Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cargo Classic Lip Gloss - Dusseldorf

At the Toronto blogger meetup a few weeks ago, Farah and Cargo Cosmetics kindly organized a little something for each of us. I got the chance to try Cargo's lipgloss in Dusseldorf:


The applicator doesn't pick up very much product, which I find a tad annoying because I have to double dip to get enough gloss out.


Dusseldorf is a sheer berry with micro shimmer.


It is more of a MLBB colour if you have pigmented lips like me. For others it would most likely be a sheer gloss perfect for transitioning from summer to fall.


The texture is lightweight, and not too sticky, just slightly. As with all Cargo glosses it comes with a timestrip indicator to remind you how long your gloss has been opened and when it expires in 3 months.

I haven't yet activated the indicator on mine, partly because I don't use my glosses often enough to have just a 3 months shelf life on it, but I could see it being a useful reminder if you use this gloss daily.


Unknown said...

oooh nice.. does it plump your lips?

izumi said...

how interesting, i love the idea of an indicator!

Shop N' Chomp said...

I like this color :) The timestrip indicator is a nice idea but like you I'd have no need for it given the other lippies I usually rotate.

Unknown said...

I like this colour and that it is not too sticky. How handy is that tim,e strip thingy?!! Every gloss shoudl have one.

~Lisa said...

I really like the colour on you!


watercoloursky said...

mishi a la mode - hmm not really, the shine does make lips seem a bit fuller but no more than other glosses would.

Tessa said...


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