Friday, January 25, 2008

Shiseido commercial look - my attempt

I was feeling inspired by this commercial about 2 weeks ago, and decided to try it out last week. Unfortunately my limited skills with liquid liner got the better of me. I could have used pencil but I didn't have a blue pencil liner in my collection.

Also I don't know what to do about the lipcolour. My lips are very pigmented so I couldn't get the light colour to show up pale on me...and when I used concealer to mute my natural lipcolour, it washed me out so I looked ghostly :S

Not a very successful attempt, but since I promised I would do this look here it is:

The makeup look I wanted to replicate -




I am sooooooo jealous of her lips. They actually have a nice shape to them. Mine look thick and just there. :(


And my unworthy version -




And if you look closely below you can see here that my liner is flaking ! grrr...:(


Do not buy NYX liquid liner! It flaked like crazy. Unless there's some trick with liquid liner that I don't know about? I don't usually use liquid liner so that might be why?


So if anyone's interested the stuff I used was:
  • Everday Minerals Intensive Light concealer + Silk Naturals foundation
  • Everyday Minerals Theme Park blush
  • NYX Electric Blue liquid liner
  • MAC Indianwood Paint Pot on outer 1/3 of lower lashline + some Annabelle gold shadow on top to make it look more yellow gold
  • Annabelle gold shadow + Everyday Minerals Baby Bath shadow on lids
  • Blinc Kiss Me mascara
  • Lips were some combo of MAC Sandy B + NYC Cameo + Rimmel Tiramisu liner - I tried all sorts of combos to get my lips to look peach-pink like the model but obviously failed :S

I think I'll just stick with gel liners after this...if I wanted to do this look again I'd use MAC Fluidline in Wave probably. Unless there's a L'oreal HIP gel liner available in dark blue? Alternatively, I could look for a cheap blue pencil liner.

By the way, is it just me or does the angle of this picture look like the angle used in mascara ads?


Yay for Blinc mascara!

Later note: Forgot to add that i would use blue mascara if I had it, but I didn't want to buy another tube when I still have a lot of Blinc left.


alien man?! said...

whoa, you have no idea how close i was to buying NYX liquid liner!!! thanks for the warning @_@

i think your look is completely identical to the one on the video

beautiful job!

Elizabeth said...

mmm i think ill try doing that look as well cause i have blue liquid eyeliner :)

In regards to the liner flaking off, you could use a sealant to seal the liquid liner from flaking?

watercoloursky said...

alienman: really? glad i posted that then! :) guess i should mention it when i add the swatch to the nyx swatch collection.

elizabeth: thanks for the tip, i'll keep that in mind. are there any cheap sealants though? i think the only ones i've heard of are expensive, which won't justify the cost for me as i don't use liner often.

Anonymous said...

great look! it does look identical :D

Anonymous said...

wow a good attempt! maybe use a gold tinted shade over a peachy lips?

na said...

That lip color in the original ad is to die for! Maybe try a gold lipgloss over coral? I bought one from Missha, and it looks terrible on its own, but will probably look good over other colors. I do like your attempt, though. :)

And I completely agree with you about the NYX liquid liner. In fact, I think I have the exact same one, and it goes on sheer, and flakes.

Vanessa said...

You did a way better job than the commercial!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, in relation to your brush question (on Fei's blog), in case you didn't check back,I would suggest using a cream face wash (I've been using Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser for a while, and when the NYX loose eyeshadows stained my 219 and the baby shampoo didn't get the colours off, I grabbed the face wash and it worked). I've tried a gel one (Clearasil Oil Control Gel Wash) but it didn't work as well.

I hope it works for you!

Anna said...

it looks like the commercial look, good kinda look like her too? :P

watercoloursky said...

mae, vanessa, & anna : thanks for the kind feedback! :) i didn't like it at all when i had it on, but good to know it looks better than i thought.

anonymous, emilee: good point, I don't have a golden gloss in my collection but i do have a gold lipstick...maybe i'll try that over the lipcolour i used.

emilee: good to know its not just me! NYX usually has such good stuff so i was surprised that the liner wasn't working for me.

anna: lol thanks, would love for my lips to look more like hers too :)

liz: thanks for letting me know! i'll try it out with both actually and see how it goes :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

honestly, i think you did a hell of a job duping the look! :] looks gorgeous on you love! i love it! :D i was suppose to try out this look but have NO idea how i'm going to dupe the lips... still trying to figure it out. haha. :P

watercoloursky said...

christiana: thanks, i feel a lot better about it....i was irritated with the NYX liner flaking off so i didn't think it looked like the commercial's...
i know, the lips are hard! can't wait for yours though :)

The Faux Fashionista said...

Great job, I'm linking you btw.

The lips, ah! Now comes an opportunity for me to show off my knowledge of Japanese makeup techniques!!

You will need:
Lip Balm
Lip liner (nude or matching your lippie)
Lipstick (in a pale peachy shade)
2 lipglosses: one in peach and the other one gold
White/Pale gold eyeliner/shadow

1. Apply lip balm and allow it to sink in.

2. Apply a layer of concealer. Be sure to blend it well so even the edges of your lips are masked.

3. Pay attention to this step, cos it makes a huge difference in the finished look. Highlight the 'M' on your upper lip by outlining it with white/pale gold shadow/eyeliner.

4. Line with nude liner, or a shade that matches your lippie.

5. Apply lipstick with lip brush.

6. Apply peachy pink lip gloss

7. Apply shimmery gold gloss at the CENTER of your lips. Look at the picture and you'll see that the gold gloss is focused only in the center.

8. Reward self with a session of camwhoring! :D

watercoloursky said...

thanks, i've linked you too :)

and thanks for the detailed tutorial! :D i'll give it a try. i've tried using concealer before but i find it still doesn't a good job of showing the lipcolour i want. perhaps i need a heavier coverage concealer and a more pigmented lipstick.

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Oh this looks good! :D I adore your liner skills. I should hurry up and try this myself.

The Faux Fashionista said...

Hmm, how about layering liquid foundation on the lips? It works just fine for me and stays put. Concealer tends to smudge sometimes. As for lipstick, you might wanna give Avon a try. I have their Color Rich lipstick ($3.99), which I really like (but seldom use cos I'm just to lazy to reapply).

Sarah said...

I think the lip colour used on the model wouldn't suit you that well.. but i love your lips in this look!!!!!!

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