Monday, May 17, 2010

Super-natural with Annabelle

At first glance, you might think this to be a regular squeeze tube gloss.


However, it actually comes with a doe's foot applicator! A combination you don't see every day.


The colour I tested was Supernatural, a gorgeous caramel toned gloss with a scattering of silver shimmer.


Keep in mind the product will look different on differing lip colours. My lips are naturally pigmented so the colour just slightly softens their colour while adding gloss and subtle shimmer:


Unlike MAC glosses which are a fright to deal with in windy weather, the Star Gloss formula is only very slightly sticky. It doesn't quite have as much of a plumping effect as the Volume Lip glosses, but the shine on these is so flattering you might not need the plumping effect anyway. The only beef I have with the product is the doe's foot applicator (I do prefer squeeze tubes).

Overall, I find these would be best suited as a gloss for work, since the colour is quite natural yet flattering. What do you think?


Unknown said...

Is there such a thing as a non sticky gloss?? I think not dear blu, our search shall go on forever at this rate.

Anonymous said...

looks pretty on you!

Anonymous said...

I have flashdance, and then two backups of it XD I really like the shimmer in it. its not too in your face :)

Eva said...

eep. it looks pretty.
i always stayed away from brown lipgloss because i thought it would actually make my lips look brown! Ahaha. But I guess not! :)

superwoolu said...

totally surprising! i thought it was a regular squeeze tube gloss too!

izumi said...

interesting! i used to have a squeeze sort of lipgloss, it sort of annoyed me that i had to clean the top off everytime i used it. it's a pretty color though! i dn't think i would reach for caramel colors immediately but, hey, i should give them a chance :D

Rhania E. said...

super kawaii!!!

where did you bought these?

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