Wednesday, January 16, 2008

false lashes haul

My order from Madame Madeline came in yesterday. Surprisingly, I didn't get charged duties on it. I guess if its only a little above the limit then Customs will let it go. I heard somewhere that Canadian customs doesn't charge duties on things made in the States under the NAFTA agreement. That would explain why I didn't get charged on the Everyday Minerals order, however I was expecting that this might be charged as most or all Ardell lashes are made in Sri Lanka/Indonesia.

I love how the people at MM manage to pack everything into the box so perfectly - no space wasted!




What I actually ordered:

1. Ardell InvisiBand Demi Pixies, 4 pairs for $8.80:


2. Ardell Fashion Lashes 112, 2 for about $4.50:


These are bottom lashes - but they're still pretty long. Wish they had something shorter. Originally I wanted the invisiband version but those have been discontinued.

3. Ardell InvisiBand Fairies, 4 for $8.80:


4. Elise Faux Eyelashes #313 (half lashes), 2 for $1.55 on sale


I'm quite disappointed in these because they aren't curled at all! I couldn't tell from the website, but looking at them now, the lashes are stick straight. I don't see the point of putting on falsies if they are just going to stick straight down/out?

I guess I'll try curling them - maybe the point of having them straight is so that you can curl them with your own lashes when they're applied? At least these were cheap...$1.55 for two. But I ended up getting 3, the 3rd being the free pair of lashes promotion that they give with most orders.

5. DUO Eyelash Adhesive in Dark, $4.35:


I have the clear version and it works great, except the glue never really dries clear no matter how little I put on. So I wanted to try the dark version to see if that blends with eyeliner and the lash spine better.

I wonder if there's really a difference between the regular lashes and the invisibands from Ardell, because I've noticed some Invisibands seem to look the same as the regular Fashion lashes. I wanted the Invisibands mostly because I really don't like the time it takes to apply eyeliner and also to remove it. So I figured I could try out Invisibands to see if they can stand on their own without needing black liner to cover up the spine. I'll see how it goes this weekend.


jewels said...

U got enough lashes for the whole yr.
by the way, how many times can you reuse a pair of false lashes?

na said...

Nice haul! The Elyse ones do look really straight, but for $1.55, it's at least fun to experiment with, right? :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

whoaaa. what a haul! :P you got some really pretty ones. :D can't wait to see you modeling these. :D

alien man?! said...

nice haul!! i'm kind of o.O about the elise, too, hmm... and u got three of these?? maybe it'll actually look pretty good if u have it on... if not, i'd say return or exchange them. The invisibands, on the other hand, look great! i can't wait to see EOTDs w/those

watercoloursky said...

jewels: lol yeah they'll last me a long while. i think you can reuse them at least 5 times? it should all depend on how you take care of them...

girlmeetsmakeup: yup my consolation is that they were less than a dollar each. if they don't work out i'll dress them up with glitter or something for fun :P

christiana: thanks girl! :)

alienman: it was 2 for $1.55, but they put in a 3rd one...probably because they usually give out 1 free pair of lashes with orders over a certain amount. or maybe it was the code. but since they cost so little i'll keep them as it'll probably cost me more to pay for return shipping to US :S
I was thinking i could use them as super long bottom lashes perhaps for halloween haha.

Vanessa said...

Nice haul! Wow that is lash heaven!

In response to your comment: I totally think its perfect for use twice a day (the calamine soap) I use it sometimes in the AM and PM and it's super gentle! Of course with every soap it can be a bit drying so I just dab on some moisturizer and I am good to go! Let me know how you like it! I ordered a full size bar!

Anonymous said...

I got a madamemadeline order too! But it's sent to my school address so I can't get it until next week. The Demi Pixies look super cute.

Fei said...

I LOVE invisibands. They just look better on me... I also don't like to use liner, so that may be why.

watercoloursky said...

vanessa: thanks for the info! i'm so ordering one this weekend :)

petitebelle: ooh can't wait for you to post yours!

fei: i'm hoping that they'll work for me without liner! liner is why i neglect my falsies most of the time. the fact that you use them without liner gives me hope that it might work :)

Vanessa said...

Hello jello! Yeah that bag is perfect for V-Day! <3

Yeah I am really starting to love Pure Luxe's skin care line, I actually just received the Pure Cleaning Oil today, haven't tried it, but I will soon and let you know, but yeah definitely go ahead and sample their stuff! I also got the full bar calamine today and boy is it huge!

let me know how you like it! :)

Elizabeth said...

nice haul! I love falsies but its so time consuming putting them on

watercoloursky said...

i agree, it takes me forever too! and thats when i use the sephora lash placement tool too lol...i think it took me 3 tries for each eye today :S

(g)ezebel said...

ohhh, i'm so glad i spotted this entry on your blog. now i know what i forgot to buy today -- lashes on madam madeline! my last order was a big one ($67), and i'm down to about 12 left. how often do you wear a pair before you throw them out? i only wear them about 3 times; i get so much glue, eyeliner, and mascara on them.

all right, off to buy some lashes!

watercoloursky said...

hmm i can use mine for about 6 times, depending on how i take care of them maybe more, but thats because i don't use mascara with them. i avoid it because i don't know how i'd get the mascara off. 3 times sounds about right if you do use mascara...

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I have tried Fairies lashes and #110 and they are great. They last for 4 to 5 days for me. The secret is to keep them dry.

Anonymous said...

where did you buy the duo lash glue???
i was searching for it everywhere...

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