Sunday, January 20, 2008

purples galore~

another purple one, this time using the Ardell falsies I just received.


- Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer
- Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation #3
- Silk Naturals Perfecting Powder
- MAC Sculpt/Accentuate Powder to contour/highlight
- Everyday Minerals Photo Album blush


- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- LORAC Greatest Hits CD2 palette - Pink Mist eyeshadow from lashline to browbone
- LORAC Greatest Htis CD2 palette - Dreamy eyeshadow on inner corner
- MAC Beautiful Iris eyeshadow on middle of lid
- NYX Deep Purple eyeshadow on outer corner
- NYX Lavender Jumbo eye pencil on lower lashline.
- MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
- Ardell InvisiBands lashes in Demi Pixies


- Blistex SPF30 lipbalm
- MAC Mattene lipstick in Poise/Flattering in the pics - but I ended up taking both off and using NYC Ultra Last lipstick in Fragile Pink because that colour was more subtle,

Random useless here I ended up using a complete mix of brands - higher end and drugstore brand stuff.



The dark version of DUO glue works better than the white ones, but still not perfectly. I covered up the lighter bits with more liner afterwards.

I really like this lash style though, its very different from anything I have. Definitely not that natural because of the spiky design, but because they are demi length they don't look as over the top as most other lashes in this style.

My eyes being retardedly assymetrical - the one on the right wanted to be double lidded while the left wanted to be monolid - which i find makes me look super retarded / cross-eyed? in pictures...:(


They're all right by themselves, its just that together they look odd.

Left (my right one):


Right (my left one):


And...this is me looking really suprised...because doing that seemed to be the only way to get the falsies to really show on camera. They're all nice and long in real life but on camera they don't show up too much.



P.S. Elizabeth - I know, I tried taking a 'cutesy' one but just couldn't! I ended up looking super creepy - like mad Samira of The Ring crazy LOL. Maybe I'll give it another try on my next post :)


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Very pretty. purple looks great on you and those lashes do look very pretty on you. love it! :]

Anonymous said...

hi, i found you on other fellow beauty blogs,
just want to say your makeup is great, subtle and elegant! keep up the good work!

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Pretty! Purples are becoming on you. I really like the lashes too. I should pick myself up a few pairs... but alas, nowhere to wear them. I guess you don't really need a reason to wear false lashes though...

watercoloursky said...

christiana: thanks girl! :)

nicola: thanks for dropping by and leaving such an encouraging comment :) i appreciate it!

psychoexgirlfriend: you should try some falsies! i love them except for the part when i'm putting them on :S takes me forever, but they do amp up your lashes way more than any mascara can, even the natural looking ones.

Anonymous said...

Gah, I freaking love how those amethyst contacts look on you. I wear gray contacts myself, but I'm thinking I might make the switch to amethyst since they look very natural on you.

P.S. You're gorgeous!

watercoloursky said...

anonymous: thanks :) amethyst contacts are much subtler than they seem, you should definitely get a trial pair! i tried all the freshlooks colours (except brown/hazel) and they all looked unnatural on me except amethyst.

na said...

So pretty! This look is a good example of how color can be used for day wear without looking too dramatic. :)

Vanessa said...

Loving the eyes! Very subtle and WOW at the same time!

As for the foiling of eyeshadows, I just take a lid of a container im not using, disinfect it with my brush spray, dry it, wet my brush with my homemade mixing medium or my Aquafina spray, and pour a little of the pigment on the lid, and dab and apply!

I mean ad far as sanitary goes, there's no real "danger" I see anyway in foiling regardless of the method, pretty much anything we apply to our face can harbor any type of bacteria, as long as the brush is clean, you are good to go!

P.S. Your ladyship pigment is one of my favorite neutral pigments because it has muliple uses (highlighter on the brow bone, great all over lid color, mix in with your lotion for a little shimmer, etc), and it's gorgeous wet!

watercoloursky said...

thanks girlmeetsmakeup :)

thanks vanessa! wow that was quick response to my question :) much appreciated!

Elizabeth said...

you did a great job. i love the purple! and the falsie look good!

haha its ok, ill be waiting for your next post!

Did you realise ABB is having a ulzang (or whatever it is) challenege? lol

alien man?! said...

wow, you make me want demi pixies now. you are so pretty, arashi!

watercoloursky said...

elizabeth: i did! but now honestly i'm kinda creeped out by ulzzang overdose :S i think i need a break from those type of pictures for a bit.

alienman: get the demi pixies! lol :) i'd love to see how they look on you. actually i should just send you a pair considering MM made me buy 4 at once :D

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