Tuesday, January 29, 2008

another shiseido commercial

Felt like sharing this commercial :D its so ridiculous and yet funny.
i used to hate japanese commercials because i thought they were retarded but i think i'm appreciating them more now haha :D


Paint Me Gorgeous said...

hahahaha that's so hilarious!

buy their lippies and snap up the guy! wooot!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Lol I looove Shiseido commercials cos the girls and the makeup are so pretty! :)

Chiara said...

Lol, it makes me want to buy the lipstick!

I Love Japanese commercials! They're so colorful and quirky!

this one's my favorite:

Byyy the way, I'd like to add you on my links, okay with you??

Fei said...

HAHAHA. I want a little man in my purse, damnit!

Anonymous said...

LOL. the guy bouncing around on her lips is hilarious. where do they even think of these things??

na said...

Well, if the lipstick can do that to a guy, what more do you need? lol.

Anonymous said...

hahahhaahah that was corny but i loved it :p

(g)ezebel said...


watercoloursky said...

cassandra, emilee: would be nice if all we needed was the lipstick eh?

faux fashionista: i agree! i've been looking through the Shiseido ones and the girls are all so gorgeous, especially yuri ebihara and misaki ito. it hurts though because now i want to try their stuff but the shiseido line here is not the same :(

chiara: no problem, i'm linking you too :) my computer is being dysfunctional and won't play the video atm :( but i'll be checking it out on my bf's computer for sure :)

fei: haha so that you can honestly say you have a 'boy toy'? ;)

petitebelle: that was the funniest part of the commercial for me lol. i showed it to my bf and he was like WTH...

mae & gezebel: glad you liked it :D

alien man?! said...

pfftt~ big deal. how do you think i nabbed my boyfriend?


actually haha that was so random and hilarious

Elizabeth said...

LOOOL that was some weird ass commercial lol!

the lips look juicy!

watercoloursky said...

alienman: LOL i always enjoy your comments!

elizabeth: they do, the guy does look like he's having a good time bouncing off them :P

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