Monday, September 27, 2010

What does 'Glam Trick' mean, anyway?

Stress was hitting me from all aspects today - school, the general public, even Facebook, so here I am trying to escape from that with another long overdue post.

Today we shall look at the Kate Glam Trick Eyes palette in BU-1:


This is something I'd been lemming for a good while (years) before finally buying it last October. (I told you this was long overdue :D)



The colours are silky smooth yet pigmented. Many Japanese palettes fail in terms of pigmentation but these are almost up to par with Western brands.


Here is a look using the colours just in case you are not convinced:


(Liquid liner is Lunasol Geminate blue liner)

Full face look



I haven't used this palette much over the summer, but the smokey blue-grey colours will be perfect for this Fall.

This concludes today's de-stressing session pour moi. Have YOU tried this series of palettes, and if so whaddya think?


beautyparler said...

I have a Kate eyeshadow quad that I've been meaning to post too! I like Kate products (not a fan of asian mascara as I don't like the fibers & they're apain to wash off) but not bad quality.

izumi said...

what a pretty palette :) yea i noticed a lot of palettes tend to lean towards a "wash of color" which i found kind of annoying, especially because shadows fade on me anyways, much less completely disappearing when i don't get much pigmentation... *shakes fist*

but THIS palette looks quite nice ;D

Unknown said...

I have this palette in a golden-brown combination and love it! Well pigmented and they work well together....except the glittery one (in my case gold) it falls everywhere, so I need to pat in on with my fingertips >.<

Unknown said...

Smokey blue greay sounds good to me. I am still trying to find a good blu/grey combo....I should look into my Yaby palette perhaps.

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

If this could do the trick to de-stress you, by all means :) I need some of this therapy too

FB @ said...

That is so cute that you use makeup to destress.

I play with my budget and read Google reader to destress :D

It really works on your skin, those slate colours.. I think with my skin I'm better off in the browns/beige arena.

Anonymous said...

I am too slow...
im like...omg! your hair grew so fast...
than i read the review... >_<
im a moron. but i will blame it on my cold! haha...

Jess said...

This is a really pretty smokey blue palette - it reminds me of the Lunasol Dazzling Night palette, but less shimmery.

The smokey blues look gorgeous on you! :)

Anonymous said...

lol i know, burning plastic is weird, so i included the explanation on my about me page (right after I saw your comment :P). it refers to me going nuts and using my credit card XD... >_<

but yes...
slowly I'm finding that I'm drying out! lol, well everywhere except for my nose. So that could be why for me.

work appropriate, maybe, but hey, you are a student for now, so enjoy it XD

ps, so...u going in november?? they never got back to me :(

Anonymous said...

OMG I used have is palette.. I think I may have given it to my sister.. But I really liked hhis palette. They don't even sell trick eyes anymore!

You look very pretty in blue!

FB @ said...

I'm still stuck on that urban decay naked palette

Unknown said...

blue looks so sophisticated on you! i can never pull blue off :( so glad to find another GTA beauty blogger!! :)

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