Monday, March 3, 2008

FOTD using T'estimo Frame Impact Eyes in 01 Green

I hesitate to do a full review on the T'estimo Frame Impact Eyes palette since I am having a problem with eyeshadow fallout. The shimmer in the shadows keep falling on my face after wearing it for an hour or so. None of the other reviews I've read have mentioned this problem, so I'm wondering if it could be a problem with not using enough primer or packing on too much?... I will try a couple of things before posting a proper review.

For now here's some pictures of the palette and my FOTD using it.

T'estimo Frame Impact Eyes in 01 Green and Sana Oil Paper:


The Sana oil paper was included because charges a $2 automatically for registered mail, but I wanted it to be sent via regular mail as I couldnt' be sure there would be anyone home to sign for the package. So he substituted the oil paper instead. Would be nicer if he would refund the $2, but oh well...i can live with that.

The back of the box with a diagram and instructions on how to use each shade. I love how all Japanese products come with instructions.


Instructions closeup:


The palette exterior:


There is a faint scratch on the cover :( I guess it happened during production of the palette because the box was still sealed in clear plastic shrink wrap.

The palette interior:


There is a clear plastic sheet that numbers each colour so you know which corresponds to the instructions on the box:




L-R: beige-y cream base (lots of shimmer/glitter), light green shade (some gold shimmer), dark green shade (some gold shimmer), dark green cream liner (matte)


Size comparison with an ELF palette (same size as a MAC 4 pan palette):


The oil paper has a nice plastic sleeve to protect it from wear and tear:


The back of the oil paper sleeve:


EOTD using the palette:

On the day I received it I tried following the instructions at the back on one eye but it didn't work out because I don't know how to do a horizontal gradient look...I usually blend vertically as can be seen in my other FOTDs.

So I used my normal vertical gradient method on the other eye instead as shown here:


Light green shade on inner corner of eye, dark green on outer corner, cream base to highlight under browbone, and cream liner on top lid:


These pictures are a bit dark because I did this in the evening after coming home from work. I was lining my eyes with only one hand (which I never normally do) because I was holding the palette with the other. Suprisingly I ended up liking the liner wing on each eye. Usually I screw up the liner even when using TWO hands.

But I tried lining with one hand yesterday using MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, and the result wasn't that good. I think the reason is because the cream liner in the palette feels much creamier and softer than Blacktrack. But the colour intensity isn't as strong though, I do have to layer on a few coats if I want the liner to look intense. This can still be a good thing because it helped make it idiot proof for an inexperienced hand like mine.

But anyway, I digress. Here's the FOTD that I did the following day, in better lighting:


Also used was Rimmel blush in Apricot, and MAC 3N lipstick, plus some foundation.


Yeah the blending was sloppy here...I don't know what I was thinking :S

This time though, I used the cream base only on the inner corners of the eye instead of on the browbone because I wanted to see if there would be less shimmer fallout that way. It helped reduce it but not eliminate it.



There's a big difference when I switch from Foliage mode to Indoor mode...even though this was taken indoors by a window. The colours are a bit more washed out and my skin looks ashy :( Actually it looks similar to the ones I took in the evening.


This picture is so bleached out because I was too close to the window and in the wrong camera mode. But it does show the colours :)


I think I look creepy smiling at nothing in particular...haha. I thought it'd be a good idea since some comments have mentioned I should smile more but darn it, it looks fake when I try to do it...

And this picture was weird, I like this angle a lot but have no idea how I did it lol. But yeah, this is totally irrelevant to the FOTD as you can't see the colours much...


So yeah...I think I'm going to review it properly along with the 02 Purple palette when it arrives. In the meantime, I'm going to try spraying with some homemade Fix+ (aka glycerine + water mix) to see if that helps set the shimmer/glitter in the shadow and prevents it from falling.

Update: It seems most of the fallout came from the top layer of the product. The more I used it the less fallout there is now. I still always use it with a primer though - usually UDPP. It still has the best green shadows I've seen so far.


Anonymous said...

heey, i've found your blog from musings of a muse and noticed that you're from toronto too =p anyway that's a nice eotd that you did with the t'estimo palette, not too dramatic for an everyday look. you should try the grande shine eyes palettes too, i have the 02 palette and it's gorgeous. i don't find that the sparkles go everywhere so maybe that's just a frame impact eyes thing. have you tried the coffret d'or palettes yet? they go on sooo nicely.
what do you think of the kate square cut liner and the lavshuca palettes? do they stay on well?

watercoloursky said...

Hi Millie, thanks for stopping by! I haven't tried Grande Shine yet because i actually like the colour combos in the Frame Impact more :) Hopefully the problem will be solved if i spray glycerine-water to set. Could also be that I'm packing on too much shadow / too little primer...

Haven't tried the Coffret d'or ones yet, but my bf is bringing me one when he gets back from Japan :D Glad to know you like them though!

I haven't received the Kate liner and the Lavshuca yet...its going to arrive next week, but i'll def review it when i get them so do check back :D

mayaari said...

hmm...hopefully finding the right primer will help with your fallout issue. aside from that, the green shades look very pretty on you - nice deep greens without being too dark :)

watercoloursky said...

mayaari: Thanks i hope so :) no one else has that problem so i'm not sure why...i'm using UDPP too.

Anonymous said...

i love how your eye makeup always looks so wearable and natural. so pretty. you do a real great job. =)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

gorgeous, i love it! :] oh, and as for the silk naturals double ended brush, i like it. The deerfoot end (i believe that's what it's called) is great for pressing or buffing pigments in, and the other end is great for applying a fine line of eyeliner using either liquid or gel. even dry/wet lining! :] i like it!

na said...

I know I've said this before, but I freaking want me some Japanese makeup! I'm even considering asking my ex-boyfriend, but that might be pushing it, lol.

Greens seem to be trendy lately! I can see why, though - they're very flattering! :)

watercoloursky said...

anonymous: thanks! :)

christiana: oh thanks for letting me know! i ordered it so i'm glad to know you like it lol

emilee: lol...i can understand. yup, green has been featured a lot in quite a few blogs! guess we all think alike :)

Bliss said...

The colours looks beautiful on you and you did the winged eyeliner nicely, so pretty, i also love your last pic, you look like song hye kyo there heheh, :)

ilurvemakeup said...

That palette is so sophisticated looking. Sorry to hear about the fallout, have you tried using a thicker base like paint pots? Looking good with green :)

Mary said...

gorgeous colors! I really like that nifty palette and all the detailed instructions (now, if only I could read Japanese...). I think it looks great on you! I'm trying to figure out settings on my camera too but I either look too blue or too yellow... and I feel like a dumb-ass running around the house trying to catch the right light :p

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Love the fotd and green on you!! very pretty :) You suit green very much!

I love japanese cosmetics, packaged so nicely hehe. cant wait to receive my RMK mixy dots :D

I do agree, japanese eyeshadow tend to be really sparkly and they get everywhere lol. let us know how you get on with mixing medium and the palette!

Vanessa said...

I love it! Sultry, smoky, and sexy!

Anonymous said...

You're eyes are so gorgeous! Are you by any chance Japanese? Sorry if the question came out brash in anyway, hehe.
Well I hope you don't mind that I link you. I like your blog and posts :D

<3 Maricris

Fei said...

Nice greens! I don't have any green eyeshadow, because I just never liked the way it looked on me. :( And I tend to place my colors vertically as well. Just seems easier for some reason.

watercoloursky said...

bliss: lol thank you :) but unfortunately she's still way prettier :(

ilurvemakeup: nope because the only paint pot i have is Indianwood which is a bronze colour. I do have some Revlon cream shadows which might work well as a base though.

mulzanza: fortunately they do have a pic of the eyes and how the eyeshadow shape would be like so i don't have to decipher the japanese :)
haha i do that too...walk all over the place and take like a million pictures because i can't find the right lighting :D

nicnic: thanks! me too, i got my bf to get me the green RMK one :)

vanessa: thank you :D

maricris: no problem i'll link you too. No I'm 100% chinese descent :)

Fei: i think green would look nice on you! I find it brings out brown eyes nicely.

IchigoBunnie said...

oh man that Testimo pallette is like everything in one. that's so awesome--and convenient! the greens looks so nice :D

and about the comment you left on my blog:

thank you so much for those two suggestions for the hilighter. I definitely will look into them! :) Just if you have extra spare time, I'd greatly appreciate the swatch that you offered :) Thank you so much. If you can't do the swatch, no worries ^_^

and I reallllly like that green in that Testimo pallette--do you know the NYX dupe for that? I listed all the greens and I'm so lost in picking them.

sorry for bothering you! ;.;

Grayburn said...

I love that green! I don't really have too much fallout with my T'estimo palette and I use my paint pots with them. I can't say enough how much I adore Japanese eyeshadow palettes!


Anonymous said...

wow, nice blog. I got here while I was googlinh around for some stuff and I must say, I'm impressed! I really like all the pictures:) This is a completely random question but does anyone here know how much a MAC 4 pro pan palette cost? I need some quads to organize my eyeshadows and I'm stuck between MAC and E.L.F. I know E.L.F is cheaper but I've ran into some credit card troubles lately and I want to wait awhile before using them. There's a MAC store in my city that sells MAC quads but I always forget to stop by and ask how much they cost. Can anybody here help me out?

watercoloursky said...

hey Evy, thanks for stopping by :)

Hmm...honestly, I don't know how much the 4 pan ones cost as I've never bought them. Sorry! :(

But I personally prefer the 15 pan ones though as they store more for your money. Those are about $16 where I am (Canada), so it'll be a tad cheaper if you're in the US.

Hope this helps...a bit at least? :D

Anonymous said...

I forgot mac makes 15 pan ones! I think I'll just get one of those instead of getting 3 quads. THANKS!!:)

the Muse said...

hey love

the key is prep, prep, prep!

I prime, powder, and then I go to work with a sponge applicator for application ;)

Hope this helps!

Enjoy your palettes ;)

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Wow hun, the greens look gorgeous on you. And your skin looks amazing! :D

ChyiX2 said...

I like how that shadow looks on you! I bought several e/s palettes when I was in Japan. I LOVE how they're idiotproof and great for beginners. It's really helpful and I wish cosmetics companies in other parts of the world did the same.

watercoloursky said...

evy: haha, no problem.

themuse: you know, it might be the sponge applicator that will prevent fallout. I've been using my regular brushes so far. will give it a try!

psychoex: thanks! as for my looks worse in real life :S just that standing in front of a window helps reflect off the foundation in pictures - thats my theory.

chyix2: me too, i wish MAC or even drugstore companies would do that. I mean its not that expensive, and it would be a huge hit. I know Maybelline did start printing some instructions on their quads, but its still not useful to Asians, and also the packaging sucks in comparison.

the Muse said...

Totally helps me with loose pigments, shadows, etc..and in particular this palette.

Japanese eyeshadows have such a different texture compared to what we have here. And I find it's sorta clumpy when I roll a regular brush around in it!

So I'd definately go for sponge tip!

Also there is a video tutorial around from Kanebo for help with application! If you need a link let me know!

Love ya!

I forgot to say that you look lovely in green!

(g)ezebel said...

i loooove green eyeshadows!!!

theChas said...

D00d, Japanese makeup pWns, doesn't it? You look so fresh and feminine, which I think is the essence of Japanese makeup for women these days. And your cheekbones! They're awesome. Did you loose weight Arashi?

P.S. - I'm also jealous of all the comments you get. My blog looks so lonely in comparison...

watercoloursky said...

thechas: yep, I just can't get enough of the japanese stuff now! I *think* I might actually be over my MAC obsession! lol. we'll see...

thanks for the compliment hehe :) nah, I doubt I lost weight...if any it'd be like 1lb or so...I think it was just the angle (straight on angles make me look fatter :S). And also some help from my trusty MAC Emote blush to contour :D

watercoloursky said...

gezebel: thank you :) green is awesome on your complexion too, i like that stila fotd you had!

themuse: i tried using the sponge applicator and it did help! doesn't eliminate it completely (still working on that), but definitely much better than when i was using a brush :)

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