Thursday, February 28, 2008

i am a shopping freakomaniac

i can't sleep because the cafe/bar next door downstairs is being really loud :( hate hate hate it!

ok enough negativity...

So because i can't sleep, and i saw alienman's post on Silk Naturals' sample/shipping offer, I started shopping...

Right now I have in my cart the following:
  • Ultimate Eye Shadow Brush aka Double Ended Synthetic Eye Brush
  • Blush sample of Sassy (matte peach)
  • Blush sample of Flirt (matte neutral plum)
  • 5 empty sample jars with sifters (to transfer my NYX pigments to)

I'm thinking of getting this too but I'm not sure yet if I really need more mineral eyeshadows:

Pink Clone of MA's Her Ladyship
"It has a pink base with sparks of gold, and gold highlights- and an effect that's really other-wordly. "

Also debating whether to get their Wet/Dry Mineral eyeshadow foiling brush since I don't have too many synthetic eyeshadow brushes right now. Hmm....

The offer is until Sunday so I probably will wait til Saturday to checkout my order.


At the same time, for some reason I decided to check out The She Space website since I've been hearing about it from Christiana's blog but never looked at their stuff.

Big mistake.

I ended up with 17 items in my cart. Good thing they're ALL SAMPLES, only $0.50 cents each and just $1.50 shipping to Canada.

They do have a 1 week processing time right now though, so I won't be getting them anytime soon.

I must say the colours look gorgeous on the website! Plus Christiana has been doing really pretty looks with them so I hope these are as pigmented as I think they are.


Before I forget, I did get my T'estimo Frame Impact Eyes 01 Green palette in the mail today!

I took pictures and will do a review soon :)

And why am i shopping freakomaniac? if the above hasn't yet convinced you that is.
Because a few hours after receiving it I went and bought more stuff off -.-

He does things really quickly, I got a confirmation within 45 minutes that my order had been processed and will be shipped out.


I just went back to to get the picture of the palettes off his site, and the T'estimo palette in Purple now has the sold out sticker. That means I snagged the last one! Wow I can't believe I could've missed it if I had waited. Now I feel a bit better about ordering so soon again :)

So this is what the stuff should look like:

T'estimo Frame Impact Eyes palette 03 Purple
Kate Square Cut Liner in BR-2 Natural Brown


Lavshuca Eye Colour Select in PK-1 Pink



mayaari said...

aww, I've been ordering online like mad as well - ordered kits for my mom & sis-in-law, along with more foundation & powder for myself from SN =P I have Whisper - can't compare it to Your Ladyship since I don't own it, but it's a nice little highlight color. The She Space e/s looks really pretty, and can you really beat 50 cent samples?? that little pink palette looks so cute!

watercoloursky said...

lol thanks that makes me feel a bit better :D
Oh I might ask you to swatch Whisper if you can :) I'm just worried it'll be too shimmery/glittery.

alien man?! said...

o dear, what have i done to you... hehe...

welp, at least this means we have more FOTDs to look forward to :D

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Hey arashi!

I have SN's Whisper too, but I find it too shimmery for my taste. :P Hehe. That's just me though. That's if you apply it wet though. Dry it's still slightly shimmery, but not as much as if you were to foil it. :D The thing to remember with The She Space's pigments, is they suck when they're applied dry, but are gorgeous when foiled. :]

Anonymous said...

haha after I saw your thing about silk naturals I immediately went and ordered a sample foundation set ^^ thanks for the info on the sale :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

cant wait to see your haul and the green palette on you ^_^ i bought glycerin online, cant wait to try foiling the mineral colours :D

ill have to try adambeauty one time haha, still not tried that site yet, prob get KATE cos I love their stuff and at bargain price as well!

Bliss said...

Ooooo great haul, cannot wait to see them the Testimo palette looks so pretty,now you make me wanna try the adambeauty website,been so good these days heheh.

Fei said...

Oh how I wish I could join in the shopping fun. lol.

Psalm 23 said...

yah whisper is quite sparkly, not at all like yoru ladyship I think...whisper is not a must have e/s, if you have other highlight colours then that will do too. Like on me there is no diff when I wear whisper or MAC shroom, naked lunch.

I did buy the nylon clone called sprite, that one is good and so is the VEx dupe, called nymph.

IchigoBunnie said...

oo the first palette looks really nice. I checked out the adambeauty a while ago and things seem so expensive once converted to USD! :( lucky that you can buy those stuff still. they all look nice and cute :O

watercoloursky said...

fei: i would try to go on a ban myself but i know i would just break it. So all i've been doing is just making sure i don't buy something if i already have a similar colour

nicnic & bliss: i'd be interested to see what you get!

christal & christiana: thanks so much for the info! i'm definitely not getting whisper then :)

christiana: i'll keep that in mind :)

incandescent: np, i hope it'll work out for you!

alienman: haha i guess so!

watercoloursky said...

ichigobunnie: i know depends on which brands you are going for. some brands are marketed at a higher price range. But I find its still quite close to the japanese retail price. Just that if i were to buy it in japan they might have discounts on the stuff.
Also I just found that if i were to actually buy the stuff here in Toronto from the asian mall it would cost $8 more per item... :(

(g)ezebel said...

daaaaang, girl, you did some SERIOUS shopping..!!! *jealous pout*

na said...

Nnniiicceee! I'm all "makeup"ed out for a while, haha.

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