Monday, June 21, 2010

Annabelle Glitterama Liquid Eyeliner

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the turquoise nails :) Should I do a tutorial? There are many tutorials out there already though...hmm

Anyway, I've been toying around with the Annabelle Glitterama Liner in Blue Comet lately:


The applicator is a fine tipped brush, easy to control.


Blue Comet consists of mostly blue sparkles with some multicoloured bits in a clear base.


It adds a really nice zing to finish off subtle looks or night looks. I do find the glitter a bit sparse compared with the Too Faced glitter liner:


However, it just means a bit more patience and a few more layers of this product to get the same intensity.

For this look, I used Vincent Longo eye souffle in Babelon as a base for the outer 1/2, before using the colours in the Lavshuca Eye Select Quad BU-1. Lined the lashline with a black pencil liner, before going over it with a coat of Annabelle Blue Comet glitter liner.




What's your take on glitter liners? Love, hate, or indifference?
Personally I think they're an easy way to play up ordinary black liner, or to add sparkle to an otherwise boring look.

P.S. Maybe I should've done a Lights-inspired look. Blue Comet really reminds me of her music video for Saviour:

Added June 22:
See glitter is glamourous...listen to him @3:45 :D

(If you watched the whole vid, do you agree with him not smiling as a guide to applying blush? I personally don't do it...smiling doesn't help one bit, just confuses things for me)


GARNET said...

that blue looks so pretty on you.I cant wear any kind of blue,it makes me look washoff.But it's very pretty on you,sis.Have a nice day.

AskMeWhats said...

the glitter liner looks great on you, I, on the other hand, am not a fan of these! :) they don't do anything on my boring eyes! :D

Chelsea White said...

This looks gorgeous!!!

natalie647 said...

Are these contact safe? My eyes are easily irritated, but I like the look.

Anonymous said...

love glitter liners. they give things a little extra punch to the look~ i still use my eyeko one...tho...i should have stopped using it last year... (shhh :P)
anyway i like the look :)

izumi said...

haha i don't tend to smile either.. mostly because i know where i need to apply, but i guess for other people it's a simple guide for newbies.

love the look! very blue but a bit glamorous because of the glitter :)

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