven forbid if I wear them to bed. I'd probably be all broken out due to the high silicone content.

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Unknown said...

You are right!! There is no way I would whack on my bbc without moisturiser. And for some super coverage bbc...i feel I need base.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reviews! I love BB creams and have been wondering if the Dr Jart and Le'gere bb creams are any good =P I'll give the skinfood one a try sometime too.

~Lisa said...

I've never tried BB Cream. But I'm hearing so many mixed reviews that I'm confused out of mind as to which one to get =[

I agree, if I had a BB cream, it would definitely not replace my moisturizer. I think of it as a version of TM.

mayaari said...

i don't think i could ever keep the bb cream on at night - skincare item or not, i want my face to feel clean when i go to bed! the lighter skinfood bb cream might work better for your shade - the #2 is the darker version, and i actually like the mushroom bb cream more than the aloe that wuz sent me a while back.

Gabriela said...

Thanks for the reviews. I would ask for a sample of Skinfood.

beautyparler said...

The one & only BB cream I've tried is Missha (after researching alot online) & happy with it. Actually extremely happy! I'm in MAC NC30 & the shade I have matches perfectly (although it looks greyish/yellow blends wonderfully). Check out my review here
Let me know what you think:)

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