Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Building a work wardrobe: A simple, elegant purse

One of the things that I've had on my to-buy list for a while was a simple elegant purse for interviews. I don't want something that screams a particular brand name all over it in such situations, but looks classy yet not too distracting from the rest of me.

While in NYC, I came across this Kate Spade bag in Century 21, and fell in love. From afar it seems like just any ordinary plain black leather purse, but I liked the simple design with the black bow in front.


The handles are also just right for carrying on my shoulder or arm, and the size is perfect for putting a portfolio or notepad in. There is also enough space to contain a water bottle, and a spare pair of flats if you have a long commute to the interview location.


I liked that rather than the typical purse where there are only 2-3 pockets on the side, while the rest of the contents of your purse are tossed around in the main cavity, there is an extra zippered pocket in the centre that divides up the main body into two sections. This allows me to store more valuable documents in the zippered areas while leaving the more accessed items in the open parts. And of course, the signature Kate Spade polka dot lining also adds a fun touch.


Here it is packed and I also included a folder for taking notes as well:


If there was anything I didn't like about this bag, its that the handles do not fold down but are fixed and stiff. This makes it harder to store the bag or pack it for a trip.

I also added a keychain - a mini schnauzer charm from Coach to 'guard' my bag :) Reminds me of Snowy from Tintin...was anyone a fan?


Unfortunately I didn't get take any pictures of how the bag looks in proportion to me but will do in a future post...possibly an outfit post.


Lulu said...

I bought the same bag for work, it's just simply too cute yet so elegant looking, plus I'm a big fan of bows :) love it :)

FB @ said...


I know him as Milou in French :)

Also.. love the bag. Subtle yet cute.

Babybubblz said...

It does look like the dog! I didn't really watch it though.

I'm loving the bag! The compartments look very useful. I need to find one like this. I've switched over to shoulder a student again...blah haha.

Anonymous said...

I like when the inner lining is fun~
mama has this white coach bag, but what makes me like it is the inside as well. (weirdly enough I cant really remember the colour... turquoise?)
So cute~ great snag :)

Jamilla Camel said...

It's a very pretty bag! I like Kate Spade.

Nunu said...

Gah this makes me regret not picking up the Kate Spade bag I picked up and put back down 5 times at the outlet.

Shop N' Chomp said...

<3 the cute bow (and charm) on this! Kate Spade bags are really perfect for work. =D

Tammy said...

This is a great work bag, nice find!

Afterglow Cosmetics said...

It is very important to wear the correct clothes for work with and sober make up and also the right accessories which are functional yet foundation

Unknown said...

This is a great work bag! Sophisticated and professional but girly and cute at the same time because of the bow :)

OFRA said...

I love that bag!
Great taste I have to say!

Alicia said...

it's so cute

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