Monday, January 14, 2008

some ramblings.

I love Avril's bright pink streak in her hair.


I really want to dye a streak of my hair like that, but in bright electric blue so that it contrasts with my brownish black hair. I wouldn't dare do it myself though because I haven't dyed my own hair before ever, and I'd probably have to bleach that strand to get the blue to show up like how I want.


So I was at Wal-mart yesterday trying to find a lipstick that looked like the one that Misaki Itou was wearing here, but with no luck. I did pick up CoverGirl's Incredifull lipstick in Honey Rose 960, but when I tried it on at home I realised it was too bright and orangy, and didn't look like the Shiseido one at all.

However, I thought that Shiseido colour looked a lot like MAC lipstick in Sandy B. but less shimmery than Sandy B. So I emailed MAC to see if they could recommend a non-frost lipstick close to Sandy B, and with better colour payoff. Here's what they suggested:

"For a light peach lipstick that has great coverage, choose CHERISH Satin Lipstick (a pale pink beige with peach undertones). It's similar in tone to SANDY B, but with no shimmer and better payoff."

I won't be able to make it to MAC until next weekend, so anyone that already has Cherish lipstick, would you agree with what they said?

Also I couldn't find any nailpolishes at Wal-mart that were gold coloured...and I don't want to pay CDN$12 for the MAC one from the Holiday collection....any ideas?


Anna said...

the hair loot outrageously pretty but my parents will strangle me lol

Fei said...

I've tried dying streaks of bright color in my hair before. It didn't turn out so bad. The thing with the bolder colors is they fade, leaving you with an uglier version of what it used to be. :\ I would have to redye the patches every now and then. Wish brunettes didn't have to go through bleaching just to achieve a cool look. My hair was fried. Don't regret it though. I'd totally do it again. Hair grows back, right? haha

watercoloursky said...

anna: lol mine would too if i weren't already living on my own and stuff...even so, i don't think my dad would be happy to see me do that.

fei: yeah, its the bleaching part that scares me. i don't want fried hair even if it grows back...mostly because my hair is already thin, so i'd be paranoid about it not growing back and me looking bald...maybe i should look into hair extensions...but i've heard they're also bad for your hair.

psychoexgirlfriend said...

ACK Cherish is an ugly matte peachy/brown colour that I had once and immediately swapped away. It's nowhere near the Shiseido colour nor Sandy B. LOL. I actuallly think the new N Collection combo of N3 lipstick and N2 lipgloss is pretty close! I totally forgot about this look and I'll definitely be trying it. Blue and gold eyeliner and a lovely neutral pink lipstick. With a dab of gold shimmer in the middle. I love it. :D Have you tried this look yet? If so, point me the way.

watercoloursky said...

lol i did manage to get to the MAC counter on Saturday night, and yup Cherish is not like it at all :S I did actually end up buying Sandy B because I liked the colour but yeah it does not look like that Shiseido colour, at least not on me :( I tried the eyeliners yesterday and took pics, but haven't gotten around to editing them. My attempt wasn't successful though :( My lone blue liner on hand was flaking all over the place, so i think if i want to do this look again i'd invest in a way better liner.
could you post a pic of what that N3 lipstick and N2 lipgloss combo looks like on you please ? :)

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