Saturday, July 3, 2010

What were your first makeup items?

I started late with wearing makeup. My parents never allowed me to buy or use makeup, with the exception of a lipstick for a piano recital when I was around 8 or 9. Even during university, I felt quite lost anywhere near a makeup counter or Sephora. In fact I hated the strong perfume smell whenever I passed by Sephora, and was quite unimpressed with the confusing array of products available.

However when I started job hunting I realised I would soon have to start learning how to wear makeup. Back then, there weren't any beauty blogs around, but there was Makeupalley, so it was from those reviews, and magazines that I ended up starting with these products:


100 yen store eyelash curler
I had to buy this secretly because my mom would have asked me what it was, and then why I was wasting my money on unnecessary stuff (She only wore blush and lipstick her entire life, and only to work). I still have it but never really use it since I preferred my ELF curlers. I got this when I was visiting my parents in Japan, and I do remember secretly trying a gloss and eyeshadow from the 100 yen store as well. Too bad I threw them out long no pictures.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer
Discontinued now. I read probably a million reviews on concealer before settling on this one. It was fine in terms of consistency (not much caking) but did not fully cover my dark circles. I've since found that most drugstore concealers just cannot do as good of a job as the high end brands. This went bad a couple of years ago so I got rid of it.

Rimmel Exaggerate liner in a forest green colour
I picked this up because many articles I read said green would make brown eyes pop :) It was really nice soft pencil liner, but to my dismay migrated to my lower lashline immediately. Not impressed. I've tossed this since.

Rimmel Kajal liner in a brown colour
Basic liner. Also smudged easily but a little less noticeable than the Exaggerate liner. I think this has also been discontinued. Have tossed this since as well.

Maybelline Expertwear Quad in Seashore Frosts
This quad is still sold in stores, but in a reformulated version. Mine was the old version with poorer colour payoff. Back then I had no idea how to wear all 4 colours at once, so I would only wear 2 at a time. But I figured at least I was getting my money's worth by having 4 colours in one. I don't use it anymore but still keep it in my stash for old time's sake :P

Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer in Sun Glow
I don't think I read reviews on this one. I just bought it because the idea of mousse sounded cool, and at the time bronzer was just gaining popularity. This actually contains more shimmer than colour, which makes it more of a summer highlighting product. I still use this once in a while - have scraped off the top layer a few times to ensure it is still sanitary. By the way, if you're wondering why this is the 3rd Maybelline product here, its because I had a bit of a soft spot for Maybelline as they were one of the few brands my mom ever used.

The Body Shop Cranberry Lip Balm

Although this was a lip balm, it contained a moderate amount of shimmer, which gave a moisturized, 'my lips but better' look. I loved the smell too. Must repurchase this winter - I think its only sold during the Christmas season.

So tell me, what were your first makeup products? Do you repurchased them still?


Eva said...

My first make up products were:
A maybelline expertwear quad in Time For Wine
A black pencil eyeliner.. not sure what brand
Beauty Rush Lipgloss from Victoria's Secret (not sure what shade)
And that was pretty much it :/

Unknown said...

My very first makeup item was a Covergirl compact. It had a creamy foundation inside it and i loved it so much :p It's the blue compact that's kind of long-ish. I still see it in stores sometimes :p I also had a Max Factor foundation stick which i LOVED as well, but have not repurchased since. Maybe now I will repurchase it online since they don't sell MF in the US anymore. Your post brought back some fun memories of makeup :D

Your story is heartwarming too. I have a soft spot for Maybelline as well. They are the trusty old brand that every woman knows :)

Beauty Basics said...

I started late to experience makeup products as well. My first make up items are clear mascara and tinted lip balm as I can wear to school (schools in H.K were not allowed to wear makeup) without knowing.

FB @ said...

I want to say Bonne Bell was my first set of "makeup" whatevers.. :P :P

Sad but true.

I think I had an eyeliner by Bonne Bell in silver, some CoverGirl mascara and concealer from Rimmel

I started late too.. around the age of 18...

But never really wore any REAL makeup until perhaps I was in my 20s and going to work

Chelsea White said...

my first item were covergirl mascara in black, i loooved it made my already large eyelashes even bigger!! I also had a compact powder from them, i was one that was not blessed with amazing skin haha.
lots of love!!

Lavender said...

I bought my first lipstick when I was 10 or 11 yrs old. In Malaysia, we are not allowed to put on makeup to school. So I use the lipstick at home, just playing around with it.

Thanks for your interesting post.
Takes me down the memory lan.

izumi said...

what a fun post to read :D i don't really remember the first products i bought unfortunately. it wasn't THAT long ago..

mayaari said...

my first makeup products were Tinkerbell cosmetics...just for little girls, lol. I remember owning a powder and peel off nail polish, but I'm sure I had some kind of lip product as well. I think my first "real" makeup purchase was some time in high school - my mom let me buy some makeup from the Clinique counter after she bought the skincare system for me....loose powder, a taupe eyeshadow duo, and an almost lipstick :) If I could still buy Tinkerbell makeup, I totally would!

Anonymous said...

I think my first makeup item was either a lipstick or eyeshadow hehe. I got into it very early on haha. I was considered the "airhead" out of the lot -_-;;

suzie wuzie said...

My first makeup item was some plummy rose eyeshadow duo (to match my ball dress) and a covergirl liquid foundation that I realise didn't match! I didn't buy those til I was 17 and then started getting into makeup at about 19-20.

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