Friday, December 28, 2007

online shopping!

I got my Silk Naturals haul yesterday in the mail :) Yes I caved some time after seeing the awesome reviews on it from Alienman and Vanessa...but only because EM failed me on a couple of occasions :S The thing is, EM does help even out my skintone when my skin is being normal, but coverage isn't that great when I'm having extra crappy skin days. And when my skin is acting up, the last thing I'd want to do is cover it with heavy liquid foundation even if that coverage is better.

So I got the Silk Naturals sample kit, plus ordered a few other samples of their brand name dupes. I took a couple pics of the stuff but I'll wait til tomorrow to post them because I want to do some swatches as well, and I find swatches are best done in natural daylight. Still haven't had to chance to mix up the sample foundation the time I get home its too dark and I must have good daylight available if i'm going to custom mix my foundation shade.

But anyway, thanks to Christiana, I am in midst of completing a new order at Everyday Minerals...and one for Madame Madeline too lol.

What I'm getting from EM:

- Personal Custom Kit Mini
- Mini Eyeshadow Kit
- Free sample kit




I'm actually going to email EM and see if I can get more samples of blushes instead of the foundation samples, because I think I'm satisfied with Light Winged Butter in Original glo already. I don't see why it would be a problem in terms of cost though, because the foundation is more expensive than the blushes on the website.

What I'm getting from MM:

- DUO eyelash adhesive in Dark (the Clear version doesn't dry clear for me, i don't know why :S it still shows up white, and its a pain to cover it with liner after...i prefer doing liner before)

- Ardell Invisiband Fairies in Black


- Ardell Invisiband Demi Pixies in Black (picture is brown)


I also want to try Ardell 112's, those are bottom lashes, but I don't feel like going over the $20 limit that Canada Customs allows before they start charging duty and taxes on a shipment. I'd rather order in two separate shipments of $20 and spend a bit more on shipping. At least I know up front how much the stuff will cost me, rather than being 'surprised' with high duty charges later.

I'm going to actually take the chance with EM though because of EM's special offer, and I'm curious if they'll let something like $30 pass. Also I'd like to finally find out how much duty they will charge for something like makeup.

Now to wait another 1-2 weeks for this stuff to arrive.


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

oOoo! Nice hauls! :D I love the lashes you picked out and I can't WAIT to see some FOTD's of you wearing them. :D Wow, I think you have most if not all of EM's blushes. :P Hehe. I think I saw someone doing an FOTD using Mystic Night and it came out really pigmented and pretty. :] I can't wait to see your FOTD's using those as well. Oh, and your swatches! You take such nice swatches! :D Hehe. Anywho, I can't wait to order... the anticipation for Madame Madeline to open up their shopping carts again is killing me! LOL! :D

watercoloursky said...

christiana: i know, i think i will own half of EM's blushes once this order arrives...and i thought i'd be done with blushes when i got my last haul a month ago! i am looking forward to getting Mystic Night because it sounds really pretty and the one swatch i saw of it looks so nice. i just hope it won't be OTT glittery though.

I'll try to post good swatches when i get these too :)

and i know how you feel, i want to place my order with Mdm Madeline right now too! actually i want to place two orders right now lol, but i think i really should just make one order for now and see how those lashes work out.

Anna said...

grea haul, and lashes!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm also waiting for my EM package to get here :) & I cant wait to try out Cypress e/s!

watercoloursky said...

mae and anna: yep, i can't wait! i hope it'll be quicker this time...

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