Wednesday, January 23, 2008


almost got hit by an SUV monday night. i was sitting on the passenger side minding my own business. we're making a perfectly legal left turn at an intersection just as oncoming traffic is supposed to be stopping but a white SUV kept on going. It came pretty darn close, if it hadn't stopped in time it would've plowed into the side of our car. *Sigh* too many people on the roads that have no clue how to drive.

But anyway I got tagged by Elizabeth and Fei to show "What's in my purse?" so here it is :)

I switch between several bags/purse through the week depending on what I need to carry, but i'll focus on what i usually carry in these two.

For weekends, my small purse:


Doesn't contain much - I don't even use a wallet with this little bag - i stick my cards and bills into the side pocket and use mini sizes of whatever I want to carry with me lol. I know i need a bigger purse but I just can't find any ones I like...I always end up liking the small ones better. I think part of the problem is being petite - large purses tend to look oversized on me.

The contents:


Top row:
Clean & Clear blotting sheets, Purell hand sanitizer, eye drops for contacts, more eye drops, silver travel mirror (only 100 yen! :D)

Middle row:
Tissue, L'occitane hand cream, extra Sephora Beauty Insider tag, movie stub and a grocery receipt, ELF eye palette containing a mix of shadows from NYX and MAC.

Bottom row:
Korean Air pen, Dentyne Frostbites gum (usually I carry Excel mints but forgot to buy more), NYC Fragile Pink lipstick, Blistex lipbalm, Sony Ericsson phone.

When I go to work I use any old messenger bags so I can stick a bottle of water in and my lunch:


I can stick so much more in here as well:


Top row:
Dior shades, C&C sheets, Purell berry scented sanitizer :), Visine, another ELF palette.

Middle row:
Nintendo DS, the same pen, tissue, Dentyne gum and Blistex lipbalm; MAC Mattene lipstick, Guerlain lipgloss, Sony Ericsson phone.

Bottom row:
Ovaltine biscuits to snack on, Bliss hand cream, folding hairbrush/comb, hair elastic, Japanese brand hand warmer pack(stays hot for ~24 hrs!), The Body Shop Satsuma shimmer lipbalm.

And also my wallet and keys - the keystrap with my home keys, and the metal one for my work key and access card so they clip to my belt loop.


Not too exciting unfortunately...I don't carry around much makeup except for lipstuff and eyeshadow to touch up, because I don't like putting on makeup in the middle of the day. I have this thing for using makeup only after I've washed my face. Also most public washrooms in malls and stuff are gross and too public for me to feel comfortable applying makeup there :S

So....I'm tagging:

Girl Meets Makeup

9 comments: said...

You are so tidy & organised!

Fei said...

That's a pretty cute Coach bag. I don't see that one around a lot. Good size too. And Row is right... You are very tidy. I actually had to get rid of a mess of receipts and parking passes for my post. hahaha

(g)ezebel said...

hey, you! thanks for dropping by my blog. i'm afraid i'm not as interesting as alienman or fei or nessa or renren. *shrugs* i mostly just write whatever's going on in my head at that particular moment. well, at least, that's what the voices in my head tell me to do. *psychotic grin*

oh man, my purse is a mess... i put everything i can fit in it. :0/

watercoloursky said...

row and fei: thanks :) but i do have a ton of receipts ...i just keep them all in my wallet with my bills so you don't see them lol :P

fei: yup, its one of the reasons i ended up getting it even though i admit this one is overpriced for this size. i think they thought they could charge more because it was in the holiday collection the year before. i can't carry much in it though :S

gezebel: i love reading people's blogs so reading about 'whatever's going on in your head at that particular moment' sounds good to me :)
and lol that is why i'd love to see the contents of your purse ;)

mayaari said...

messenger bags are great - I don't think I'll never stop using them, even though I love purses more. That's awesome that you have a DS and take it with you, haha if I had one I'd take that with me on my way to work. I think I have the same Blistex in my bag! and oooh to your berry Purell!

Elizabeth said...

thats ALOT of skincare you have there!!

(g)ezebel said...

all done! but sheesh, my purse is as disorganized as my thoughts (and my desk at work). LOL..!! i think i need to see my shrink. or maybe start taking two valium. *wink*

i love how neatly organized your stuff is. curious: is this indicative of how you are in general?

alien man?! said...

haha, the contents of my bag are hardly interesting but i guess i'll give it a shot!

hey, i know for a fact both you, fei and i play games on the DS! We should totally meet up on Animal Crossing sometime and have the slowest conversations ever LOL

i LOVE bliss body butter! i have that, too!! bday gift from sephora?

watercoloursky said...

mayaari: the DS really helps with boring waits for buses/trains here...i probably wouldn't get it if i drove a lot.

elizabeth: yep! i gotta stop now though. must save money for MAC Fafi! :)

gezebel: ummmm...i wish I could say I was, but not really. my room is a mess right now and I've been procrastinating cleaning it for a LONG time :S the only thing that is neatly sorted out is my traincase haha :P

alienman: yay! :) lol yeah we should! though I don't own Animal Crossing...maybe i should check it out.
i finished that Bliss bday gift actually, and then got another sample as part of the Beauty Insider program. Was quite glad to get the 2nd one because I love it but wouldn't pay full price for it haha :)

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