Saturday, July 17, 2010

On The Scene

I did a In the Groove look last weekend, using MAC's On The Scene facechart as inspiration but using Stereo Rose instead of Petticoat MSF.


My take:






Lips with Jazzed lipstick: Note that my natural lip colour does make it look pinker than it is


I used:


Stereo Rose leaves a gorgeous glow, as long as you apply sparingly with a duo fibre brush.



I can see why it may be a bit orange on some but I think it is still wearable if you apply just a touch of it. I just used my MAC 131 flat duo fibre brush to swipe the MSF surface lightly and tapped it on my cheekbones. After that you can blend it out further with a clean brush if you find it too strong for your liking.


Unknown said...

So pretty! Stereo Rose looks great on you :D Gives you that nice glow on your skin :)

Anonymous said...

awww you loved us so much that you DID do scheduled posting before you left XD unless this is done on your work trip :O then you are hard core~!

Silkybow said...

wow that's nice.
I like your eyes :)

~Lisa said...

Great take at it!! I like it and it's very similar to the chart!

Jazzed lipstick looks so good on you! ^^

Anonymous said...

Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.............................................................

Nunu said...

I was one of those that Stereo Rose turned orange on >__>
but thankfully that meant I could give the craziness a skip!
Looks good on you tho!:)

kay eh tea ei. said...

wow, how much would i love your perfect skin?
the stone rose looks great on you, especially when it catches the light. the lipstick is gorgeous too. i want.

Lavender said...

I love this look. So pastel and wearable. I like the blue at the corner, makes the eye shadow stands out.

izumi said...

love it!! what a unique place to put a pop of color! <3

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