Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lorac Showstopper palette FOTD

I'm so tired, I can't wait for the weekend! work is getting more and more busy and i am falling behind :( I need to de-stress with makeup! haha ;)

I hope February goes by quick because I'm kinda sick of winter now. I like winter normally, but this year i just don't feel like going snowboarding or i wish spring would come quick so that there'd be more hours of daylight at least. its a little depressing when its sunny during the day at work, but gets dark when i get home.


An old FOTD from last weekend. I had the pictures on another memory card but didn't get to upload and edit them until now. I was trying to get some usage out of my Lorac Showstopper palette as I had purchased it in September but haven't used it much. I think the reason is because colours are a bit too shiny for my taste.

This first picture is how it really looks like in real life. I ended up taking more with flash and in yellowish lighting because it was getting dark, and I couldn't seem to get pics that were clearer without using flash. Also, please disregard my lower was sorta bleeding because it was just dry :S


Yellow washroom lighting:


With flash:



What I used:

Lorac Showstopper palette eyeshadows: Sand to highlight, Serenity on inner corner of eyelid, Luxe on outer corner of eyelid.

I also used Couture blush from the palette, and NYC Fragile Pink lipstick. Plus the usual mineral makeup + mineral concealer combo...



The colours in the palette really impressed me in the store, but you can see from the last pictures that at certain angles with flash, the shadows will make your lids look oily/shiny. Thats one of the things I dislike about this palette.

Other than that though, the eyeshadow pigmentation and texture are excellent. The eyeshadows are quite soft and blendable. The blush isn't as pigmented as the shadows which I like becaus it makes it easier to not overdo it.

I believe this palette isn't on anymore, but some stores may still have it. However this palette is a very basic neutrals palette in my opinion, so its quite easy to get similar and less shimmery colours from other brands.


Anonymous said...

i don't think this is too shimmery at all and I think you've managed to pull it off rather nicely. But having said that, I'd be quite wary of wearing this for work. For weekends or lunches with an old friend *winks* would be just fine, I think.

I'm on the southern hemisphere and i can't wait for this summer heat to pass and fall to come! :P

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

that colour looks really pretty on you!

I'm sure that red shade exists but i'd be too shy to use it lol. Gold and red combo sound's like a good idea!

i wont be doing any looks since i got noone to show it off to! =(

alien man?! said...

I actually like the shimmery look on you. You look great, as usual.

watercoloursky said...

geekchic: hehe thanks :) yeah i'd definitely agree it is too shimmery for work.
you're in australia aren't you? i can imagine...i've heard summers get quite hot there.

nic nic: thanks! hmm but you have us to show your looks too :)

alienman: awww thank you :) i dunno though, i think in real life it kinda makes my lids look like an oil slick lol.

(g)ezebel said...

owwww!! chapstick, girrrl, chapstick!!! :0P

love the look; so pretty!

na said...

That's a gorgeous palette! I love the color combo. It's so much easier since everything's in one palette.

Love your look. :) I like how toned down everything looks! I love how frost eyeshadows look, but the shimmery factor is a bummer sometimes.

Bliss said...

This is a great look on you :).It doesn't look that shimmery on you just nice.

The Faux Fashionista said...

I think it looks pretty, especially with the flash. And no, its not too shimmery. Shimmery is good, glittery is bad.

Mary said...

aw you are TOO pretty! i love how these neutrals look on you.... but i still think you need to go absolutely ape-crazy and bust out some neon green and turquoise e/s ;)

Vanessa said...

Wow those contacts look gorgeous on you dahling!

Elizabeth said...

aww very pretty, i love the 3rd picture, you look very pretty!

psychoexgirlfriend said...

LOL, y'know I kept thinking you were reviewing the L'Oreal Showstopping Taupes palette and I was so confused! Anyway, the Lorac one is pretty and I especially like the blush.

watercoloursky said...

gezebel: i lips get super dry a lot, i have to use chapstick so often :S but i'm lazy sometimes...

emilee: yup i hardly get eyeshadow singles because palettes are so convenient!

faux: true! fine shimmer i can tolerate, but chunky glitter...*shudder*

mulzanza: hehe thanks, I'll give it a try. I do have my NYX Aquamarine trio to make use of...

bliss, vanessa, liz, psychoex: thank you all :D

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

sexy ;)

happy cny.

just a note, i tried out the majolica colours. they are REALLYYYYYY shimmery so if you're not really a fan of shimmer, i propose you don't get it. but then again, women buy makeup even if they don't use them hahahhahaha

watercoloursky said...

cassandra: happy new year :) thanks for letting me know! yeah...i'm not a huge shimmer person but i still feel the urge to get them...:S which ones did you get?

Anonymous said...

pretty as always! I know where you're coming from regarding the oily eye lids thing but you can pull it off girl!

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