Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tightlining with Kanebo Kate Frame Impact Marker

I first spotted this liner on Lotus Palace, and it caught my attention because I like the effect tightlining gives, but always skip it since I find it time consuming.


The liner has 3 felt tip 'prongs' which makes it easy to wiggle between your lashes to deposit colour. And in case you're worried, the tips are not harsh at all - they are basically similar to the usual felt tip liners you get from Revlon, L'oreal, etc.


The liner makes it easier in my opinion to tightline than a regular liquid or pencil liner. Compared with using a brush and gel liner, they are about the same level of difficulty. However using this liner cuts out the step of having to clean your brush afterwards, meaning its travel friendly as well!


(no mascara, just curled lashes)



The Kate liner isn't waterproof, but is sweat and smudgeproof once dry - no raccoon eyes! I find that the effect is subtle, but great for natural, no makeup look. My lashes are also not that thick so it helps give the illusion of thicker lashes even if my mascara isn't cutting it.

Do you tightline at all? What's your preferred method of doing it?


Unknown said...

Really interesting for an eyeliner eh? :D Looks really good though! I like the 3 prongs concept :)

Georgina said...

it really looks natural! very nice. i prefer liquid liners, because its more manageable for me hehe ;)

izumi said...

oooo the brush tip prong thing looks interesting :) definitely makes your lashline look thicker! i don't tend to line my upper waterline either because it's a pain and i haven't really found my perfect smudge-proof/etc liner to do it with. but i mightt have to try this, assuming i remember to purchase this later xD

Unknown said...

I love it!! I think I would much prefer to tightline over eyeliner. It is a lot more natural looking too. I bought a eyeliner from ELSIA while I was in Japan and it works great. You should give it a try!

mimi said...

i totally don't know how to tightline! i hope you can do a tutorial sometime?

Connie De Alwis said...

that's a funny looking thingy! hehe. How does it perform to create a regular line?

AskMeWhats said...

I've tried KATE liquid liners and I think I bought this exact liner when I was in HK and gifted it to a friend! :) Thanks for sharing your experience with this brand

Emily said...


i always wanted to try the makeup products from Kanebo

well i think it does make a slight difference

thanks for sharing!

love your blog always

PinkMonkey: ~Emily

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