Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sapphire eyes

A while back, I received the Maybelline Eyestudio range to review. They have a bunch of quads in the lineup, and one of the first I tried was the Sapphire Siren quad.


The colours are quite pigmented, and pearlized with shimmers.

The white and black shade have tiny glitter in them but it does not create any messy fallout, much to my surprise. The green and blue colours have a frost finish and blend well.

Here is my look using the quad!





(These pics are before my haircut by the way hence the longer hair)

Although the colours are pigmented, I found that they kind of blend too well into each other and just look like a turquoise blue on my skin. Next time I'll try using a pale base underneath to see if the colour comes out more.

Also used in the look was the Etude House Happy Peach stamp blush. Surprisingly, when I applied the colour with a brush (as opposed to finger swatching) the colour shows up well. In real life it shows up as a natural peachy-pink flush. Don't ask me why the colour looks a bit reddish here...Can't remember what lip gloss I used. Possibly Annabelle's Cherryoke gloss :)

Anyway, so have any of you tried the Eye Studio quads? Opinions?


fuzkittie said...

That shade of blue is gorgeous~~~ Definitely suits your complexion well.

Swtest2Lips said...

Your eyes are so mesmerizing! Loves it! Yeah, its so weird that makeup sometimes shows up better with brushes than fingers and vice versa.

Jess said...

Oh, I love the shades in this palette a lot! I would definitely get it, if this was available here in Austria.

I love how you applied and blended the colors! Super pretty as always! <3

kawaiikao said...

you rock blues so well!

Lavender said...

Great blending. Simply gorgeous!

Arianne said...

You look stunning in turquoise/blues! :) I think this is my fave colour on you, definitely.

Cinnabunnie said...

the blu looks great on u! (haha did u catch the pun?) but these shadows seem like they have such nice quality. hmmm maybe ill try one out when they go on sale ;D

izumi said...

i think the quads are very pretty :) and i love how you used them, i don't think i've used an entire quad for one look, but maybe i'll give it a go now!

mayaari said...

the blues look very pretty on you! I think I have 3 quads, Copper Chic and 2 that were gifts...a purple one and a pink/grey set from the asian version that I haven't really played with since I'm always wearing neutrals for work =T

Unknown said...

You look so beautiful! :) The colors look GREAT on you!

Sagar said...

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