Sunday, January 27, 2008

What would you replace if you lost your makeup collection (touch wood)?

I've amassed quite a lot of makeup since the beginnning of my obsession. My bf got me the Sephora traincase back in November, and it was barely enough to contain all my makeup. Now with the new items I've hauled since, I need another one...although I think I might just get one of those Caboodles traincases from Wal-mart instead of blowing money on a new one. In the meantime, I'm going to refrain from buying more makeup for the next few months, although the Fafi collection will be an exception.

Anyway, recent posts by Mayaari and Mrs Lynne on what they would keep if forced to pare down their collection, have gotten me thinking about that same question. although in a slightly different context:

If I lost my traincase, what would I absolutely need to replace? A lot of my stuff was bought because I wanted to try it out, but there isn't a whole lot in there that I actually depend on.

So here are the products I would repurchase:


  • Everyday Minerals Intensive Light concealer
  • Everyday Minerals Sunlight concealer
  • Silk Naturals foundation
  • Silk Naturals perfecting powder

  • Everyday Minerals Apple blush
  • MAC Emote blush - to contour
  • MAC Light Flush MSF
  • MAC Global Glow MSF (if it wasn't LE that is)

  • MAC Electra eyeshadow
  • MAC Beautiful Iris eyeshadow
  • MAC Violet pigment
  • Everyday Minerals Snowflakes eyeshadow
  • ELF quad in Butternut


  • Blinc Kiss Me mascara
  • MAC Fluidline (although I might use the chance to try Dipdown instead of buying Blacktrack again)

  • MAC Viva Glam V lipstick
  • Dior Addict Ultra Reflect gloss in Raffia Orange
  • The Body Shop Shimmer lip balm in Cranberry


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion

  • MAC 188
  • Sephora Stipping brush (or I might take the opportunity to try the full sized 187 this time)
  • SpaResource angled cheek brush (Wal-mart brand)
  • ELF eyeshadow brush
  • Sephora crease brush - to blend eyeshadows
  • Annabelle slant liner brush
  • ELF eyelash curler

I also calculated the estimated cost of replacing all these items, including international shipping for products from ELF, Everyday Minerals and Silk Naturals, and the total comes to about...


Guess I better take care of it lol. It usually sits around at home anyways. Its the MAC makeup and face brushes that account for a large percent of that total. Also doesn't help that in Canada, MAC costs more and the tax in Ontario is 13%.

So, if you lost your makeup collection, what products would you absolutely have to repurchase?


Paint Me Gorgeous said...

love seeing ur FOTDs. :)
keep em coming!!!

mayaari said...

it's kind of funny how a lot of stuff is comprised of items to try, I went through my makeup again and noticed the same thing!

I've been lemming a traincase, but for the sake of saving money I may just go back to my parents house and get the Caboodles cases I left there (they're holding scrunchies from jr. high!).

watercoloursky said...

cassandra: thanks! glad you stopped by :)

mayaari: i know, and beauty blogs don't help! :) traincases are expensive aren't they? i don't understand how they charge so much especially when the sephora one wasn't even fully metal on the outside. mine can get scratched easily if i'm not careful.

na said...

I've been contemplating getting a traincase, but I don't even know if I could fit everything in there...right now, it's all organized in a tray from Target which works surprisingly well, but I guess we'll see.

I'll have to make a post about this! I love the idea, and I'm curious to see how much it'd cost to replace everything!

Elizabeth said...

hmmm....theres too much on my list if i had to repurchase all my makeup, but definitely repurchase EDM!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

whoa, nice breakdown for essentials. i wouldn't do this list because... i'm too lazy to nitpick it down to the nitty gritty must haves. hehehe. :P

Bliss said...

Ive been a silent reader and i love reading yr blog but i just opened my own blog so can link you thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I would definitely buy EDM over and over again! It seems everyone's trying to not buy unnecessary make up.. haha and yes blogs are no help!

Anonymous said...

that's a funny topic for me because i am constantly trying to minimize my stash to the bare essentials, but of course it never works and whenever I get rid of one product, in comes another that I have somehow talked myself into buying. It's a never ending cycle :( I have a little Caboodles traincase in the smallest size they offer and keep most of my stuff in there. Even though it's too full and I should get a bigger case, but I refuse to because that will just make me want to buy more things to fill it up. So having a small traincase prevents me from having too much stuff lol.

Fei said...

I had a little heart attack just now. Thinking about losing everything makes it hard to breathe... That's a lot of money down the drain! D:

For your Shiseido fotd, I think you got it spot-on. I do agree, blue mascacara would complete the look, but even with black blinc it looks great.

watercoloursky said...

thanks for the comments everyone!

emilee: ooh i can't wait to see what's on your list :) show us your traincase if you do get one!

christiana: really? i found it fun lol :) you should try it - think of it as a list of HG items instead?

bliss82: thanks! i'll link you too :)

mae & elizabeth: i know, i'd get EDM foundation for sure if something happened to Silk Naturals!

petitebelle: thats a good strategy...i should hold off getting the caboodles one then lol

fei: haha i would have a heart attack to if i really did lose it. but surprisingly i found it easier to imagine losing it than to imagine having to give some up of my own will...

Vanessa said...

Goodness...just the mere thought of losing ANY of my makeup makes me a little uneasy...*hyperventilates* LOL

watercoloursky said...

vanessa: haha :D yes i don't know how i'd handle losing mine either...its just too precious to us lol.

psychoexgirlfriend said...

If you'll believe it, I have renter's insurance on my makeup! LOL, I totalled it to be $2000 but I know it's worth more than that. I think if I had to pare down, I'd probably just try to collect a few good palettes and brush sets-- MAC Holiday collections are great for that!

watercoloursky said...

really? lol but it does make sense since it is over $2000 :D maybe i will look into that if my collection ever gets to the $2000 mark but i am trying to avoid getting that far :)

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