Sunday, February 10, 2008

a wordy post about possible hauls

I checked out the MAC Slimshines today. The formulas felt really nice and went on creamy. However I couldn't get a decent enough colour payoff with a lot of them. The only three colours that I liked were Funshine, Missy, and Long Stem Rose. Now these are permanent so I decided to get only Long Stem Rose. However at the counter I realised I forgot to bring my wallet :S so I ended up getting nothing at all.

After that, I went to Sephora to check out the NARS Orgasm lipgloss and Tarte cheekstains that I'd been lemming for a little while. The lipgloss was rather disappointing for me. I hate trying glosses on at Sephora with the testers (eww..) so I swatched some on my hand instead. The colour was quite similar to my Dior Ultra Reflect Gloss in Raffia Orange, but the consistency was thicker.

Since the Dior gloss doesn't show up on me all that well, I knew the NARS gloss definitely wouldn't show up. So I moved on to the Tarte aisle to look at the cheekstains. The stains were listed for CDN$39! WTH....these are only US$28 on! :( No way am I spending $40 on a blush...I might consider spending that amount on a Dior blush but not Tarte.

To digress, Dior has a LE blush out for $US52 / CDN$54, which looks so pretty!

Dior Flower Blossom


But considering the design would be ruined once I used it, I've decided I really don't need it.

Going back to the Tarte cheekstain, a markup of $10 doesn't make sense. (Not that any markups make sense now that both US and CDN currencies are on par...) Going from $28 to $39 is a 35% markup! The Dior blush for example is only $2 more, while MAC stuff is about 20% markup usually.

Anyway as you can see, I wasn't much in the mood for hauling anything today, even if I had remembered my wallet. However I spent a huge amount of time online checking out Japanese makeup collections. Reason is because my bf's making a trip to Japan soon, so he asked me if there was anything I wanted from there (hell yeah! lol :D)

So I was reading up on Japanese cosmetic lines trying decide what to put on my list :) I wish I could go there myself and test out the products though! its killing me to look at pictures of all these products and not be able to try them out myself.

Oh, and according to A Touch of Blusher, the must try look for Spring 2008 seems to be lilac. Great news for me, because I love purples. I've been digging the purples in the Shiseido commercials, and am considering buying that SV844 palette used for the look.


I do already have purples from NYX, MAC, and ELF but I want to see how Shiseido eyeshadows fare in comparison.

I also really want the Majolica Majorca eyeshadow palette GR741, partly because its LE and because the Muse made it sound so good...




Chiara said...

The MM palette in aqua looks really gorgeous, I think I might order it off Sasa soon. I hope you swatch Long Stem Rose when and if you do pick it up, its the only slimshine that appeals to me :]

Btw, are you Japanese? You go by Arashi, I actually don't think you look all that Japanese :P (or maybe I'm just hallucinating)

I'm so jealous that you have someone to get you products from Japan. I only get to go about every 2 years :/ Thank goodness I have a Japanese market near home.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i love love love purples.. actually im really getting into them lately!! hehe. ive asked my bf to pick up RMK shiny dot in purple silver in Japan (i saw on touch of blusher) had to have it!! he coming to visit me in March =D

you can actually get them all at drug store! ive seen them all in drug store. Im always tempted to go into the drug stores but my bf always stops me cos he think i spend too much on cosmetics haha. the drug stores are amazing there.

You get higher end Shiseido lines in departments and..RMK...SQQU (however you spell it) all the europeans.. Anna Sui..
I hope this helps!!! now your bf can pick everything in one place hehe ;)

Ohhh I know ELF is so cheap it bound to be hit and miss lol.

Bliss said...

The dior pallette looks gorgeous, your bf going to Japan, you are so lucky, great chance to get all the Japanese cosmetic, why don't you try to buy the itoh misaki lipstick/lipgloss that you loved hhehe, the palette looks lovely, i really like their packaging and i love lilac, you better give him a list then you can show us your haul heheh :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ps. Check "Mastumoto" drugstore (マツモトキヨシ), they have the most cosmetics lines there. They have loads of branches in Tokyo, but if your bf is visiting popular places like shibuya and Ginza, that store is there =D

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Oooh if your bf is going to Japan, you should get him to get you something from the Paul & Joe Disney collection - if only because it's so adorable! LOL, no link but I know that Muse does have a post about it.

(g)ezebel said...

i passed on the Slimshine stuff today, too, since they're a permanent line. we'll see how much Fafi i get on wednesday, and then i'll buy Slimshine.

that Dior blush IS pretty..!!

alien man?! said...

How good is the MM color payoff? It's a Korean brand, isn't it? It worries me that the eye swatches are just various photoshopped versions of the same eye. the Muse always has SUCH ADORABLE makeup on her blog

watercoloursky said...

chiara: they have those on i was trying to search for them but couldn't find any of these new palettes.

hehe no...i'm 100% chinese. arashi is my screenname on ABB so I guess that has been kinda confusing. I picked arashi because thats the name of a character in one of my favourite animes :)

hmm getting to visit every 2 years is still good...i lived in japan for a bit but i wasn't into makeup then. Now that I am, I don't have anyplace to stay there, even if i could take enough time off work to go visit :'(

nic: thanks so much for replying my questions :) i'm so excited, i really hope he can find all the stuff i want. and i hope he won't give me a hard time about buying so much....haha. he knows how much i already have so sometimes, he tries to reason with me as to why i need more...:S

bliss: i don't know which one it is...i should do some googling and see if i can find out.

psychoex: i saw those! they ARE cute, but I don't think i really would appreciate them, as I'm not into Disney at all. Maybe I'll still stick one on my list anyway lol.

gezebel: haha i have the same plan now. if fafi disappoints me i'll get the slimshines so it won't be as much of a letdown ;)

alienman: actually majolica majorca is by Shiseido, i think its basically their drugstore line of makeup (in terms of pricing). not sure about colour payoff, but i've heard they are quite shimmery...

Elizabeth said...

Those eyeshadows look good ive seen them around somewhere but can't remember how much!

mmm the CD blush looks pretty!

na said...

Tester lipglosses are SO gross! I was at Sephora one time and saw this woman applying it straight on her lips. :\

Congrats on the no-haul! I'll have to practice that someday, haha.

I wish someone was going to Japan soon! My bf's friend is in Korea for a while, but there's really nothing from there that's as appealing as Japanese makeup for me. That, and he'd probably laugh if my bf asked him for bring back makeup for me, lol.

alien man?! said...

ooooh, i didn't know it was Shishedo! All this time, I thought it was by Taepyungyang lol

Anonymous said...

omg. if i bought that Dior blush, I would not use it. at all! Too Pretty!
i'm so jealous! I want to go to Japan :(

Mary said...

oh that dior compact is to die for! but you're right, that would get ruined in a heartbeat...:( too sad for words! maybe you could just leave it lying around the counter looking pretty. ;)

Anonymous said...

The Dior blush is too pretty to use. I would not even attempt to touch it if I had it so unless you really think you would get usage out of it, I'd say skip it!

Fei said...

Oooh... I'd have to agree with everyone else. The blush is gorgeous! But I would be sad to see it slowly disappear with every swipe. :(

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

hey B|ue!!

this is random, I saw that you were interested in DHC cleansing oil from Bliss's page, i got mine from japan also! cost about 1000yen... about £5 here. I dont know the rates, but it's much cheaper buying over there than online here, cos they treble the prices over here. It's a good idea to get your bf to look into it, i think it's relatively cheap compared to other cleansing oil!

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