Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tokidoki - the Smashbox edition

By now I'm sure you've seen and checked out the Tokidoki collection at Sephora. Perhaps even indulged in a few items. But I would urge you to also check out the old Smashbox collection, as there are quite a few quality items that were released still available on some websites.

I indulged in 2 of the Smashbox Tokidoki glosses last year, and haven't regretted it at all. Here they are:



The tubes are oversized, and look about 20% larger than MAC lipglasses. They have different illustrations on each tube. The applicator is a brush, which helps dispense a generous amount at a time.



Top is Drammatica, a bright pink laced with subtle shimmer.
Bottom is Dolcissima, a light peach infused with the same subtle shimmer


The glosses are only slightly sticky (major plus), which allows them to have some staying power, but they are not so sticky that hair gets glued to your lips (unlike MAC). They are also odourless (another major plus).

The colour is slightly sheer, which works well for the Drammatica, the bright pink. However I find the light peach of Dolcissima gets lost on my lips as my natural lip colour just takes over it...

Drammatica, once applied is a wearable pink that brightens up my look.

Dolcissima, applies more like a sheer glaze best for a natural/toned down lip. (Yes that is my natural lip colour...sucks because its so overpowering)

The Smashbox Tokidoki glosses are long gone from stores, but can still be found on eBay and other online discount stores for half of what they used to retail for. I noticed my first tube of Dolcissima had a slight colour change when I received it, but all I did was contact my seller and they sent me a new one without the colour issue. No issues with Drammatica at all, so the formula seems to be better.


~Lisa said...

I wouldn't mind having your natural lip colour! It's gorgeous!! I almost thought that was the colour of the lip gloss and I thought "I'm going to have to hunt down this colour no matter what it takes!"


Ana Kessel said...

Very cute packaging, as always anything tokidoki makes looks cute and I love the brush. I just wish it felt like you get what you pay for with tokidoki stuff, their own makeup line is by far the one that needs the most improvement.

Nunu said...

I want ur natural lip colour, mine varies between 2 colours; "Corpse" and "Week Old Steak".
The Tokidoki x Sephora line was such a disappointment, none of the glosses had any pigmentation, I mean qu'est-ce que le point right?

Maria Elizabeth said...

I have these too! I like them a lot. They're not too sticky.

Catherine said...

So pretty!

Mona said...

very cute packaging

izumi said...

oh so pretty! :) love the lip swatches

watercoloursky said...

lisa: haha thanks! believe me its a case of the grass being greener. I hate not having the ability to wear any lip colour i want.

ushiushi: you said it! i've heard so many reviews complaining of the lack of colour in the sephora tokidoki glosses. sad they couldn't have done it better.

macnunu: you have the best analogies! mine does come close to week old steak at times...brownish red ewww :D

maria elizabeth: agreed! :)

catherine, mona, izumi: thanks guys!

Unknown said...

the lighter one is great for me for daily use im totally gonna try it!
how much is it?

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