Tuesday, December 18, 2007

MAC Originals at MAC Pro Stores tomorrow!

So I just called the Queen Street West Pro Store, and they will have The Originals collection out tomorrow! I'm so happy because that means I won't have to fight with crowds on Boxing Day to get it from regular stores or counters :D

I probably won't be able to make it down there tomorrow because its like 1.5hrs hours away from where I live, but I'll definitely call and put Parrot eyeshadow on hold to pick up on Saturday :) Thats the only thing I really want from this collection actually. Everything else looks mediocre in the online pictures, so we'll see how they look in real life at the store. I actually hope they won't look that great because I want to save money for the MSFs and Fafi collection coming out Jan and Feb '08.

Edit: On second thought, after browsing through the descriptions on MAC Online I might have to pick up Steel Blue pigment :S


Vanessa said...

Yeah the only eyeshadows I liked was Alum and Memorabilia, I bought 2 parrot eyeshadows after thinking it was going to sell out fast and all that other junk I was hearing, but it's very similar to Covergirl e/s in Aqua Paradise! So I might just go back and also get Alum.

watercoloursky said...

really? i should check out that covergirl e/s then. i would still get parrot just because i want something that fits in my MAC palette.
you should post swatches of them!

I was thinking whether to get two Parrots as well...but i'll probably just end up buying one and saving the money for future collections.

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