Friday, February 29, 2008

Coastal Scents weekend sale *update*

Thanks to Grayburn, I just found out there is a Leap Year sale at Coastal Scents - 20% off all makeup brushes!

The sale is good from Friday Feb 29 til Sunday March 2 at midnight.

No idea whether midnight is EST or PST or whatever...I would get the stuff by midnight EST to be on the safe side.

Not sure if I will get anything yet. Thinking of trying the duo fibre brush and possibly the pink kabuki ...haha that brush looks so girly I'll either love it or hate it :P

*Update 3/1/08*

What I bought off Coastal Scents:

Item No. Item Qty Unit Price Ext. Price

Duo Fiber Stippling Brush
1 $6.36 $6.36

Facial cleanser brush
1 $1.99 $1.99

Chisle Angle Fluff Shadow Brush
1 $1.60 $1.60

Italian Badger Buffer Brush Large
1 $9.56 $9.56

Sifter Jars 10 gram with Sifter Seals
Options: Choose One::1 Sifter Jar
3 $0.59 $1.77

Refillable Powder Dispensing Pump Brush Silver
1 $5.56 $5.56

Eyeliner Brush - Super Fine
1 $1.59 $1.59

Will review the brushes once I try them out :)


ilurvemakeup said...

DAMN IT! You know I'm on makeup restrictions!!! :( I have been wanting that badger brush and amongst other things from that site. Even though the flat top was kinda smelly, I still use it, soooo soft!

Grayburn said...


I just couldn't resist not sharing this with everyone because I got the brushes for such a steal (it was the shipping cost to europe that ruined it for me but...).

Let me know if you get something, especially the pink kabuki and the badger brushes that everyone talks about.

Have a great weekend!

Violet Honeybee said...

Hi hi! I found your blog through alienman's blog lol

I'm thinking of picking up that pink kabuki!! =) It looks super cute!

ilurvemakeup said...

You are another one besides Alienman... look, I blame you for this when it's filed on my divorce papers...

Items Ordered
Italian Badger Buffer Brush Large: 1
Item Total: $9.56

Refillable Powder Dispensing Pump Brush Silver: 1
Item Total: $5.56

Foundation Concealer Brush: 1
Item Total: $3.19

Facial cleanser brush: 1
Item Total: $1.99

Chisel Fluff/Pointed Crease Duet: 1
Item Total: $3.16


Subtotal: $23.46
Shipping (USPS First Class Mail): $4.16
Total: $27.62

:( lol

IchigoBunnie said...

ooo i've been eyeing that italian badger brush ever since vanessagarcia put up reviews of the small flat top buffer brush. Looking forward to the reviews ^_^

oh lurve: vanessa said the same thing bout the flat top brush. It went stinky on her too even though the brush is soft x.x

watercoloursky said...

ilurvemakeup: lol! ooh i got 3 of the same items you did :) i hope they'll ship quickly.

violet honeybee: thanks for stopping by! if you get the pink one let us know how it is :) i decided not to in the end because i already had so many brushes in the cart lol.

grayburn: i know, shipping is high outside of the US :( i found that the 20% off basically came back on when the shipping was added in for me.
and i did get the italian badger :)

watercoloursky said...

ichigobunnie: eww ok good thing i heard about it or i might have gotten it too. must be something with the glue used ...or the brush hair type??

mayaari said...

CS makes some awesome brushes, and they're so much more affordable than other places! looking forward to your review on the badger brush, I've been curious about that one.

oh, and White she was released in 2001; I started using it in 2002-03 or 04, tried out others, and when I tried to go back I found out they stopped making it =T

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow cant wait to see your haul! what a bargain to have 20% off!!

Anonymous said...

I bought some Coastal Scents brushes before and I didn't really like them :( They felt super flimsy and scratchy, but the Italian Badger brush is supposed to be nice? I like their deluxe buffing brush though (at the recommendation of alienman),it's perfect for mineral foundation.

watercoloursky said...

petitebelle: i hope the badger i get is ok...but i just saw ilurvemakeup's review on hers today and its not looking good :(

mayaari & nicnic: I hope they turn out ok though...i'm a bit worried they'll suck after reading ilurvemakeup's review on her brushes.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the actual pic of the eyeliner brush..i was planning on buying one with the thoughts that its super fine like pureluxe(which is my hg)but its not..thanks for saving me!:)

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