Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winner Announcement!

Sorry it took so long, but I finally sorted through the entries and made a list. The winner of last week's giveaway is:


Thanks to all for entering, and for sharing your beauty obsessions! I found it fun to read through all of them :)

If anyone's curious, I did the draw differently this time. I made a list of all 131 entries, and plugged it into the List Randomizer. You can see below the top 20 out of the 131 entries. In the event the winner does not contact me within 48 hours, the prize would go to the next person on the list.


(the '2' or '3' denotes their second or third entry)

As promised there will be 2 more giveaways for the month of November to be announced this week, so stay tuned :)

P.S. I've also updated my blog sale with a few new items!


~Lisa said...

Congratz to the winner! I didn't know you can do that with random.org! ^.^

Chomfifi said...

oh wow im number 2! but congrats!

Shaimaa said...

Hi ,
did i really win ?
heheheh or there is another shaimaa
i never thought i could win but its seem that its happened
thanks dear

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