Wednesday, February 27, 2008

face of a day from the past

This eyeshadow colour combination was inspired by one of Rolos' looks on ABB. I miss her posts, they always motivated me whenever I was feeling makeup burnout...

She did a look with Parrot eyeshadow and some purple. I loved it because I would never have thought Parrot would go with purple, but it surprisingly does. So I tried it a few days ago.



This one below without falsies, the one with the falsies came out blurry.


Now with falsies.



I love the Andrea Modlash 53's. They are just a little bit more dramatic than your natural lashes but you can still fool people into thinking they are real. I found that these ones actually looked more natural now that they have been a bit broken in, compared to when they were brand new.



What I used:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Zonk Bleu! on innermost corner of eyelid to brighten
  • MAC Parrot on inner half of eyelid
  • Everyday Minerals Snowflakes eyeshadow on outer half of eyelid
  • MAC Modern Heir eyeshadow on outer V (very small can hardly see it.)
  • Andrea Modlash #53 lashes
I also added the silver shade from the MAC Royal Assets Cool Eyes palette as highlight later but its too subtle to show up here.

  • some random lipbalm
  • MAC 3N lipstick
  • some crappy foundation that was a shade too dark for me thus not worth listing
  • MAC Emote blush to contour
  • Everyday Minerals Best Friends blush
I would definitely have used a cooler pink blush in retrospect...but it was too late to switch.

Picture of the eyeshadows I used...because i took the picture so it has to go someplace :P

L-R: Zonk Bleu!, Parrot, Snowflakes, Modern Heir


Oh, and I found the trick to taking pictures that show the colour true to life....I just told it I was a plant. Yes, a plant.

I think this will depend on your camera though. What I did was to set my camera on the 'Foliage' setting. Seriously, the colours were so true to life. The only thing is my skin does look more orangy, so I had to lighten the contrast a little or look like a tangerine!

I haven't tried using the Foliage setting in dim lighting. But I think in that case it would be better to use the Indoors setting.


mayaari said...

those colors look so lovely together :) kind of like the image on your page, without the yellow.

hmm...I used the macro setting (icon with flowers) for close-ups when I take pics, but maybe I'll try taking full face pics and see how the colors turned out.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh i love this look on you so much!!! it's so pretty. Haha i didn't know that fake lashes can be "broken in"??? Thanks for the tip about the camera setting by the way, my camera has a Flower setting, so I guess I could try that :P

(g)ezebel said...

ooooo, i love how this looks on you! and this is perfect for my challenge. i'm gonna do this look, too. :0)

ilurvemakeup said...

Lol tangerine :P I love that color combo on you and yes we all miss Rolos :( I still can't figure out how to use my new cam, everything was blurry and the flash made me blind... Don't worry my hubby hates taking pics with me too :(

ilurvemakeup said...

I'm a tard, I forgot to add I love your lashes :)

the Muse said...

hello gorgeous!

watercoloursky said...

mayaari, petitebelle: thank you :D
Actually the flower (macro) is not what i meant... Basically, my camera has a automatic mode, video mode and this other mode that allows you to choose what type of picture you are taking. I can select if the subject is a portrait, night scene, indoors, foliage, or snowy scene. So I use the Foliage scene AND use macro as well. I have a Canon SD860 but am not sure if this feature would be available on other cameras too?

watercoloursky said...

gezebel: thanks! i'm looking forward to yours :)

ilurvemakeup: thank you :) can't wait to see more fotds from you now that you got a camera!
hmm maybe its a guy thing....

the Muse: lol *blush* :P

Chiara said...

What a pretty look! Andrea 53s are my faavorite falsies, and you wear them so well :D

Oh, and yay for Canons, I have the foilage preset too! Can't wait to try it the next time I do a FOTD xD

Anonymous said...

that's gorgeous! I think this is the most vibrant fotd you've posted yet. Most of your e/s looks are very soft and glowy, but this is very sassy and sultry-pretty :)

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Blue, this is so pretty! The colours really work for you and the lashes look great with their look too. Parrot's surprisingly easy to wear, isn't it?

na said...

It's strange seeing colorful looks from you because you've always had great subtle looks, but it's not a bad thing! It's a pretty color combo, but you definitely make it look more wearable than those colors normally would look, I think. :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

how pretty! i really like this one. it reminds me of fairies for some reason. LOL. :D i also really like those lashes on you, they're gorgeous. thanks for the tip btw about the camera settings thingy. :D

Bliss said...

You look so gorgeous with the colours,Never knew this colour combo works, lovely FOTD :)

ilurvemakeup said...

When you have it on foilage setting, do you need flash or you use direct sunlight? I'm asking cuz I normally wear more vibrant colors when we go out at night time so I don't look like a clown to ppl lol I tried the tip that was given on your blog and ABB, but when I don't know why it sometimes comes up blurry. Btw wtf does the portrait setting do??? My manual is completely retarded and doesn't fully explain each icon :(

Vanessa said...

I love purple and blue! I did a similar look awhile back that I submitted as the "Mermaid Look" on Specktra and then did another one recently using UD Color Palette and I just love the combination of colors! No matter what brand you use it never gets old, it's nice and funky!

I love how these colors make your eyes just "pop"!

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous. you should smile more!

watercoloursky said...

thanks guys! :) your comments always make my day :D

chiara: yes 53's are the best!

psychoex: yep, i can't seem to stop using it! its addictive...

bliss, emilee & incandescent: thank you! i guess its because i love colour but at the same time i'm afraid of looking OTT in the daytime so i compromise :)

ilurvemakeup: i used daylight (indoors near a window). i haven't tried the foliage setting with artificial light, but i think the Indoor preset would work better in that case.
No idea what portrait setting does...probably if you're taking pictures of people from the waist up sort of distance? lol. i'm manual phobic and almost never touch them, if i ever need help i'd probably google it rather than dig out the manual.

christiana & vanessa: my thoughts exactly when i saw it first on rolos :) maybe the colours reminded me of the iridescence on fairy wings / mermaid scales lol

anonymous: i'll try :D usually it turns out a bit fake thats why ...

Fei said...

Looks like cotton candy! I tried to do the tree thing, but my camera doesn't have that option, so I tried "landscape." rofl Yeah, didn't work...

watercoloursky said...

lol yeah i guess landscape would've made the cam focus on far objects :D

alien man?! said...

hmm... my camera doesn't come w/foliage setting... just various cloudiness/sunniness and tungsten :/

those colors are gorgeous!!

i'm always impressed by how you apply your lashes. i don't think i could make them look so real

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

colours are so beautiful on you!! one of my favourite looks on you :D

Psalm 23 said...

the parrot and purple look is so great, Im gonna try it.....
BTW I have whisper from SILK naturals, its not as finely milled as the other e/s And its kinda pinkish, really no diff bw other shadows that are kinda light and bright....if you have shroom, naked lunch they are kinda similar....soo yah!

watercoloursky said...

alienman: actually I like how YOU apply your lashes, they look more convincing than mine up close.

nicnic: thanks :D

christal: thanks for letting me know! :) i won't be getting it then because it doesn't sound that unique.

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