Sunday, December 30, 2007

Silk Naturals haul

As I mentioned in my last post, I ordered a sample kit from Silk Naturals which arrived a few days ago. The shipping cost only $3 for the sample kit, compared to Everyday Minerals which charges $7. However, EM's samples are free while SN's sample kit costs $4, so it works out to be about the same.

I do like how they give you a nice red mesh bag with the order :) I also got a free sample of their Head to toe conditioner.




What I got:

1. Intro Foundation, Finishing powder kit:

Sample bags of Ebony, Warm Gold, Buttery Gold, and Ivory base.

- Empty sifter jar
- Mini scoop
- Instructions for mixing
- Dait Bait Perfecting powder
- Finishing powder


2. Eyeshadows

- Lush eyeshadow, supposed to be a dupe for MAC Humid eyeshadow
- Bargain Pink eyeshadow, supposedly a dupe for MAC Expensive Pink eyeshadow (I love some of SN's names for their product dupes, like this one lol)

3. Samples of Mineral Glows

- Heavenly Mineral Glow, dupe of MAC Stereo Rose MSF
- Cupid Mineral Glow, dupe of MAC Northern Lights MSF

4. Other samples

- Climax blush, dupe of NARS Orgasm blush
- Sleep in a Jar concealer (colour looks similar to EM's Sunlight and Intensive Fair concealers)


Swatches of eyeshadows, mineral glows, blush samples:


Closeup, same order as before which was:

- Climax blush, Heavenly Mineral Glow, Cupid Mineral Glow, Expensive Pink eyeshadow, and Lush eyeshadow


When swatching them, I realised there isn't a whole lot of difference between Bargain Pink eyeshadow, and the Heavenly Mineral Glow. Bargain Pink just looks a bit more coppery/peachy, while Heavenly is more on the pink side.

Also I don't think Lush is that great of a dupe for MAC Humid. Although I don't own Humid, I've swatched it several times at MAC stores and I remember it being more frosty. Lush seems a bit more flat.

As for Climax, the colouring does seem pretty spot on from the numerous times I've swatched NARS Orgasm at Sephora. Only thing that bothers me is that Climax seems to have a bit too much shimmer compared to the NARS stuff.

As for the other samples, I don't actually own any of the products that these are supposed to be a dupe of, and I don't remember how they look so I can't really compare them as such. But hopefully these swatches will help give you an idea of how similar/dissimilar they are to the real thing.

Also here are some swatches of the foundation types in case anyone is interested...

From left to right: Ivory, Buttery Gold, Warm Gold, Ebony


I find that Buttery Gold is yellow based, Warm Gold is more brown yellow, and Ebony is more reddish. Tried mixing some up today, and so far I came up with 7 scoops of Ivory and 1 scoop of Buttery Gold. I'm not 100% sure if its light enough yet, as I think the best test will be when I use a proper face brush to apply it. When mixing it up I was just swatching it on my jawline for comparison.

I have a feeling that Buttery Gold isn't yellow enough for me....although maybe it just means the colour is too dark and I just need to add more Ivory to it. This whole custom mixing process is not that difficult by the way, I'm just lazy to actually try it on properly since I've been staying home all day. I'll update with more details on it once I actually use it in a FOTD :)


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

i know, i love some of the names for her products as well. :] it's really funny how they're sorta related to the dupes they're actually suppose to be for. :] again, GREAT swatches. :D i got her dupe of MAC's "her ladyship" and i love it. :] Also, Legend is really pretty. :D i agree, it's really easy to mix your own foundation... but i didn't get the coverage i wanted from them. :P i hope they work at for you though, silk powder is also such a LOVELY ingredient. :]

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

p.s. you should DEF try her lipsticks and/or lipglosses... probably one of MY fave brands as far as lipglosses and lipsticks go.

Anonymous said...

That's a heck of a lot more samples than EDM!

watercoloursky said...

lol you commented when i was doing some minor edits to this entry :) glad you like the swatches!

i hope the foundation works too, as silk powder sounds like it would feel pretty nice.

i was eyeing Legend too, but passed because I already have coppery colours in my eyeshadow collection.

and hmm i'll def check out her lip products next time!

watercoloursky said...

mae: haha yes, but with Silk Naturals you have to pay for the samples. But I like how I can get as many as I want, while EM limits you to only only 1 blush sample and the foundation/concealer samples....they need to allow more blush samples!

alien man?! said...

I almost made that same comment about the shipping + cost of the SN samples being almost the same as the free cost + shipping of EDM. For me, the Buttery Gold alone was too beige and I had to add a tinge of Ebony. I'm wondering if that means I should have just tried a small amt of Warm Gold alone lol. I got SN for the same exact reason as you. EDM was failing me in the same exact way and I couldn't figure it out cuz everybody else seemed to be experiencing BETTER coverage w/EDM than w/BE (it was the opposite for me but BE is way too expensive and overrated).

I'm looking forward to your FOTDs using SN, esp. w/the SN blushes and shadows :D

Vanessa said...

Great post! I am a warm gold in SN and they came out with buttery gold AFTER I ordered, so we'll have to wait and see how that one turns out as soon as I am done with my stash! And thanks for the swatches! I have Milani Luminous Blush which they say is also another dupe of NARS Orgasm...

watercoloursky said...

alienman: hmm i agree that perhaps warm gold would be better? do you still have unmixed samples left?

vanessa: no problem, hope the swatches helped! I've actually always wanted to try the Milani dupe but i've never seen Milani sold anywhere in Canada...

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your post through a Google search - just wanted to thank you for doing the swatches and reviews, they are really helpful. Thanks!

watercoloursky said...

no problem angela :) glad it helped!

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